Why evil people hate the light - Bible talk

Why evil people hate the light - Bible talk

Jesus said anybody who does evil hates the light and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed

So what is this light?

Light can mean many things from forgiveness to healing to revelation

But in this context I believe it is a symbol for reflection

When you walk in the light you reflect both the word of Gods and also the glory of God

And those who do evil will hate you for reflecting something they have rejected and want no part in

I knew a woman from a family of three - 2 on welfare and one earning minimum wage who borrowed $10,000 to buy gifts for a man who pressured her to spend money on him

I said during a church meal I paid for all our social outings because her parents were broke and she had debt to pay off

And even though I gave her hundreds to help her pay off her debt she viewed me as the enemy for exposing her financial poverty to people when she tried to win friends by pretending to be rich

Than her boyfriend hated me because I complained to him about how I was angry at a mutual friend of his for inviting me to McDonald’s and leaving after thirty minutes knowing I spent $14.00 on my food and expected my money to last longer

And her boyfriend became angry with me for having such unnecessary and restrictive moral standards and gossiped about me to his friend to punish me for trying to be conservative with my money

One of the pastors at my old church would get angry at me every time I had an intelligent idea about the bible and tell me my opinion was wrong

There was another guy from church who accused me of lying constantly because I had unusually good luck since God kept answering my prayers and the repeated stories and testimonies I shared about my life were statistically improbable to him so he thought I was making stuff up

The fact is, evil doers hate those who reflect God’s Justice, God’s standard, God’s beauty, Gods wisdom or God’s love because it exposes their ugliness to the world

I actually believe the reason the church people did not like me was because I had higher morals and they were offended by my fidelity to Gods virtues

Why evil people hate the light - Bible talk
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  • Jjpayne
    People at church are not always easy we are all people at different stages of life with different struggles... 😞

    And the light reveals our darkness, our sin and shame... For some thats hard to take when that comes into the light
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

  • blondfrog
    is that a verse from the bible?
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  • grapefruit11
    I was with you until you said you exposed her debt in front of a group of people and thought she had no right to be upset because she should be thankful. Why did you bring it up? To make yourself look like a good person or to make sure no one mistakes her for someone who can afford things?
    • Is that what you call walking in the light? Check yourself.

  • genericname85
    i think one issue is that people are so affraid of evil, that they will prefer to delude themself into thinking they can't possibly be evil themself.

    that's where faith comes into play. you see many faithful christians, jews and muslims do bad things cause they have deluded themself into thinking they are doing what god wants so they can not be evil, while in fact what they do is pretty evil.

    so if you're a believer, be careful. faith is a deceptive friend that can disable your ability of seeing the evil within you and actively improving to reduce it and instead ignoring it, cause you think you are already good, since you feel like you're doing enough by following what you think your god wants.

    of course i'm not saying that "not being religious" is a surefire way not to be evil but i think you have a better chance at having an unbiased look at yourself and do actual improvements to yourself.
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    • the best way to conquer evil is to open your eyes and face it. not by looking away and thinking you are already good.

  • __Charllerrrlol__
    I don't like the light because it's just something I dislike.. does that make me evil for not liking sunlight?
    • For real I was like wait, but im a good genuine person I just prefer to be in the dark...

  • OddBeMe
    Yet the Anti-Christ will be all about the light and popularity, won’t he?
  • luvstoned4him
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  • filjongrif
    It means not dark
  • kingofthellamas
    Wow. You are so up. your own arse.
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  • Anonymous
    So what you are finding is many evil people at church.
    Sounds like a good reason to avoid the place.
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  • Anonymous
    I just wear sunglasses and it's all good.
    • Anonymous

      By the way, I think it's sad that people like you think of others who are different from you as "evil". Very Christian of you though.