What the Media won't tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)


Belated Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak! As you may be aware, it was Eid day on July 31 or August 1 depending on where you live, and I have written a myTake about it a few years ago. Just like every single year, seems like somehow Islamophobes all turn vegan once a year to hate on us for sacrificing animals. Western media is the worst culprit in this, making it seem like the slaughter of the animals and the blood gushing out of the cut is the highlight of our celebration that we 'rejoice' over.

They will show you this (with such provoking titles...)

... but not these million-dollar smiles on the faces of poor and needy Muslims all over the world.

What the Media wont tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)
What the Media wont tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)

They ask 'Why do you have to offer this bloodbath to God to please Him?'

Qur'an 22:37. Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good.

This verse should make it clear that the sacrificial animals themselves are no offering to Allah.

Why do Muslims enjoy this killing so much?

What the Media wont tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)

All blatant lies. We do get emotionally attached to the animals as we feed them and take care of them. Personal story time: I still miss the ox that we sacrificed about six years ago, I was especially attached to him to the point I actually cried on Eid. I would get attached to animals like that, and I asked dad why can't we just keep them as pets. My dad, who does the slaughtering, has admitted to feeling hurt in doing this.

This is the true essence of 'sacrifice'. They are living beings, it is natural to feel some attachment as you take care of them. You buy this animal by selecting this one among many others, you buy it food, feed it and bathe it with your own hands, take care of it by giving your own precious time and spending your own hard-earned money on it, and then after you sacrifice it you spend a few hours on butchering and handling the meat, and in the end you give away more than half of the meat to other people. The Media won't tell you how altruistic this whole thing is. They will only highlight the slaughter that takes less than a minute and call it 'barbaric' by ignoring what happens before and after that.

Why do Muslims have to kill animals to donate meat? Why can't Muslims donate without animal sacrificing?

What the Media wont tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)

We already do it! That's what Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr is for! Many mosques provide free food for the poor for the whole month! During Ramadan- The 9th month of the lunar Islamic calendar- we dry fast everyday from dawn to sunset. It is an obligatory practice for all Muslims, and besides learning self-control and discipline to strengthen our spiritual relationship with Allah, we also learn to empathize with the poor and donate them with things like food and new clothes (and we do donate during the rest of the year as well). The end of Ramadan is celebrated with this Eid, known as 'Festival of Breaking the Fast', a day when everyone gets to eat good food and wear good clothes. Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha are the two big holidays for Muslims and BOTH of them surround the concept of giving to the poor and needy so that they are not left out to celebrate and enjoy.

But what are those horrifying 'bloody' images shows by The Daily Mail?

The bloodbath that they speak of doesn't even last a long time. The slaughter itself takes only seconds, and all the blood is already washed off by afternoon and then you can't even tell there was ever any animal there. If the drainage system in your area doesn't suck then it should be a really easy cleanup.

I believe the media deliberately picks the worst pictures to show to the world. I grew up in a family that sacrifices cows and goats every year as well as many others in our neighborhood, so I have witnessed many slaughters myself, but I never saw it being as bad. They will describe the few seconds of gore with details to provoke emotions but they won't tell you about what happens before and after that.

The Hypocrisy of Islamophobes

An infamous ex-Muslim Atheist Feminist posted a status on Facebook, and she stated that if a God ever existed He would not allow killing animals in His name. It is fine to eat meat, enjoy all kinds of meat dishes, but don't slaughter animals in the name of God! I don't even know how she claims to know everything about Islam, because if she did she would know that we remember Allah before doing anything: Eating, sleeping, waking up, everything!

So much cruelty behind this dish.
So much cruelty behind this dish.

Even worse, there is a picture of her on social media eating a variety of different meat dishes, one of them being the famous Peking roast duck (Běijīng kǎoyā). If you don't know how it is prepared, then you should know that the duck is force-fed four times a day for a period of 15-20 days before being killed. She is okay with an animal being tortured like this just for the sake of enjoying a delicacy but we are the barbaric ones!

