What I learned today about God that I think I knew for some time

What I learned today about God that I think I knew for some time

I believe God puts people in your life to challenge and inspire you to make you better and help you reach your goals

I used to know a guy who claimed to be really religious and he said God promised him that he would make the most money and have the best marriage and retain the highest position of authority and status in every society and school he was in

In my life that's not what happened.

When I was getting A's God put people in my life who were also getting As

When I was getting A+ God put people in my life who were getting A++

When I wanted to write 24 books and came up with 24 book outlines - God put people in my life who had already created 24 outlines and turned them into 24 books

When I wanted to become a psychotherapist - God put people in my life who also worked in psychotherapy and had 15 more years of work experience than me in the service industry

When I gloated in the fact I was the youngest person at my job and made the most sales - God put another woman at my work place who was younger than me and made more sales than me

I've always been second best - cause there is always somebody who can do everything that I can do but does it better

I believe God put these people in my life to challenge me and motivate me to work harder

What I learned today about God that I think I knew for some time
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  • Jjpayne
    I agree, God for sure puts people in our lives to teach us life lessons. I could not agree more
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • collie22
    GOD is a plus to have with you
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    • collie22

      ty.. GOD's Blessing are so important

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  • Wade8888
    I was always the best or one of the best at everything, an dmy parents were mostly uneducated. When I got to college, I was totally unprepared for the coursework and flunked out, because there was nobody to help me. I have 5 years in Engineering Degree and can't' get anyone to hire me in a relevant field.

    It sucks to be the best when you have to teach your parents how to spell basic words, or teach them basic math.

    It sucks to be the best at school and find yoruself baby-sitting the other students.

    It's awesome to be the best at martial arts, because I've been there too, at least within my own weight class, but that gets old and worn out eventually too.
  • MyBigMystery