What Religion is and what Religion is not

What Religion is and what Religion is not

So I like many others used to believe that being religious was about keeping the law

I now know that being religious is not about keeping the law but about loving others

Does that mean God does not care whether you keep the law?

Of course God cares. But when your love is perfected, you will automatically keep the law because your love is mature.

In the same way that grape juice turns into wine when it is aged.

On the other hand you could keep the law as well as Paul of Tarsus did before he converted to Christianity and still be full cruelty and hate.

God expects not only obedience to his law but also love for God and for your life and for your job and for your fellow human beings.

I’ve met plenty of people who pursue ethical living by following rules that end up full of hate and bitterness.

And I know people totally ignorant of theology, who keep the law well because they are full of compassion and love.

Your duty must be first to love and only second to follow the rules

What Religion is and what Religion is not
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  • Jjpayne
    This is where the fruits of the spirit come into play. God expects to lead from our spirit and I'd say our heart but a heart that's aligned with his. We will naturally do the law if we are walking the right path. When David are the sacred bread or when Jesus healed, the sabbath was for men not men for the sabbath. God wants us to follow him by walking in love
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

  • Nice mytake
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  • Adam1978
    No this is wrong, this your view of religion. Religion is an abstract term of world view, so you can have a really dark religion that makes life a pure hell for everyone. Technically you can't be without religion, unless your a vegetable. Personal religion is just seen as atheism. Just to make them easier to handle and group. But you have them everywhere.
  • Maraneva
    It's not a case of one after the other. For instance a father will correct the ways of a child if it errs. If there were no love, he wouldn't care and let it go. Love and laws of God go hand in hand I would say.
  • malik_yashvardhan
    Nice MyTake.
  • Dweezil
    God is God
  • Zygum
    You are to follow the rules, sex and m
  • Calgarydirty69
    love of course, religion sucks
  • Anonymous
    OK but does religion have to be so persistently annoying? Can you please take a break for a day or so?
  • Anonymous
    What Religion is lately is a whole lot of annoying crap in the MyTake folder.