If you're okay with eating dishes like the Peking Duck and Foie Gras but not with the sacrifice of animals on Eid-ul-Azha then that's very hypocritical. Heck, if you are okay with meat in general that's coming from factory farms and sold in restaurants then you should look up how they are treated. They are caged, tortured, raped, killed with no mercy and humility. Eggs and dairy also have so much cruelty behind them with male chicks being killed right after hatching, and mother cows being entirely separated from their calves and even beaten in dairy farms. What they are fed with don't even count as food to me.

The Islamic process of taking the life of an animal for food is literally the least cruel way possible. The rule is to take care of the animals when they are alive, by giving them good food, healthcare, opportunity to move around and living their lives to the fullest. Even when slaughtering, one animal shouldn't witness the other's slaughter, it shouldn't be seeing the knife until the very last moment. The key is to ensure that the animal is not suffering in any way throughout its life and minimize its pain and fear as much as possible during the slaughter.

I personally noticed that the cows that are sold in the market for Eid behave differently depending on how they are raised. The ones raised with love and care by farmers are healthy, have shiny fur and are very friendly with humans, and their meat is leaner and healthier; whereas the ones from factory farms are scared, can get aggressive easily because they feel threatened, and seem rather sickly.

Why not stun/sedate the animal before sacrificing?

As if the technology to stun or sedate an animal for killing existed back in the days of prophet Abraham! I doubt it's available in abundance everywhere even today. Besides just minimizing the suffering of an animal prior to taking its life for food, it is also important to drain out as much blood as it is possible to ensure better quality of meat, as consuming blood is forbidden. Here's a link to a study showing how gas-stunning small animals prior to killing decreases the quality of meat compared to Halal slaughtering. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4093272/

Stunning also increases the risk of the animal dying before it is slaughtered, so it won't be Halal to consume anymore.

Qur'an 5:3. Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah; that which hath been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by being gored to death; that which hath been (partly) eaten by a wild animal; unless ye are able to slaughter it (in due form); that which is sacrificed on stone (altars); (forbidden) also is the division (of meat) by raffling with arrows: that is impiety.

Hopefully this myTake cleared up many misconceptions that people have about Eid-ul-Azha. Thanks for reading!

What the Media won't tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)
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  • potatoiswhoiam
    I'm a vegetarian so I'm not the one to support the slaughter of animals either. But I also don't tell people to stop eating meat because I realize that meat has some important nutrients for the body.. plus not everyone can survive the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. BUT I also believe in "if you can't kill it, don't eat it".
    Point is that some things that hypocrites or people who just wanna hate seem to ignore, is the fact that all the meat they eat from factories is "easy" meat. Just because you don't participate in, or see the process with your eyes, doesn't make it any less cruel, and I agree with you, the method used in Islam is the least cruel I've seen or read about, where the animal is supposed to not even see the knife, and it's supposed to be killed in one hit, to avoid suffering.
    Another thing is that this celebration does not require the slaughtering of animals. Back in Muhammad days, people didn't have the privilege of eating meat all year round, so this day was basically their day of celebration, they had to sacrifice from the animals they've been taking care of all year round, and giving to the poor.. I do think Muslims nowadays are following tradition (sorry I say tradition, but for the lack of a better term, do mention if you have a better term, cuz I can't think of one right now), instead of thinking of what it entails. It entails sacrifice.. giving to the poor. Letting go of something important. And this doesn't have to be through slaughter, just giving away food is enough, that's the point I wanna make.. BUT this also doesn't mean that slaughter is not an option. There is absolutely no difference in slaughtering your own animal vs buying meat from the butcher... WITH THE EXCEPTION THAT buying it from a butcher or a factory does not guarantee how this animal has been treated! So you're basically putting your faith in someone and you don't even know whether that animal has been taken care of, has not been mistreated etc etc.. the irony!
    So people need to stop pretending to be saints just because theyre 'oh so sensitive of witnessing animal slaughter' while they're ok buying meat from factories that mistreat THOUSANDS of animals on the daily! Not once a year but every single day!
    Sooo I wish everyone will start using their brains and stop believing the first thing that gets thrown in the media.
    Peace :)
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    • Excellent point that when we know exactly how the animal was treated and killed if we slaughter it by ourselves. And yes not everyone buys and sacrifices animals, only those who can afford do it, and they distribute the meat to the rest.

    • Regarding the tradition thing, I agree that many Muslims don't follow the rules properly, they are more comfortable with doing what they are used to seeing their previous generation doing rather than looking up what the scriptures say. However that applies to every other daily Islamic practices too.

    • Yeah I agree.. I think it happens in all religions, not just this one. people who truly follow religions for the religion and not for the traditions are not the majority and also people are not perfect, so even if they do, as long as people (from any religion or no religion or whatever) have pure intentions and always strive to use their minds, find a meaningful purpose and add some positive trace in this world, I think they're on the right path. Because putting a label on yourself (not yourself in particular but you get my point) is obviously not enough. And media is taking advantage of exactly this type of people. The one who just put a label and act entitled, cuz they gain more attention, negative one and that's what news and media is for. And that's why it's unrealizable at times (a lot of the time) cuz it's biased. So yeah I think the "real" (imma call them real) people out there generally are down to earth, always try to find the truth instead of following a trend or just picking up from where their parents left without making their own research, reaching their own convictions. So what I wanna say is that in every community or religion, you'll find good and you'll find toxic people so I hope people will stop focusing on the minority of super toxic people and labelling an entire community or religion (not only speaking of Islam) based on people like that.
      Yeah I don't know what I'm saying 😂 but hope my point made sense

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  • Whatthefluff
    Funny how there's so much hate on this religious group to sacrifice animals when it's a common trope in the Christian bible.
    Thank you for taking the time to educate people about Eid and its purpose. I feel a little smarter now :)
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    • Aw thanks 😊 I'm glad that you found it useful

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  • TruthBringer
    All the Islamophobes (such as Nonfrivolous who ends up blocking you when you prove her wrong) turn vegan for a day and suddenly become animal rights activitsts simply because Muslims kill animals to feed the poor on these few days, while ignoring companies such as KFC and McDonalds that are notorious for animal cruelty and kill animals every single day on an even bigger scale. Quite the hypocrisy if you ask me. If you truly are standing up against animal cruelty, then focus on those who are most guilty of it.

    Also, Islam itself is very big. There are many sects within Islam. not all agreeing with each other. So if 1 does somehting bad all of Islam will be held accountable. This shows how much ignorance there is in the world, especially the Islamophobes (who often get owned with facts anyway).
    source: Meat and Dairy Production by H. Ritchie and M. Roser, November 2019
    source: Meat and Dairy Production by H. Ritchie and M. Roser, November 2019
    • Yeah I can't imagine how people are okay with factory farms and animal cruelty but think sacrifice of animals in the least cruel way and donating meat to the poor is barbaric.

    • It's interesting how the map actually shows that Muslim countries consume LESS meat.

  • dantetheexplorer
    Blessed Eid to you!
    I wish you and your family all the best, this Eid.

    Western media - specifically Anglo media - has a very weird relationship with Muslims, the people, and Islam, the religion

    And because a good portion of the people in these Anglo countries are insular and inward-looking (read: not interested in anything happening in the rest of the world) PLUS most of them are monolingual, they only get their news from local channels and news agencies, and thus, develop a very narrow view of the world beyond their own borders. (also known as: frog in a well).

    For example, this is a common joke about people from Anglo countries about their attitude toward Islam and Muslims:

    When the events of 9/11 happened, they said Islam was behind it all.
    When the terrorist attacks took place in Paris and the UK, they blamed it on the Muslims and Islam.
    On social media, they yell and shout that Islam is a violent and barbaric religion (without realizing that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims living in peace around the world).
    They yell out to whoever will listen that Muslims are backward and living in backward communities.
    But, suddenly, as soon as their news channel feeds them fake news like the Uighurs are being killed and murdered in Xinjiang, suddenly they're all "Oh, God, save the Muslims! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!"

    Just goes to show you what ignorance and lack of education and anti-intellectualism will do to a group of people.

    Anyhow, happy Eid, and have a wonderful time and feast with your family.
    • I also find it weird, but at the end of the day none of them really genuinely care about Muslims.

    • Yup. That's what the joke is about.
      Such people like to separate the world into two spheres: "Us" and "Them".
      Ignorance is... ugly.

