Good and bad lessons from Pokémon - Bible Talk

Good and bad lessons from Pokémon - Bible Talk

Pokémon is popular for the same reason that Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden of Eden: It’s human nature to want what you can’t have. It goes along with FOMO which is the fear of missing out and the offer that the snake gave to Eve in the garden which is that “If they get to choose between good and evil, than they will be like God.”

It stems from egotistic thinking, to want to usurp the natural order of operations so that you can exert your own dominance and vanity in the situations that you find yourself in and almost every movie and publicized story in existence has had the element of chasing and wanting what you do not currently have.

It’s also why beautiful woman get cheated on so often: Their partners lose interest in their beauty because they have become easily accessible to them. So this endless pursuit of what we do not have is what drives capitalism and politics and basically every cultural institution on earth, at least at the economic levels.

However, one good lesson about Pokémon, is that it teaches progressive, multi-tiered growth, strategic thinking, and the democratizing effect of assigning a potential value to divergent characters, regardless of skill levels or personal qualities. This falls in line with the spiritual gifts chapters of the Pauline epistles, where each person has a unique gift and talent that they bring to the ministry of Jesus.

The rainbow that God gave Noah after the flood, highlights the beauty of social and attributive diversity, and so do the orchestrated tribal members in the bible, where each group leader monitors a different division. Some like medicine. Some like engineering. Sone like acts of heroism as humanitarians. Some are police officers, and some are teachers.

So this is the good and bad of Pokémon and like life, you can be as lazy or as hard working as you want, but you will pay for each choice that you make today.

Good and bad lessons from Pokémon - Bible Talk
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