My thoughts on religion.

An explanation fo thunder
An explanation fo thunder

Man has always tried to find explanations for the things, which he does not understand, but how can a man born in the Iron Age explain lightning, or why the sun moves across the sky or why the wind blows?

He cannot.

But yet he needs an explanation. So he makes up a story that he is comfortable with, one that makes sense to him.

Lightning is electricity but he doesn’t know that. All he knows is that it makes a loud bang when it hits the ground and when it hits a tree, that tree bursts into flames. Sort of like what happens when the village smith hits his hammer against some steel. That also makes a loud bang and fiery sparks flies from it.

So all of a sudden, the explanation for lightning is that the great god of thunder is riding across the sky swinging his hammer.

The wind comes from a great invisible eagle bashing his wings and the sun is being pulled across the sky by a giant horse.

Things are different for us. We have been born into a world where science has explanations for most things occurring in nature. But why are most of us then still religious?

Because science has not answered our most important question, the question we are the most afraid of.

What happens after we die?

Most scientists would probably say that nothing happens. That there is nothing after this life.

This is the answer that we did not want!

We want our existence to be eternal and not only that; we want our next life to be better than this one.

Therefore, we choose to believe the explanation that we are most comfortable with.

And we are not very comfortable with death being final. This is also I believe why we have had different religions up through the ages. Because what we are most comfortable with changes over time.

The afterlife in the time of the Viking was to go to Valhalla, fight all day, eat, and drink all night while being served by beautiful women.

But then we changed and this paradise was no longer so appealing. So a new one came along, one we were more comfortable with.

If we look at the more modern religions then they are exactly not that! They are not modern.

The Bible and The Quran is filled with stories and points which few people today would consider as morally right or just.

They were clearly written by, and to a society that had very different morals and ideals than we have today.

It is completely absurd that some people turn to the bible or the Koran for answers, when both books have been proven wrong in so many things by today’s science. We are literally asking for lessons in morality from people who are morally inferior.

We are doctors asking carpenters how to cure cancer... We might not know the answer, but we are sure as hell a lot better equipped to find it.

So if you want to believe in heaven, then please do so, just don’t ask the carpenter how to get there.

My thoughts on religion.
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