  • As a farmer whose seen quite a lot of slaughter I'd make the point that abattoir scenes are only stressful to those who don't fully understand what's going on. The thrashing you see isn't a result of suffering it's caused by the brain no longer functioning due to efficient stunning. Even after a head is removed the carcass can move for quite a while. That said cutting deep and quickly isn't that easy and it's hard to believe an untrained person could humanely kill an animal that way.
    • Yeah it's not an easy thing but also those who do sacrifice animals learn it from the previous generation so it's not much of an issue. My father can do it quite efficiently now. This year we did not even hire a professional butcher to cut the meat for us because of COVID-19, we sacrificed a small animal by ourselves and he managed to do a pretty decent job with the butchering. At least after the meat was cooked there was no visible difference at all.

    • Levin

      If you watch animals just before they are about to be slaughtered, you can see the fear and terror on their faces. It's also interesting to watch an animal go from a live being to essentially an inanimate object.

    • See if they already feel the terror in the very last minute, why would you want it to suffer more by making it witness other animals being slaughtered and showing it the knife early on. Keep the suffering to a minimum.

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    I have helped my muslim friends with Eid for several years. This was first year I didn't help them pick up goats or a cow.
    Thanks for writing this. It wasn't until I had muslim friends and was invited to help that I realized it isn't some crazy blood ritual lmao

    My friends father donated 5 goats!
  • 3dbrah
    Clearly this mytake is full of lies. In Belgium the whole sewage system and national water filtration system was clogged up every year with thousands of liters of blood we had to make it illegal for this barbaric practice to continue.
    • That's a problem with the drainage system in your own country. You think this sacrifice doesn't happen in Muslim countries? It happens in Muslim countries at an ever larger scale how come they didn't have to ban this practice because of clogging?

    • 3dbrah

      Yeah, its not made for blood. Also first you must have a sewage system for it to be clogged.

    • How does blood get into sewage system though... Unless blood is flushed down the toilet? No one does that.

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  • AkshiJanjua
    i don't understand muslim religion but they do make good biryani lol.
    In India people only slaughter goats since killing cow may lead you in jail.
    Eating meat is confusing i sometimes feel guilty being a non veg and because i don't like to see animal cruelty 😣
    • My mom makes the best biryani, you're welcome to try it someday 😜 it's gonna be goat meat don't worry.

    • do you guys have all those bengali sweet dishes in Bangladesh too?
      Bengali people have some of the best sweets lol

    • Ah yes, we also got the best sweets! 😊

  • Jjpayne
    This was a fun and refreshing my take! This is the kind of material that is perfect for school papers too! :)
    • School papers?

    • Jjpayne

      Like a school assignment. "Discuss the study of a different culture" or "describe how assumptions have impacted society" something like that

    • Not sure if g@g is the right website to search for school papers 😅 especially not when the myTake is mostly anecdotal.

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  • Lliam
    Your MyTake filled me with emotion. One emotion is outrage and sadness that I feel when my Muslim brothers and sisters are slandered by hateful hypocrites. The other emotion is love - love for my Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world. I have met and been friends with many followers of Islam here in my country (USA) and I know people who live in Palestine, Syria and even Iran. There are no people more generous and friendly.
    I am not religious, but I hope you had the most joyous Eid, CubsterShura. Thank you for this MyTake. 🙋‍♂️🕌❤️💜
    • That's so sweet of you, thank you so much 😊

  • LovingLover
    """Even when slaughtering, one animal shouldn't witness the other's slaughter"".
    And indeed the food is shared with many poor people.

    Great post, sis.
  • Bratsondanielle
    I don't know what they don't tell me, and I don't know what they DO NEITHER !! cuz this is the first second I hear about the feast of el aid azuma ( or whatever) I had no idea it even existed. now I do. And from what you described it is similar to when I see a homeless guy and drive through the nearest McDonald's and get a meal then turn the old Mustang around and go give it to him/her... except I don't slaughter the cow lol
    • It's literally spelled in the title and you still can't spell it? 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don't know what makes people think acting like this makes them look smart in any way.

    • I wasn't trying to look smart but when I was in the reply window (on my screen) I couldn't see it, and sorry but my Turkish isn't perfect...

