Why it’s good to keep a low profile and a private life

Why it’s good to keep a low profile and a private life

One of the reasons I am active on this site everyday is because it is a private domain for me to secretly socialize and converse.

I have a very good reputation at church and with my high school friends and co workers and community friends, but I always avoid these people when they try to talk to me because I hate public relationships where everybody is able to track you and monitor your social patterns. I prefer secret and untraceable forms of social exchange.

Jesus said if you are invited to a banquet, do not take the most important seat in the feast, because a man more distinguished than you may have been invited and if you are both caught in the same context, you will be ousted by your more powerful rival and your status will be greatly reduced.

I believe Jesus means to conserve your social benefits and do not exploit every social liberty offered to you. Tell one person about your achievement and not 50 people. Tell about one A you received and don’t talk about every A you received. If you know somebody is willing to help you with 5 things, only accept help for one thing. Be conservative and modest about your social consumption and reputation benefit exploitation so you don’t become somebody else’s competition bait. I believe modest people are promoted by God and don’t need to promote themselves.

Why it’s good to keep a low profile and a private life
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  • Emperorxxxemilio
    Because you don’t have to deal with gossip or drama as much as you would if you were surrounded by friends or acquaintances. You don’t need a social life, if you don’t want. Have one or two close friends is good enough.
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  • jimmy2
    Humm i love what you said. Thank you
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  • strawberrylipstick
    ehm... well im an athiest but i get that. having more people know who you are has pros and cons though. on one hand, you've got more recognition and can experience more exciting things and be invited to do stuff you couldn't get to do without having a little bit of a higher profile. at the same time though, people are watching your every move and there's an immense pressure to do everything right the first time. the more people that know about you, the more people who have the chance to hate you and what you do. you don't really get privacy with a higher profile 🤷‍♂️ its kind of hard to decipher where the line is, and i think its all up to personal choice in the end to be honest, y'know?
  • bolverk
    Its good to keep a low profile at work for definite given #METOO.
    Dress to blend. Keep it minimal and professional. ... get in, do your job, then GTFO with minimal interaction. And no conversation about your personal life. Keep it so the people in the office only know your name and not much else... be a grey man.
  • katiesmuff
    As we seem to see pretty much every day is someone stepping in shit by something they have done or said on social media and in many cases has cost them dearly like for instance their livelihood, their SO, their family etc.
    My husband and I have had so many fights the last couple of years with our 15 yr old daughter because of the way we limit her use of facebook, twitter, and snapchat. This past year has been extremely rough because of this covid virus and remote schooling and lack of seeing her friends. She is a great girl, a great student (always high honor) and very active with sports like soccer, volleyball and golf. Golf she can play all she wants, the others not so much yet. We have eased up some on her chatting with friends on snapchat and she can use facetime with her friends pretty much whenever she wants.
  • Alyssa11
    I love being anonymous here too. I’m a very private person and I don’t know why, but that’s just what makes me comfortable.
  • legalboxers
    I dont do shit in RL. I keep to myself, since I got major health issues, (vertebrae is like a shattered pretzel rod - fused and herniated discs - plus a node on my neck *cancer maybe dont know*) I figured with this covid shit. Who knows.
  • Kit_Kat88
    I don’t like so much people knowing me on social media. I can be more myself
  • I feel this on an emotional level. Like my ex tried to keep a low profile but I have had a few people come to me and tell me she told them who she is.
  • I personally am here myself because it gives me purpose and a way to share and interact with others
  • Finchie40
    Because most people are assholes and cause drama , so it’s best to keep to yourself for the most part and live contently , sad to say but pretty much every home I lived in I ended up having a wack job neighbor, or when I used to go out all the time on the weekends I was bound to run into nonsense drama so the best thing that happened to my life was buying a home with privacy and not having to deal with anyone’s shit , I only go out on occasion but i minimIze my time out I pretty much prefer to be content and safe at home over dealing with drama
  • Lion91
    Yes I believe so
  • Thank you for another good read.
  • Ilickvulvas
    Become a loner