How God protects His followers

How God protects His followers

A few years ago, I was in an unhappy relationship. The guy was never abusive or disloyal, but he was insecure, inept at conversation, lacking in confidence, extremely slow at text and messenger conversations, and did not know how to be happy or funny.

Around this time, a guy I was highly attracted to began to show interest in me and he had a car too, which my boyfriend did not. I decided to do the right thing and tell the new guy I could not date him because I had a boyfriend.

I found out later, the guy I rejected had abusive tendencies and was sadistic and treated the girl dated after my rejection, like worthless trash.

My refusal to cheat on a boyfriend I was not happy with, saved me from getting into an abusive relationship with a dangerous and toxic guy.

I also remember when I was waiting for a 2 hour bus ride home and a guy offered me a ride and it was clear to me, he wanted to sleep with me. I said no, since the bible says you should save that for marriage and I found out weeks later, the guy who offered me a ride home had murdered somebody else.

My refusal to sleep with somebody before marriage saved me from being murdered.

My old pastor used to say that God protects those who follow him.

How God protects His followers
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