    • It's not Turkish 🤦🏽‍♀️

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  • Shezadi
    Even though, I always supported you but this time disagree. It's not just the Muslims who eat Cow meat. You wrote this as a Hindu because you worship cows. If only India protected women like their cows. In India, the punishment of harassment is 2 years and the punishment of slaughtering a cow is 5 years. More value of cows than women. If only India cared about their women like their cows! In India, it's safer to be a cow than to be a woman.What the Media won't tell you about the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Azha)
    • I'm neither Indian nor Hindu.

    • Read. The. Whole. Thing. Please.

    • Ianto

      Your comment on India's attitude to cows and women may have some merit, but you damage your own case by not paying attention to @CubsterShura's original post. Please check your own prejudices before slandering people.

  • Nonfrivolous
    You muslims are so good at using words but sorry nothing you say can change the fact and you can't change the muslim image easily.
    • Too many words for 'I am gonna stubbornly remain uneducated'

    • Believe me i am well educated about islam as an ex muslim who worn hijab for years.

    • So is it being the ex Muslim or the Hijabi that comes with a phD in Islamic studies?

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  • supercutebutt
    Religious people are weirdos. It's 2020 for goodness sake.
    • It's 2020 for gods sake, we should start eating McDonald's and give money to cruel factory farms, right?

    • No but that doesn't mean we should worship invisible sky daddies, either. So dumb.

    • I'm sure you don't go around saying this on every religious myTake on g@g, right? Just admit you're Islamophobic and leave us alone. What weirdos.

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  • Natashakir72
    I think muslimism has to end. The most modern Muslim people don't even do all this stone age stuff anymore
    • I think secularism has to end. How about that?

      There is no 'modern Muslim', only practicing and non-practicing ones.

    • Lol I don't even know what that word is but yeah I guess you just took other words I think just like christian people and everyone else it's the "practicing ones" I don't like. You can believe in the invisible man above the clouds for all I care but when you make wars and make certain rituals and shit it's just too much for me

    • Majority of the wars in history aren't even because of religion 😂

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  • OddBeMe
    I just plan for a suicide bombing every time my phone tells me a Muslim holiday approaches.
    • You need counseling if some other religions holidayb that has nothing to do with you makes you suicidal.

    • OddBeMe

      Oh no. I plan for a Muslim to suicide himself

  • loveslongnails
    I couldn't care less what Muslims do, as long as they don't try to inflict anything they believe on me, in any manner or form, especially via the "law". I'm no fan of their "prophet".
    • What does that have to do with this myTake._.

    • It's a Muslim ritual, and Islam and Islamaphobia is a topic of your take as well. I don't care about the animal sacrificing as I'm a meat eater. That would hypocritical as I eat plenty of meat.

    • Oh ok good to know

  • AnitaDzherkov
    This is a totally barbaric and backwards ritual, just like male circumcision, and I strongly hope that Islam will bring itself into the 21st century sometime soon.
    • Islam was made for being followed not just in the days of the prophet but for any time, any era. We're already in the 21st century and Islam is the second greatest religion in terms of population and the greatest in terms of spread and growth.

  • Elly01
    ain't nothing new here , they always try to hide things like this.
  • nice my take :) you explained it very well
  • Thank you for sharing this. Beautifully written :)
    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it 😊

    • nodnol32

      This means a lot to us who celebrate Eid. Your heart and sould has gone into this. The sad thing is they don't show this side of the story at all (the real one)

    • It indeed means a lot to us, they will never understand its value.

  • Zeynep1998
    Eid Mubarek to you too!
  • Twenty2
    Why is this festival celebrated?
    • Allah commanded prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son for Him. Abraham did so out of his obedience, Allah was pleased with his sacrifice so he replaced Abraham's son with a ram instead.

    • Twenty2

      But Abraham did a burnt sacrifice where he burned the animal after sacrificing it to God?

  • asshole_
    am i supposed to care?
  • moonpie89
    Thanks 😊
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Do they eat the animals or just sacrifice them?
    • Eat.

    • I don't have a problem with this. If a religion wants to sacrifice animals then go right ahead. It's freedom of religion. But if they are going to eat the animals then how can anyone object (other than vegans idiots)

    • I think many people don't even know that we not only eat the whole animal but we actually give away majority of the meat to others and only eat 1/3rd by ourselves.

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