The difference between a good religious teacher and a bad one - bible talk

The difference between a good religious teacher and a bad one - bible talk

So Jesus said a good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit.

The tree is a symbol for faith. Some people put their faith in love and Justice and some people put their faith in material or social dominance. The way to tell whether a faith or commitment or investment or relationship or teaching is founded on God, is to assess the way it tastes.

Good fruit is satisfying, it addresses your needs and desires and appetites without absolving you of the obligation to do your share of the work. They do not ever promise to solve your problems for you, since they expect you to do that yourself, but they add knowledge or benefits to your life that soothes your spiritual senses and satisfies your needs. Those needs may be spiritual or intellectual or marital or paternal or emotional or material or physiological or social or cosmological or eternal or relational or moral, regardless of the need, they provide you with real substantial knowledge and benefit that you can use to resolve your problem. Rather than promoting your dependency on them, they graciously and ungrudgingly give you the self empowerment you need to resolve your issue. But they do not seek their own personal gain when they do it. Their gifts are offered just as freely to you as they are to others, and they are offering not just what they think or say, but also who they are. Though, they do not solve your problems for you, they bring joy to your soul and offer themselves for free. Their motives and personal nature are externalized and visible, sensitive to all and neither boastful nor secretive. The premise of their existence is love and understanding and they approach you with an open minded and liberal attitude and disclosure. This is the good fruit from the good tree.

The difference between a good religious teacher and a bad one - bible talk
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  • Jjpayne

    I know there is a much higher judgement on those that teach so you have to be careful... The words of influence that you have can be powerful. But the fruit of a good teacher can be priceless

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  • smilinjackal

    Every day that a I wake up, it is another day I realize that god doesn't want me.

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  • Anonymous

    The bible is fake. Religion is fiction like Harry Potter. Grow up. Imagine being almost 40 and running around beleiving in doby. Immature

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