Some encouragement I got from God in a dream this week

Some encouragement I got from God in a dream this week

I had a dream that I was watching a bunch of first year management students go down a very steep slide that was light blue and shaped like a water slide but had no water going down it and I was surprised to discover the people who went down the slide last were more intelligent than the people who went down the slide first. All the sliders would get up and go straight to business class after getting off the slide.

The way I interpreted this dream was that the ones who overcame their obstacles last were more intelligent than those who overcame their obstacles first and being more intelligent, their success as business innovators and managers would be higher once they finished business school. But being last to go down the slide, they had less time to educate themselves than those ho had gone down the slide first.

The way I understand that is simple: Extra time spent thinking or building a career or business venture or aspect of character growth is not wasted time, because it primes your for bigger proportional rewards once those micro or initial goals have been achieved. Like I might spend 3 -4 years working on a single book outlines while my friend writes 2-4 books a year but my book might sell 10-24 more copies than her singular book publications so the dream was telling me that delayed growth does not mean diminished rewards.

Good ideas take longer to develop and high quality takes longer to build, so don’t be afraid of delayed gratification and don’t be upset if your a late bloomer in the spiritual or business components of your life.

Some encouragement I got from God in a dream this week
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  • Zodiac10
    I love this. This is also why I love the scripture. You can always find a lesson in something.
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  • SixFootSexy
    "All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty."
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  • Massageman
    Great points and right on the nose.

    I will offer you a bit of coaching on the realities of the publishing world.
    If you are an author of a "hot topic" or have a stunning track record of previous works, your publisher might want you to produce a certain minimum number of books per year. If you are self-publishing, that's not a problem: you just go at your own pace, whatever it might be. Our pastor had co-authored a book and now the publisher wants he and his co-author to write another. Not gonna happen, I believe.

    Other than that, some great hints for life there. I guess I'm glad I'm waiting for a decent vaccine!
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  • collie22
    i love my Biblical dreams
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  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
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