Two things I learned Over the Holidays about God

Two things I learned Over the Holidays about God

1. I learned you cannot make money off of religion and be a successful and well adjusted Christian

- I tried leading a bible study for donations

- I tried running a ministry for donations

- I tried to work as a life coach

- I tried to work as an academic counsellor

- I tried to work as a spiritual advisor

- I tried to work as a dream Interpreter

- I tried to use my religion to attract religious guys

- I tried to use my religion to attract Christian business contacts

- I tried to use my religion to get social media style jobs

- I tried to use my religion to create videos for income

- I tried selling religious art

- I tried becoming a religion professor

- I tried creating religious music

- I tried running a Christian day care

What I learned is:


2. Second thing I learned is that


I think I got the guilt complex from my parents who told me I did not deserve respect or love or dignity or health or friendship or freedom or independence or education or career or happiness.

I remember asking my dad to give me a ride to a tea house so I could drop off my resume. I went into the store and out of politeness I decided to buy a tea to justify my right to be in the store and after buying the tea I dropped off my resume.

When I left the store my dad asked me how things went with the manager and I told him the manager was not there that day so I left my resume with an employee to drop off in the managers mailbox.

Than my dad took the tea I bought and spilled it on the ground saying he wasted his money buying me tea when I failed to get a job and I did not deserve to drink it.

When I was in university my mother told me I did not deserve to have food and shelter because I was a full time student and was not contributing financially to the household.

Christians excluded me from their prayer groups cause I was a very naive and casual person and they did not think I was pious enough or strong enough to deserve their friendship.

From than on I wondered if being happy was a sin. I avoided pleasures like the movie theatre or the bowling alley cause people made me believe I would go to hell if I enjoyed my life while people in third world countries starved to death.

Now I realize that spiritual and mental eudaemonic pleasures are allowed and so is wealth when it is combined with humility and worship and prayer.

Two things I learned Over the Holidays about God
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    BLOOM, THIS POST IS ABSOLUTE FIRE... what an interesting perspecive you have and experiences... and im srry again about your strange family
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  • Jjpayne
    These are some good life lessons! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us :)
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • OlderAndWiser
    There are people who call themselves Christians and they use their "beliefs" to justify some crazy behavior. That statement is not an attack on Christianity but it is an attack on the crazy people who use religion as a justification for recording their extreme hostility.

    It seems that you have been exposed to some mighty crazy people! You have my condolences.
  • JuliaStyles
    So that means Joel Osteen is not practicing Christianity properly judging by the house he lives in. Apparently he serves both God and Mammon.
    Joel Osteen's Estate
    Joel Osteen's Estate
  • Sunflower01000
    Amen to that, and I'm sorry about all the experiences u went through. Sometimes our parents mean well they just go about it the wrong way, and some of our parents are very angry and bitter, and with all of that they want us to be raised better but because the anger is all they know, that's sadly what we get. I am happy that this didn't change who u are because everyone deserves love and happiness.
  • SystemOfTheMachine
    I used to be Catholic before I left that faith, and money and religion were tight in those churches. A lot of gold plated crucifixes, I bet Jesus would have loved to have died on one of those. It would have been much more stylish.
    • Also, fun fact since you mentioned "third world countries." That term was originally used to describe any country that was not allied with the USA or the USSR during the cold war.

  • ramchandra9971
    😇😇😇😇world in small words... u describe them well
  • can't make money off a religion? Umm... tell that Scientology.
  • Dweezil
    Being religious will not garunty
  • collie22
    i learn stuff everyday about our father :)
  • Anonymous
    Ezekiel 23:20