Why I left my old Job: A Personal Journey to Reinvent myself

Why I left my old Job: A Personal Journey to Reinvent myself

I worked at Harbor Freight tools from December 2015 till June 2017. It was a roller coaster experience for me. Sometimes I was happy to be there, sometimes I wasn't. There at the last I was anxious to get out and find something newsince I knew I was never going to be full time there. But here are some reasons why I left for greener pastures.

1. It was starting to affect my health

Last June I had my first panic attack at work as a result of some issues at work. I had a couple more since then. I also worked when I had brohncitis in a outdoor sale. I also was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure back in April when I went to urgent care for an illness. I also took a personal week due to job burnout believing that some rest would get me ready. But sadly I just didn't have the energy anymore to climb ladders or lift heavy objects.

2.My Hours was being cut up and down little by little

Some weeks I would get 25 hours and some weeks 8. I did not like that kind of uncertainty. Some Workers they always gave more to than others. We had a couple workers who would only get 4 hours aweek. One of them was a oldrer man in his 80s almost.But the ones who always got less hours always got talked about usually. Many people started leaving or being out due to injuries. We went from 39 at the start to 14 when I left not counting the ones who came and went since. We even had one quit because pretty much everyone said she was too friendly.

3. I was promised to be cross trained on everything but never was

Back in the Fall they had considered training me on cash register, Pricing, Display Resets, and other things. They always said it would be within the next few weeks or when they could get more hours for me. But' when time came to put their money where their mouth is it never happened. I really wanted to go to cash register because they had the opportunity to make more commisons on warranties and membership plans. Plus I loved helping the customers and talking to them. They had also talked about forklift training me too, but never happened.

So I did what anyone else would do.I took my ball and applied at another job that is over phones and is full time customer service. Which offers overtime $1.00 differential pay for weekends and nights after 7pm, health insurance and 401K. Ill also have opportunities to make comissions there too for selling services for a major telecommunications company. So the way I see it there might be good and bad anywhere, but sometimes you have to know when to move on



Why I left my old Job: A Personal Journey to Reinvent myself
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  • ADFSDF1996
    That's similar to my first job, they gave us "training" but it was all "watch and learn" they never gave us practice. It was also affecting my health due to the "quantity over quality".
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  • Nice Mytake. That seemed like a stressful job
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I had a similar experience at Round Table and I am glad I don't work there anymore.
    • The company itself isn't bad it was just the store I was at. But I read reviews of other employees at other stores and a lot said similar experiences

  • ATuairiscean
    I always say the second it becomes a negative experience start planning an exit strategy.