What the Bible Says About Prosperity

What the Bible Says About Prosperity

The bible says that those who trust in the Lord will prosper but those who are greedy, those who fear social pressures, those who look to human beings for validation and acceptance, those who refuse to thank God for their blessings, will not prosper and be happy too.

I remember in high school, I was diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition and I knew it was capable of killing those who had it but I had no fear of death or sickness because God poured his love so deeply into my body and I knew my death would be painless and I would go to Heaven if I didn’t make it. Now 23 years later, I’m still alive and I feel like my life has just begun.

I also noticed that when I entrusted my friendships and family relationships to God, that God would bring closeness and mutual concern into the relationship and mutual respect but when I chose to worry and fret and cling to people, my friendships and relationships would fail or simmer in quality and intensity. God blessed every relationship I had, where I entrusted the outcome to God, provided that the friendship or relationship was healthy and beneficial. But if it was harmful or I valued the relationship more than I valued God, God would drive a wedge in the relationship, not just romantically but also socially or domestically.

What the Bible Says About Prosperity
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  • emperor90
    True if u believe in god then sure but not everyone believes