Why God might keep a Christian single

Why God might keep a Christian single

I know a guy who is 43 and has never slept with somebody or been married before and the reason he cannot find a wife is that he won’t stop telling lies, I’ve mentioned this to him to explain why God will not give him a wife and he acknowledged this was a problem but to this day he continues to lie and cheat people to earn money. For me, I realized I have a lot of unconscious anger and rage buried beneath the surface which I think comes from being abused by my parents for 35 years and I believe my anger is the reason God has kept me single, that until this issue is resolved I will not be able to move on to to the next stage of my life.

Why God might keep a Christian single
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  • aqua0101
    It's best for him to be single. Relationships are a lot of work ; he probably doesn't have the time.
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  • purplepoppy
    There are huge numbers of people in prison for the most heinous crimes yet they have tonnes of female admirers. In fact these type of men are never virgins. There are countless men who've never done a good deed in their lives and they're successful with women.
    It seems illogical that god would bless rapists, child molesters, murderers, violent criminal, etc with girlfriends yet some guy who tells the odd fib is shunned by God.
    • will34

      Your fucked in the head

    • Bluemax

      She's quite right. One of the relatively few times I agree with her.

      Richard Ramirez, the infamous Night Stalker who murdered, raped, molested children, and thieved, was married and enjoyed conjugal visits. He remained unrepentant right up until his death.

  • Titanya
    I'm in awe of how self aware you are.

    Continue working on healing and you'll do just fine.

    Some people are and would be content leaning on their trauma as a crutch but it won't do them any good and it'll stop them from living a peaceful happy life.
  • Made4sex
    I mean if that is why you think god is keeping you then fine but who are you to tell someone else why God is keeping something from them?
    I do believe that is a reason why Gos might keep someone from getting married. But you have NO idea what His reasons mean get be!
  • Bluemax
    Charles Manson was swimming in a caribdus of women.

    My friend, who was born with FAS through absolutely no fault of his own, is among the most decent, kind, honorable, loyal, and generous people I've known. At 50 years of age, he has yet to experience even his 1st kiss, and it's probable he never will. He stands poised to die a virgin.

    Pray enlighten me how this is the design of a loving God.

    Theists love to attribute the fall of every sparrow to some part of God's often inscrutable plan and hate to acknowledge the element of chance that pervades life.
    • There’s no element of whatever chance you’re talking about. You’ve watched adjustment bureau possibly one too many times.

      Your friend is living our a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    • Out*

  • will34
    Well sometimes you need to stop running from the past and face your own fear it’s life who cares about your parents they are losers anyways abusive people are the ones that are going to hell why can’t you ask people to help you get a wife what are you afraid of? Being a afraid what’s hold people back
    • Bluemax

      I'll take punctuation for 500, Alex.

      Would you tell this to people who suffer from PTSD due to the years of abuse heaped on them by their parents?

  • Massageman
    It will all be in God's timing. Just stay aware of what is happening so you can recognize that door when it opens for you.
  • anylolone
    Prison is filled with thugs who have no problem getting partners.

    God is not the reason for it "the sun shines on the wicked as it shines on the just."
  • Marhaban-1
    God has kept me single for a year or 2 to teach me not to look for money looks and power and actually find someone I like.
    • Bluemax

      You might find it interesting to read up on koinaphiphilia, fertility signals, the averageness of faces and sexual attraction.

      Then ask "Why did God put these instincts in us only to have to have us fight them?"

      For most people, looks do indeed matter... and it's legit.

    • Marhaban-1

      @Bluemax okay I will get it in my kindle

  • invalid1
    To entertain himself
  • zagor
    Maybe he's lying about having been with a woman...
    • I-C3_ME

      Maybe he's lying about being a man...

  • Anonymous
    Sounds like bullshit to me. God doesn’t exist.
  • Anonymous
    Well relationships do require honesty and loyalty so he won’t find someone without those qualities within himself , but god doesn’t do that to anyone since we have free will, it’s all up to the guy to fix that on his own just as you can fix yourself
  • Anonymous
    Burn ur Bible!
  • Anonymous
    Omg! That’s your limiting belief sweetie. You will get what you want when YOU decide it. Well for some reason YOU’VE decided that having anger is not allowing you to be partnered. I don’t know why you decided that, but the fact that you’re declaring it then it MUST be so. You have free will and GOD is there to bless you. Start changing your perspective and stop labelling yourself as something with anger because then you’ll adopt that self concept and then you’ll continue to attract more of that.

    Look up the law of assumption. You’re welcomed.
    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous