Why Being Nice Pays - What God Told Me In My Dream

Why Being Nice Pays - What God Told Me In My Dream

I had a dream one time, a very inconsiderate guy was walking around with a woman who looked like me, except she was far more beautiful than me, far more intelligent and far richer. I asked the very inconsiderate guy if he had been walking around with somebody who looked like a glamorized version of me and he said, no but when you concern yourself with my interests, I will concern myself with yours.

The bible repeats this message, that God honours those who serve Him, that he glorifies the man serves and seeks Him. That the modest are honoured and the braggart is humiliated. The one who respects his neighbour is placed in a high position and the one who despises his neighbour is put in a low position. The one who cares for others will have everything he needs, the one who neglects his responsibilities will end up destitute and in poverty.

When you serve good purposes by sincerely seeking what is best for those around you, than God will serve your purpose by sincerely seeking what is best for you.

You acquire your happiness not by pursuing your dream, but by pursuing God’s plan. Not by chasing your desire, but by chasing God’s desire.

This is why it is so important that you always consider what benefits others, so that God will also consider what benefits you.

Why Being Nice Pays - What God Told Me In My Dream
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  • JEndigoBleue
    Matthew 12:7 I live by it.

    Treat people like you want to be treated.
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  • taeh_ie2
    That’s beautiful.
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  • Jjpayne
    I view things this way. I be the best person that God created me to be, with the body, mind, abilities and situation that he gave me. Nobody is going to be exactly the same or go through exactly the same situation so be embrace that and let that drive our lives, not looking at others but looking to God and trying to make him proud of who we were made to be
  • ohshee
    Being nice , is just being nice being nice is because you are there in the moment and you see someone needs help and you have the means to do it , it's not for any payment , it's because you have been there before and I know if it was me that needed help than no one would be there for me, except my faith, and my belief with in ,,, so I do it because I remember and I can
  • dreamstar72
    Nice dream.
    Seriously I had a dream last night that people was telling that I smelled and needed a shower. So I took a shower first thing.
    • raddisn

      Your post stinks. Lol just kidding

  • Elsa143
    Beautiful message but then why this world is dominated by corrupted politicians, underworld, evil mafias of wealthy background or film industry, murder, CHEATERS, liars and fake people?
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    I had a dream of a place that seemed like Heaven two years or so ago. Huge kingdom looking place and two water falls. Very green, only tree. Didn’t see any dinosaurs though, that’s a wee sad. But it’s Heaven
  • Nowadays I feel like being nice gets a bad rep. I know @LemiaOfTheCodes feels that him being nice doesn't help him find a girlfriend.
  • Marioz86
    Ok good for you I usually dream about alien robots chasing me but your dream seams way cooler!
  • K-I-S-S
    If you are nice because to please god then you are not really nice.
  • misanthropistkev
    I knew it I fucking knew it god makes people he hates (which is insane) and is selfish and only cares about what he wants this proves it I fucking hate god fr
    Q - Q what a dream... ty for sharing
  • shalt
    Being nice and gracious only brought misery
  • Amazingworld92
    Are you pentecostal?
    • I don’t have a denomination but I’ve attended Pentecostal churches before.