Why wasted effort is not wasted time - Bible Talk

Why wasted effort is not wasted time - Bible Talk

In the bible, Solomon says that all hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty.

I also had a dream where God told me if I worry about the things that I can control that than God will worry about the things in my life that I can’t control.

The way I combine those two things together is if I try to the best of my ability to solve a problem or accomplish something with my limited knowledge and experience and abilities and flawed insights and personality weaknesses, that my effort is not wasted if I do not have the ability to fix it on my own.

Because God will look with pity and compassion on my flawed and imperfect efforts and reward me by solving the problem for me.

And if I devote my time and energy to one issue and fail to fix it, it’s not wasted cause God might look at my wasted effort in one situation and repurpose that reward I pursued in another area of my life.

Like I tried hard to get into graduate school by working for top grades in school and did not go to graduate school because I never applied, but the academic successes I gained in attempting to get into graduate school gave me the confidence and connections and skills I needed to work in other arenas of life and gave me the creativity to discover new careers and vocations I could do.

Most of all, my time in university perfected my social skills and helped me refine my character so that I was able to rediscover God’s power, which I had not perceived for long periods before university after I rebelled against him and it also taught me civility and respect. The change in my personality and overall intelligence is amazing, and so is the social connections and status I’ve gained for now having a minimal education as opposed to none.

And when I wasted thousands on supplements to lose weight, it was not a waste because I found a combination of supplements for detoxing my liver and that has left me healthier.

Why wasted effort is not wasted time - Bible Talk
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  • Jjpayne

    I feel like God allows us to take certain paths in order to guide us back to the right direction

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    Nice Mytake

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    Why can I not block you? Tired of seeing this religious nonsense on my feed.

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