What the bible says about religious and moral vanity

What the bible says about religious and moral vanity

A doctor I was friends with in university said our personalities are like flames burning in a home, they can’t be hidden because the smoke will always reveal your secret.

The bible says people who do good acts of charity for praise lose all the rewards associated with their acts of charity. People who engage in religious activities for attention, lose all the rewards associated with their religious activity and people who sacrifice themselves for praise and status lose all the rewards associated with their sacrifice and hard work and I will give you an example.

I know a guy who works hard but hide his flaws from the world and refuses to be honest about this sins with people, he weigh over 280 pounds. I know a girl who pretend to be Christian to attract friends and guys when she do not believe in any of the things she claims to and she weighs over 300 pounds, is mentally regarded and tens of thousands of dollars steeped in debt.

I know a guy who donated money to the church when he was broke and he became a millionaire 15 years later. I know a guy who prayed for his friends like his life depended on it and he married the woman of his dreams and I heard a girl pray for me in secret when she did not know I was in the room and she became a PhD student.

God punishes public morality by ruining your reputation and reward with God and God rewards private morality by blessing your reputation and faith in God so you must be a discrete person and not a reputation based person.

What the bible says about religious and moral vanity
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  • Mango-man
    I haven't yet read the whole Bible, but when I take a step back and think about a general motif of the New Testament, I believe it highlights the importance of the "intention" behind both good and bad actions.
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  • alance99
    Nice Mytake 🙂
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  • t-8900
    I hate bringing up good deeds. I only do that sometimes when peot trash me as being a bad person or a racist or misogynist or islanaphobe when I've got more experience among minority groups and various religions groups than like 75 percent of the entire general public ever will. You can even travel the world but if you spend your time in resorts and tourist attractions and haven't been in their homes and broken bread and shared you won't know the people you claim to be defending or helping
  • Jlegacy
    More more. Thanks for your takes.

    Please how do I write takes? Can't seem to find thr right button to click.
    • Thr my take button is right next to the ask a question button but they have a rule your murals must include pictures and the process of using pics vary based on the topic of device you are using to post pics.

    • Jlegacy

      Thanks. Truly grateful