Unravelling the mystery of biblical salt - what Jesus taught

Unravelling the mystery of biblical salt - what Jesus taught

In the bible Jesus said you are the salt of the earth and the light of the world

So I played around with different ideas to figure it out

I thought since Salt is mostly found in seas and lakes and not on dry land and since Salt led to water retention that it was a symbol for accountability since it allowed you to bear your responsibilities and had to be mixed with the pressures of water which functioned as a symbol for experience

Than I thought Salt might be a symbol for humility since in the bible it serves both positive and negative functions - when lots wife was turned into a pillar of salt she was humiliated by the Angel for her disobedience, when everybody is salted by fire, it means everybody will be humbled by God, and when you are the salt of the earth and will die if you lose your saltiness, it means you are the humble of the earth and will die if you lose your humility

Now I have another idea for salt

Salt is a symbol for wisdom

When Jesus said those who look back will be turned into pillars of salt

Not all wisdom is good - Paul says there is wisdom that comes from God and wisdom that comes from hell

In the bible where they talk about the land that is coated in salt and dulcet it is a land coated in wisdom and hatred

In the same way that salt flavours your tongue, so wisdom flavours your passion

You are the wiseman of the earth

But if a wiseman loses his wisdom by not applying the knowledge he gains, not studying or worshiping or obeying to gain more wisdom, or allows his wisdom to be corrupted by a lack of self discipline or soul searching or he fails to flavour the mouth by sharing his knowledge with others or fails to pray for others

How can he be wise or flavourful to the world or beneficial to the body of Christ again?

He is good neither for the heart, nor for the world, he is good only to be thrown out and treated like a slave

Have wisdom among yourselves and use your wisdom to help others and be at peace with one another

Unravelling the mystery of biblical salt - what Jesus taught
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  • Jjpayne
    It is pretty fun to meditate on God's meanings. This is a really cool and fun interpretation of salt
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • pajamasam
    For historical reference, salt during the time of Jesus was very valuable. In some cases it was even used as currency. It was so valuable because salt was the only method of preserving meats. So if you caught a bunch of fish and wanted to save it for later you would have to put it in a container filled with salt. The salt would draw the moisture out of the meat and that would starve any bacteria in the meat since th bacteria need water to survive.

    Because salt was so valuable it wqs often used comparatively to explain something or someone's worth.

    Roman soldiers would often be described as "worth his salt" meaning he was worth his paycheck which was payed in the form of salt.

    I always took this that when Lots wife was turned into a pillar of salt it was God's way of saying there was a price, for turning back toward sin. Even after redemption even after exiting Sodom she looked back. The price was paid in salt.
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  • zagor
    It's not a mystery at all. Salt was very valuable back then. The word "salary" derives it's meaning from soldiers being paid in salt.
    yus... we have to be useful to retain what we keep
    Yeah, but what about pepper?
  • Anonymous
    Salty meals are very unhealthy