Why I think God told me to leave my old job - a theory

Why I think God told me to leave my old job - a theory

I recovered from Histrionic personality disorder sometime before March 2020 and September 2020 and I had suffered from the disease ever since the 1990s. Histrionic disorder is basically a disorder where you constantly need attention and cannot accept being second in command to somebody else. I also had narcissistic personality disorder between 1992 - 2004 which is a disorder where you are extremely selfish and honour your own appetite and vanity above all things. I think my old job may have exacerbated my histrionic disorder because it was a sales position where I was constantly trying to sell things to people and trying to maximum attention and recognition to do it. This might be one of the reasons God wanted me to leave my old job and another could be it was tiring and I did not have time for worship or bible study when I was at work cause I was so busy and tired at the end of my work day. Also the low wages would have made it hard for me to build my ideal family life.

Why I think God told me to leave my old job - a theory
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  • TwistedTube

    I'll never again get any job in a sales position. The amount of stress it gets you from making people buy what they don't even want is just absolutely terrible. This is especially the case with telemarketing

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  • alance99

    Totally agree with you

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  • Jamie05rhs

    I have tried to do sales twice in my life. Failed both times. I know exactly what you're talking about with the whole salesperson attitude and mindset. My problem, though, is I never embraced that. I purposely chose to resist becoming that type of person. Which I think may have had a large part in the fact that I didn't make any sales. ... But I don't regret anything.

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  • Marhaban-1

    Yes l agree on that one

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  • michael1469

    My god that sounds like trump!!

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