As a Christian this is what I learned from CoVid lockdowns

As a Christian this is what I learned from CoVid lockdowns

If I had to describe 2020 I would say it’s the year of global sensory deprivation

No more restaurant food

No more restaurants

No more vacations

No more swimming in lakes and rivers

No more movies or dances or concerts

But through the sensory deprivation, I discovered the joys of corporate asceticism

I found an inner religious joy

That comes, not from celebrating material things or visual beauties or sensory experiences

But a joy that comes from celebrating the love and compassion of God

Jesus said it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God

Because the material senses can drown out the spiritual senses when there is too much material pleasure in your life

And the spiritual senses can drive out greed and hoarding behaviours when there is a lot of spiritual pleasure in life

I still need to grow my spiritual sensibilities but they get stronger with practice

As a Christian this is what I learned from CoVid lockdowns
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  • Jjpayne

    Thank you for sharing your covid experience! For me, it can be an eye opener too but I look at it in a slightly different way. We are all social creatures and the bible says we are are to reach out and support as many people as we can. So while it has taught to find that balance of not fully embracing social over the personal time you should have, I think that being social is apart of humanity and thankfully the internet was here when this happened because while it's damaged in person connection, it's also saved lives by preventing the spread and emotionally being there for people visually and verbally

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  • Titanic1912

    I love how you mentioned Jesus. There can’t be a great life without Jesus!

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  • Underworld158

    I am not Christian, but some of the best amazing friends i have are. And they have this same opinion as yours. But as an atheist I learned more harsh truths during this time. That life is really fragile and people are not invincible. really hundreds of people can die of a virus a day and thats it. It takes just a giant wave; or a pandemic or anything just to wipe everything out, and turn life upside down. Its really scary to notice that kind of uncertainty

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  • genericname85

    as a non christian, i learned that people are still stupid enough to just believe you, if you treatten them with death even if you can't back up your claims... just like with christiantiy. if there was ever an argument against evolution, it would be the lack of evolution in human inteligence.

  • MrCreep

    I love how you say that with all your possessions and material things hey