How to View God and Believe in Him During the Scientific Age

How to View God and Believe in Him During the Scientific Age

I had a crises of doubt when I first discovered the gospel of God and one of the reasons I struggled with doubt is that I grew up in a secular family where we believed every creation had to be calculated and materialized d explained based on organic manner in the physical world. Because I did not have the intellectual capacity to imagine a creator that was smart enough to design the world from the scientific principles of the world, I had difficulty conceptualizing how such a complicated and intelligent creation could exist.

Now I have two rebuttals for that. The first is that unlike animals and people and insects and fish and birds, God is a divine manifestation of universal union and unmoving first combined cause and not a physical compilation of organic matter so God is not bound to the laws of science and physics - rather than God exceeds those laws because God created those laws.

The second rebuttal to that is that belief in God is not a calculated projection of explained first or primary causes and orders that requires a complex mind to understand but rather, belief in God is a willingness to build emotional and mental affinity with an abstract source of infinite first causes in an endless universe not bound by space and kind, it’s about infinite union and projected abstract comfort - not about quantifying the perimeters of infinity in your mind to explain things that cannot be explained.

How to View God and Believe in Him During the Scientific Age
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  • Mr_longLegz

    Theoretically... if a god does exist, couldn't everything scientific or even counter god be their doing?

    Like we have cures for diseases and such and the ultra religious still refuse them... isn't it possible that the tools to create such a thing were/are gifts from whatever god you choose to believe in? Or were they only put here/made by and for non believers?

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    • doopayo

      Right, that’s exactly why most Christians are science deniers. They tell you to “only stick with Christians” just so that your perspective can stay limited and you can stay indoctrinated in to their religion

  • Jjpayne

    I think it's good to be able to see God confidently scientifically these days! Especially with signs saying and when man created God... It's getting harder and harder to taken seriously in the scientific community as a Christian

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  • invalid1

    I understand it is actually difficult.

    There is a God science can tolerate, and thete is one science CAN'T tolerate.

    The God science can't tolerate, is the one we use to cover up ignorance. Anything we don't know "God", instead of being curious we just say God. And so God always remains something we use to shut down our curiosity of the unknown. God is something we use to maintain our ego or hubris in front of the fact that we aren't smart enough "yet" to figure something in life or about life.
    if all humans followed that there will be nothing such as the medicine we see today, people will suffer like hell. There will be no pain killers, even for your toothache, nevermind the rest. People would just say, "God will handle it", that's what they said, except for some who didn't. Yet people who have link between their faith and their ignorance remain egoistic enough to take advantage of all these scientific modern age benefits, and yet they still doubt science's abilities to do stuff their God wouldn't do! And cling desperately to foolish faith. If I take the smart phone I am writing now with and go back in age, I can claim any God I want to have said anything in my head.


    There's still same attitude from some atheists, who would dare claim there's no such thing in the first place, just because there is no evidence.
    If you take the definition of God in Sufi principles for example, people like Rumi, Tabrizi... Etc. And even the new age weirdos, who are both ridiculed both in the east and the west. You find that their definition of God isn't only tolerated by science but even salmultaneous with its hypothesis and speculations. Things like God is love, God is consciousness. And in the other hand there is the simulation hypothesis, The unified field theory, collapse of the wave function, the string theory.. Etc.

    Science is Ok with throwing guesses, we might as well call it rational belief as people in search for philosophy who have great respect to the scientific perspective 😊 get what I am saying?

    And this entanglement [not quantum entanglement lol] this entanglement between science's speculations, and some philosophical views they weren't planned they were spontaneous. And I stand between them as an intellectual, where I can solidly say "I believe something" not by denying evidence, but rather due to the absence of evidence. 👏😃

    And it's great there are so many people at this level of awareness and they're growing.

    EXCELLENT question, I loved it and loved talking about it ❤️.

    • invalid1

      Oh boy, the embarassement 😳. I thought it's a question, back to reading 😬

    • invalid1

      Yeah, what you wrote also confirms to me that this tribe of people is growing.

    • I do not mean God is a solution to unexplained scientific mysteries - What I meant is God is the spirit in nature that transcends and exceeds nature and agreeing with the spirit of creation is the only mechanism needed for faith - that intellectual conundrums requiring a creator to explain are not needed to maintain faith in God.

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  • jgibsonian1986

    Try looking into William Lane Craig's work on the kalam cosmological argument. Its an argument as old as the theory of evolution and modern science supports its claims.

  • Kas19

    I don't mind people believing in God, but don't force it in me, and don't try converting me.

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  • Luckycharms12

    If you believe that's nice don't have be pushing it on other people by posting about it all the time

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  • GAGSucksBalls1

    i want to remain an agnostic. that way i don't come off as 'crazy"

  • Calgarydirty69

    god is a lie, he would not endorse all this crime, and war this world see's

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  • tghbvcfrtfg

    I don't know what your talking about

  • Anonymous

    if you believe in god you are an idiot

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming you are speaking of god from a christian point of view. Every religion has a different way they view god as you may know. In my opinion, and this is not me invalidating christianity but rather commenting on the view of god, the christian religion has the most complicated view of god. As you explained in your first rebuttal, that would be a logical explanation of god. Thats how I view and believe in god.

    I believe in science and god. The christian faith has historically been against science. Other religions have not. Again I’m not criticising christianity but rather how people have handled the religion if that makes sense.

    God created everything in our world. It’s exactly as you said, god is not bound to laws of science and physics. Because god created those laws. God is light, energy. Not a human, not a living being as living being exists in our world.

    And some think it’s unrealistic or unreasonable that a god exists. But isn’t science just as, I don’t have the right word for it, but it’s mind blowing what exists in our world and all the possibilities? Isn’t our current existence and abilities amazing as well?