Why you should avoid jealousy - a Christian talk

Why you should avoid jealousy - a Christian talk

No I’m not saying that I’m a saint, there were times in the last few years where I felt upset over the achievements of others rather than happy, but God had been kind enough to show me that my way of thinking and viewing these situations is wrong.

When I look back at my life, I realize the happiest people and the ones with the highest degree of contentment, were the ones willing to give up their status and influence to honour others and not the ones who wanted to hog all the glory for themselves or their close connections, not only did these people have an apparent joy and contentment with their life, whether they were rich or poor, but they were also dearly loved and cared for by their friends and children and some of them had romantic partners as well.

Which is a huge achievement when you consider the high number of people who are not loved or respected or cared for by their network or intimate associates which is why I say we should avoid jealousy towards people.

Jesus said in the bible that his house is big enough for huge multitudes to enjoy paradise even on earth and you do not need to worry that somebody else will steal your crown, God is infinite and big enough to be shared, and trying to hoard benefits for yourself at the expense of others, will only limit or shorten your span of fortune so do not be jealous, be happy for others and God will be happy for you and so will your friends.

Why you should avoid jealousy - a Christian talk
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  • Jjpayne
    I completely agree! Being satisfied where you are at and simply being happy for them! But it's nice to think about but not so easy in practice 😅
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

  • awebee
    I'm awestruck by your goodwill and positive inspiring articles.. I dig your pleasant enthusiasm...
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  • jadesensei
    " You do not need to worry that somebody else will take your crown, God is infinite and broader enough to be shared". That is just simply beautiful and should be quoted !

    A wise man said one day : Nobody became poor by giving and God is merciful :)
  • razelove
    I never cared much that god said I should or shouldn't be envious. It's also written that I should chop body parts off in the new testament if they offend the lord, no thanks.

    What got me more was making decisions because my peers did the same, wanting nice things and chasing money as the end goal rather than a tool, those never achieved anything.

    I'm saving more money and happier now with my family and 1/3 of the income I made before. It isn't to say I would pass up making more money again, just that I won't make it in a way that would make me miserable, put my family in jeopardy, or view it as the end goal rather than a tool again.
  • karaspara
    Indeed jealousy is a natural emotion we can all succumb to but is a very unhealthy emotion and should be avoided
  • collie22
    the Bible dose speaks against jealousy, your hitting all the notes