As a Christian this is what I learned About Jealousy

As a Christian this is what I learned About Jealousy

In the same way that a rainbow is composed of different colours so we have unique and very significant functions in this life. You might not be able to do what they can do but neither can they do what you can do. We all have the same capacity for growth and self-improvement and this is just as true for the rich super model as it is for the obese janitor. God is not limited by your bodily confide or your mental caricature and if God feels it’s necessary or worthwhile, he can alter both.

You don’t have to worry or become jealous of others because nobody can rob the child of an infinite God. If somebody robs you of your admission to Yale, God might give you admission to Harvard instead; If somebody robs you of the pharmacist you wanted to marry, God might give you a doctor to replace him; If somebody robs you of your six digit salary, God might give you an eight digit salary instead.

The gifts that God gives others is never a threat to the gifts that God gives you and the gifts that God gives you is never a threat to the gift that God gives others.

So don’t be jealous - Worship the Giver and not the gift so that you can receive the Giver and an even better gift than what was originally stolen from you or taken from you and given to others. God does not guarantee unchangeability, what God guarantees is quality and improvement.

So don’t be jealous. When one door is closed, not only will another door open, but the new door will be better than the old.

As a Christian this is what I learned About Jealousy
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  • Jjpayne
    I totally agree! We all have something unqine to offer the world and we all do things at different times in different ways. I think we need to be more happy for each other rather than have feelings of jealousy with one another
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • collie22
    jealousy is a sin and it shows that we are still being controlled by our own desires
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  • Kas19
    Why the comparison of a rich supermodel and obese janitor? I'm not following.
  • dolidol
    So as a Christian how do you explain childs who die by pedophiles?
    • AbeThaPimp

      As there is light, there is dark. I don't know if this even answers your question but this is how my mind somewhat wraps my head around topics like these. God didn't orchestrate these things

    • dolidol

      Lol just that lol

  • ScotishLegend
    Thanks for sharing
  • Calgarydirty69
    there is no god! Watch I am Legend with will Smith