How to get to heaven - bible talk

How to get to heaven - bible talk

Years ago a pastor who did not agree with my theology tried to have me kicked out of church

The next day when I realized steps were being taken to have me removed from the church I had. Dream

In my dream the church that had discussed getting kicked out hears God scream in their ear

”What you did not do for the least of these brothers you did not do for me”

And they were horrified and cast into everlasting fire to be tortured forever and ever

So what this quotation of Jesus means is

1. Care for the needs of your neighbour both biological and emotional and social and material

2. Regardless of their religion

3. Regardless of their virtue

4. Regardless of their status

5. Regardless of their power

6. Regardless of their income

7. Regardless of their background

8. Regardless of their industry

9. Regardless of their culture

10. Regardless of their knowledge

11. Regardless of their health

12. Regardless of their charm or attractiveness

Than you can go to heaven

How to get to heaven - bible talk
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  • RawIronhide
    You were betrayed by people who claim even preach to be accepting of all people, this undoubtedly had a large impact on you. I don't know if that's an actual bible quote but it makes sense to me. "What you do not do for the least of your brother you did not do for me" i. e. when you're not taking into account all people even those at the bottom than you are no longer serving God as he accepts all beings. Unfortunately sometimes the people who are most versed are the ones who have the most work to do.
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  • Jjpayne
    I think caring for your neighbor is a key but getting to heaven also involves Loving God and choosing to beileve him and follow him.

    My life's goal is always to love my neighbor. But at my heart I try as best as I can to fix my eyes on Jesus
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • Gedaria
    Good thinking.
    But you should read the whole Bible not just bit that you like the sound of.
    Most people do not go to heaven.
    Most people can resite the Lord's pray.
    The part , thy kindom come on earth and in Heaven.
    Why have a heavenly government on earth if everyone is in heaven.
    Also in Revelation it says There I'll on be 144000 that go to heaven to rule with Jesus for a 1000 years.
    That is where the resereretion comes in Jesus taught about..
  • legalboxers
    you are supposed to be holy.. they say he helps you, he is there for you. He crated you in his image. If this is so, why are we of different colors, and JUDGE EACH OTHER BASED ON COLOR SEX AND OTHER ORIENTATION. And to take it further.. Why are there Christians, Roman Catholic, Lutherans, Evangelical, Episcopal, if there is ONE GOD and ONE BIBLE. ONE TEACHING. 13 Apostles (including Judas)...
  • lightbulb27
    I think that's about right.

    The whole issue in humanity is we are divided.. from God and each other by our emotions... our egos... fear, malice, greed, etc.. that's genesis 2-3 . Express love to others and that IS Heaven... here now.

    I think there is some conscious management involved in this... like you do this too much and people are dependent on your power not their own. Jesus always puts it back onto the other person "it is YOUR FAITH" that has healed you... not his... not Gods.

    God being love... its' a balancing act and to me coms back to... God is in effect, universal energy which we experience as love.
  • genericname85
    according to some christian i talked to recently, going to hell is up to you. god doesn't decide it. if you don't wanna go to hell, you don't have to. all you need to do is say sorry for the evil you did and you'll go to heaven.
    • 19magic

      You probably have to mean it as well though

    • @19magic yeah well i don't think anyone would be dumb enough not to "mean it", if they go to hell otherwise.

    • 19magic

      Not unless what was considered evil by others isn't evil in your eyes then you wouldn't think you need to apologise for what you've done

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  • Erobos412
    Hmm probably by the means of Socrates and Plato teachings that are found in the gospel of John and Luke in their version and story of Jesus.
  • _Just_A_girl_
    No. To get to heaven is to believe in what happened on the cross what he did for the world. That it is a gift God's grace.
    • Larson7

      That sounds a lot better everybody can get in.

  • Larson7
    What about the worst of people? Can they be allowed in if they accept Jesus. But dont totally quit their evil
    • I didn’t mention accepting Jesus at all in my post - I said compassion to needy people gets you into heaven

    • Larson7

      So what happens to pedophiles who do not act but think about it?

    • CrazyRay43

      You mean the “worst of people” and “pedophiles” that God created?

      Grow up, child 🙄

  • CaptainLonleyPants
    Jesus said you will know my followers by their actions they will

    1. Feed the hungry

    2. Clothe the poor

    3. Care for the elderly disabled and infirm

    4. Heal the sick

    5. Love each other and spread Gods love

    6. Not judge for only God can judge

    7. Welcome the foreigners as native born as you were foreigners in Egypt

    8. Care for the Earth and tend it as would a garden (on which your life depends)

    For some reason people think they can follow without following. I do not understand that.
  • Water_killer
    Pray your prayers on time, it's going to lead you to heaven. Just do only this then make whatever your mind tells you to do but nothing impossible or extravagant or something from the grave.
  • zagor
    Everybody want to go to heaven
    But nobody want to die
  • CrazyRay43
    There is no god, therefore no Heaven
    • Larson7

      How about you haven't really even looked into it therefore you're full of shit therefore I'm not going to believe you when I spent my whole life learning about it therefore shut the fuck up and stop trying to act like you're smart. hurt people's Faith because you're just a little worm therefore that

    • CrazyRay43

      >implying that wasting your entire life on something makes something not full of shit 🤣🤣🤣

    • Larson7

      Do you have anything like research to back up that confident assuredness?

  • collie22
    Love jesus
  • syskerully
    Heaven doesn't exist.
    • Larson7

      Stfu. Why should I believe you? You don't want to believe and you haven't even done the research. I've read books on that stuff my whole life and I've seen strong reasons to believe it. So why am I going to take your point of view over mine? And your three word answer. That's right I'm not

    • CrazyRay43

      Larson is a funny child, he actually thinks that his baseless belief makes something true 🤣🤣🤣

    • syskerully

      @Larson7 Research? Really? That's fucking hilarious. I'm not here to disprove god to you, plenty of people have already done that. I'm just stating the facts. If OP says it's important to be a good person then I agree... but you shouldn't be doing it with the idea that heaven exists and you can get into it. The reward for being kind is accrued by the future, even if the doer is not in it.

    when we can...
  • michael1469
    If you are hungry, you will find a job...
    • That's what Jesus said every time he encountered groups of starving people? Get a job you freeloaders?

    • I didn't wait for jesus. I got a job so i could eat.

    • Thank you. Avoiding answering the question proves me right.

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  • Anonymous
    That's NOT what the bible teaches! The Bible is VERY CLEAR on the subject of salvation! Those that acknowledge that they are a dinner, in need of a Savior. And confess, believe and accept that Jesus Christ and He ALONE is the Son of the Living God! That died on the cross for all mankind!
    • I’m pretty sure that this site nor the app will not let us edit any comments/opinions so be sure to read “dinner” as “sinner”. And this certainly is the way. John 3:16