The Parable of the Unshrunk Clothe and Old Wineskin

Jesus gave us an allegorical story about Christian morality for which the explanation was never given

The Parable of the Unshrunk Clothe and Old Wineskin

He says nobody sees a patch of Unshrunk cloth on an old garment because the Unshrunk clothe will pull away from old garment when it touches water and a worse tear results

The Parable of the Unshrunk Clothe and Old Wineskin

He said nobody pours new wine into of Wineskins because the wine will burst the skins and the wine will be ruined


Unshrunk Clothe: Somebody who has not been humbled by God’s love is not ready to learn God’s law or do God’s work or be in God’s ministry since teaching them God’s law will just confuse them and wound them and make them hypocritical

Old Wineskins: Somebody with old social tolerance levels cannot receive the new purity of Jesus because the new purity will enrage the old tolerance levels and the purity will be corrupted by judgment and condemnation. New social tolerance levels are required to receive the new purity of God so that both the social tolerance level and the purity of God are preserved.

The Parable of the Unshrunk Clothe and Old Wineskin
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  • I love this! I've always wondered about this parable myself 🤔 good work! 😊
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  • Anonymous
    Well said
    Nice mytake
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  • Gedaria
    It was to the nation of Itself or Jews. They had rejected him as the Messiah, as a nation. So he was setting up heavenly Jerusalem.
    That's what the illustration was about. God had tried to help the Jews and hadn't worked, Tim and again he had sent prophets. To no avail. So it needed a new wine skin , seeing the old old cannot be repaired.
  • Rocco7070
    there's wisdom in much of his teaching, but why cal2l Sunday the sabbath, wasn't his sabbath, Jewish sabbath is the 7 th day, Saturday.
    mayhap so