The Dangers of Tarot: Anecdotal examples I picked up

The Dangers of Tarot: Anecdotal examples I picked up

The first example of divination I can come up with is in Genesis when Jacob’s uncle uses divination to learn that Laban has become wealthy through his provision of shelter for Jacob.

He invites Jacob to continue living with him when Jacob wants to terminate their professional farming relationship and Jacob ends up taking all of Laban’s possessions.

If Laban had avoided trying to hold on to a dying relationship with a man who had previously made him rich, he would not have lost the material wealth that he did through his relationship with Jacob.

My cousin consulted a fortune teller when she was in her 30s who told her if she did not marry her boyfriend, she would never marry, so she married him without learning too much about him.

Later, she found out he lied to her about her financial situation and was actually very poor, and trying to hide his poverty from his wife, he never lived in the same city as her during their marriage. Now she has to give 50% of her income to her ex husband in a divorce and she can’t sell the house they bought because he refuses to sign a legal document that would allow her to sell it.

I also read about a tarot reader who found out through tarot that her boyfriend was cheating on her. When she confronted her about it, he broke her bones in a fight to prevent her from questioning her in the future about whether or not he was cheating. I can’t remember if she lived but I think he murdered her.

Tarot, regardless of whether it is real or not, never benefits the person who practices it. It gives far more problems than it benefits and people are better off without it.

The Dangers of Tarot: Anecdotal examples I picked up
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  • SlightlyEccentric
    I've used Tarot cards before. The rule was that the one whose future was to be told had to shuffle the deck thoroughly and then pick three cards from the deck. The first one symbolized the past, second, present and the third one potential future. I guess they are used as a means to avoid potential problems in short future, though for me it usually didn't turn out that way. If nothing else, it's minor foresight and the meaning of each card, upright or inverted, is only known to you and you alone. What you do with the knowledge is up to you.
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  • anon171999
    The danger is that it's rooted in a lack of faith because it's derived from the need to know and control everything.

    Can it be used in a way that is not so? If one uses it in an honorable way for themselves, not others and not in a way that predicts or tries to control things, yes. However that's usually not the case.
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  • slatyb
    The Tarot isn't dangerous. It's just some pieces of paper. Taking advice from untrained people, whether they are "fortune tellers" or preachers, is dangerous. Her problem was her bottom that behind married to anyone was her than remainig single.
  • Agape93
    There's no dangers in tarot. Is fortune telling, basic divination. Nothing more.
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  • zagor
    The dangers are of Tarot are the dangers of believing any such type of nonsense.
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  • Bluemax
    It is harmful precisely because it's fake.
  • lizchill
    No danger only clarity is offered
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