This is something every Christian should know

This is something every Christian should know

In the bible Jesus said many would eat in the feast of God with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob

But the sons of the kingdom would be cast outside with weeping and gnashing of teeth

The question you should ask every religious person is whether they are children of God or children of religion

A child of the Heavenly Father is loving and compassionate and serves God out of gratitude and respect

A child of the kingdom who is not a child of God serves God for money and status and recognition and social comfort

When you act like the kingdom of Gods rules and normals is more important than the loving kindness of God towards all humans whether religious or not religious

Than you will be default become a child of religious culture and not a child of compassion and kindness

One skill every Christian should build is that of compassionate tolerance and patient listening

I judged a lady last week for saying children need to be exposed to bad people to develop conflict resolution skills

I thought only an idiot would think harmful treatment is superior to good treatment in moulding the character of children

But then it occurred to me she might be suggesting children need to find inner boundaries and trained coping mechanisms to negative output

Rather than my initial belief she was suggesting there was any benefit in being exposed to unhealthy social behaviours in moulding the heart and tolerance of the child

Even though that was the words she used she may have tried to express healthy ideas using erroneous language or faulty verbal logic and imperfect language composition to communicate that positive belief

This is one example of how healthy and compassionate listening can remove unnecessary and imaginary offences

Even Jesus got angry

Even God gets angry

The problem with those who lack patience is they engage in unnecessary and unproductive anger out of a desire to fuel their anger or their habitual lifestyle

Compassionate listening and patient interpretation cleans your religion and makes it a good thing and not a bad thing

This is something every Christian should know
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  • Gwenhwyfar
    Very good point
    Is this still revelant?

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  • codyccc
    Its all 100% complete bull shit
    What do you mean? 😕
  • KittyMilk
    The children of God are still cast outside
  • Anonymous
    Didn't Jesus find it suspicious that it was called the last supper?
    And if Mary didn't have sex doesn't that mean someone raped her (like god or something) or not she would of had to have sex to be pregnant.
    And I'm still unsure about putting every single animal in the world in one boat, What did they feed the lion's?
    • Anonymous

      You are telling me that God someone from the sky, an immortal being, with powers created earth by the touch of his finger... Do you not see anything fishy about that at all?

    • If your parents created you why is it hard to believe that somebody created your parents? I struggled with the same questions as you but I no longer doubt Gods existence.

    • Anonymous

      Because they had sex, everyone had sex until I was born! Evaluation made that happen, The big bang made evaluation happen and created this world not some guy in the sky!
      And let's say if God does exist why would he put people on earth like me and billions of others who don't believe him at all. If God did exist that means he created the virus going around and I don't know killed his son, Jesus!

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