The hidden vulgarity and obscenity among Christians

The hidden vulgarity and obscenity among Christians

Among Christians there is often an anti God type of pro religion that functions in houses of worship

Worthless pastors who have been praised and honoured relentlessly dwell on the very few times they were insulted and waste the time of their audience complaining and seeking sympathy for it

People who claim to serve God are rejecting charitable causes under the belief that disadvantaged people are lazy and unmotivated

People claiming to be Christian attempt to punish, humiliate and socially exclude or disfellowship well meaning Christians who rebuke and repudiate misdeed and moral failure by others because they hate the justice and fairness of God

People seek to make money selling worthless low quality knowledge knowing full well it’s not worth the price because they care more about luxury than they do about honesty

People who get offended for unnecessary and imaginary abstract reasons like a persons business being open on Sunday or somebody choosing to play video games before going to church or listening to rock music that praises God or reading books like Harry Potter

People starting unnecessary drama by making simple things complicated - Jesus addressed this when he said the pharisees make their phylacteries wide and the tassels on their garments overly long

Essentially the are imbibing their philosophies with unnecessary complexity and pessimism and they are erroneously promoting their moral authority in intellectually insincere ways by exploiting key phrases or hyped up terminology and cultural social edifice rather than relying on the intelligence of a philanthropically creative and liberal method of organization and analysis

The hidden vulgarity and obscenity among Christians
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    yeah... that's one of the reasons we get a bad reputation with nonbelievers...
    those are the lost among the fold... but none of us are perfect...
    NOT EVEN ME...
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  • Jjpayne
    It's true there is a lot of comfort and exceptions in the American church
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • MrTaboo
    You're talking about false teachers. The Bible talks about them.
  • Anonymous
    i've fucked "christian" guys
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    • yeti82

      I'm Christian 😘

    • Many people who identify as Christians think that the negative portrayal of premarital sex according to religious texts is outdated, closed minded, oppressive and unrealistic. A "perfect" Christian would live every detail of their life according to the Bible. However, people are inherently flawed, making it impossible to be perfect. The translation of the Bible from ancient languages into modern English is also flawed. Many Christians choose to follow the basic principles of Christianity (basically, praise God and be good to other people, don't be an asshole) rather than abiding by the book word for word.