How I understand the parable of delayed gratification in Luke

How I understand the parable of delayed gratification in Luke

In the bible Jesus tells a parable about a master who after his slave has finished his work tending sheep or plowing in the field, tells him to prepare his supper and get himself ready and wait for him while he eats and drinks and than the slave can eat and drink

This verse is not as depressing as it seems

It divides the world into two categories of people - those who serve physical and material need like the those who plow in the field and those who serve social functions like the married housewives who raise their young children or the personal support workers who change diapers. The first part means, both types of work are equally valid and important.

The second part means to prepare yourself so that you may be in a position to receive God’s favour and righteousness, this means reorienting your mind to the truths of the bible and systematically removing the weeds that destroy faith like anger and hate

To get yourself ready is to engage actively in the pursuit of personal growth either through athleticism or through mental training or academic upgrades or through personality positive psychological habituation or knowledge acquisition or inner wound healing

Now the eating and drinking is a parable that you find your purpose while trying to give purpose to others

You find your love while trying to show love to others

You find your status while trying to give status to others

You find your peace while giving peace to others

It is about self discovery through service and self provision through mutual growth

When you serve the bodies and minds and lives and circumstances of others and heart and spirit of others, God will serve your body and your circumstance and your mind and your life and your heart and your spirit

How I understand the parable of delayed gratification in Luke
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