Why motivational speakers bore me - Bible talk

Why motivational speakers bore me - Bible talk

I used to have a middle eastern classmate whose grandparents grew up in the Middle East

While I think middle eastern pitas are the most amazing foods ever

Her grandparents never bothered to buy it cause where they grew up the meat was fresher since it went from slaughter to deli meat faster than it does here

Since I had never tried meat in the Middle East I adored chicken shawarmas

While they had no interest in chicken shawarmas here in Canada having tried better options where they live

In the same way I think motivational speakers are like stale bread sellers

When you’ve tasted the fresh bread of Jesus you have very little use for stale bread

The stale bread motivational speakers say to work for money and power

While God says to work for God’s glory and the betterment of society and the protection of your social relationships and the expression of your values and inheritance in heaven

When you’ve tasted real bread

You lost interest in the processed stuff they try to pass off as bread

I could never be happy living by the dry and selfish ideologies of my secular family

I seek God

Why motivational speakers bore me - Bible talk
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