Why rich people are often miserable - Bible talk

Why rich people are often miserable - Bible talk

A Greek philosopher wrote about two types of happiness, one involved sensory delights such as silk feathers, beautiful pearls, attractive colours, tasty food, attractive lovers, fancy cars, luxurious homes; and soft pillows.

Another involves eudaemonic happiness when is sentimental happiness such as, doing volunteer work, receiving a hug, listening to or telling a joke, receiving or giving a compliment, being around somebody you respect and admire, mutual kindness between friends, and this is a different form of happiness that is good for both your body and mind.

Most people think eudaemonic happiness is unnecessary or unattainable but just consider it’s opposite, imagine living with somebody who is constantly yelling at you, humiliating you, controlling you, accusing you, fighting with you, enraging you, stressing you out, annoying you and making loud noises when you are trying to sleep or concentrate, would you be happy living with that person? Even if they were beautiful and rich?

The fact is, all humans desire eudaemonic happiness, some just don’t realize it, because they were never exposed either to a high density of eudaemonic happiness or to the lack of eudaemonic peace so that they would have something to compare it too and having money and sensory stimulation without respect and peace and love and meaning, will make you miserable; Also, sometimes money decreases your chances of Spiritual happiness because it interferes with your moral sensibilities or the moral sensibilities of your companions, which is why most of the men I know who flaunted their money ended up married to abusive or unfaithful gold diggers.

Why rich people are often miserable - Bible talk
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  • Kaamraj
    I live in India and I am easily in the top 5% of the income bracket, perhaps even the top 3% and I really dont see how beyond a point money can bring you happiness. Yes I'd be lying if I said that money doesn't bring some happiness. Knowing for certain where your next meal is coming from, that you have a roof over your head, a mode of transportation, medical eventualities taken care of at the best possible level, clothes, and the ability to deal financially with the uncertainties of life is wonderful. However, that is only to a level. Once you start making more and more money, along with your income, your desires also increase, now you want more and more expensive things that are proportional to your new income.

    What causes me the most distress is the isolation I face and my inability to form bonds with people. I have tried substituting people by getting a really fast car, camping trips, vacations, but nothing is better than hanging out with friends over some beer. I dont purposely make friends because it's only a matter of time that they'd be asking me for favors, sometimes it's outright a loan that I know they can never repay me, or recommendation for a job that they're ineligible for, and even if they are, they dont understand the politics behind who will get the position and why he can't get it.
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  • invalid1
    It's true, I have seen so many miserable rich people. And very happy poor ones.
    When Jesus said - execuse me I am not a Christian - but when he said "Give to Ceaser what's Ceaser's, and give to God what's his", the idea wasn't so radical, and it's that the more value you give to material the more meaningless you make life. it wasn't like forbidding money and seeking materialistic goals, but the human nature tends to be so obsessed to the point all becomes so worthless. I have seen this with my own eyes. what's more happy than to have a clear conscience, and okay health, and that's it, any money after that becomes real joy as long as it's earned, in an environment that has less toxic people.
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  • Massageman
    No arguments from me. I just never knew there was a fancy-pants term for it!

    Money- directly- -can't buy happiness. It can buy some things/services that make a person more content/comfortable/happy, but it that which is bought that actually does the happiness-making. And, of course, there still remain those things that money can't buy, hence the circular conundrum - - - - - -
  • DWornock
    Money doesn't cause unhappiness. However, wealthy people feel duty-bound to claim it does. Odgen Nash in "The Terrible People" explains it well.
  • Juven
    Because they still do not have a clear vision of what heaven may look like when they die. They have no perception, and so they fear death. And life—is simply, miserable!

    Faith? Lol.
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  • somerandomindianguy
    Cause they think money can give them everything. But it can't.
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  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
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  • Anonymous
    Yes, money doesn't make anyone happy.
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