The Ten Guiding Principles to a Prosperous Life - Bible Style

The Ten Guiding Principles to a Prosperous Life - Bible Style

1 - Serve God’s glory and not your own ego

2 - Serve harmony and not vanity

3 - Serve compassion and not reputation

4 - Serve health and not possessions

5 - Serve patience and not freedom

6 - Serve goodness and not power

7 - Serve respect and not indulgence

8 - Serve generosity and not anger

9 - Serve independence and not dependency

10 - Serve faithfulness and not intelligence

The Ten Guiding Principles to a Prosperous Life - Bible Style
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  • Wewladdy
    Most on here don't seem to have a sense of morality. It is refreshing to see a post like this though.
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  • FarrierMaiden
    One I don’t understand is serve patience and not freedom. What’s the meaning to that?
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    • I’m not an expert but what I mean is focus on your cultivating your powers of tolerance and not on cultivating your powers of choice

    • Ah okay thank you!

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  • Nephilim000
    Not bad. But some of those things on the not side are useful. It is not the thing itself which is bad but the person weilding it. And remember God can pretty much use just about anything.
  • allenwants2
    It all sounds like you want me to abandon the American way of life how can one survive until he provides what you describe. So just give tin to others and from here on out gods going to do the driving is god gonna front me the money for gas
  • TinCanJim
    Best damn advice I've heard in along time. I think I might just give it a try. Wish me luck.
  • Those are all good things to strive towards
  • postaldudePL123
  • seageil
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  • Anonymous
    Serve God’s glory? What does that even mean?
    • I know everybody is different but for me the only cure for arrogance and ego and pride is devotion to God’s reputation and heart / will

    • Anonymous

      OK, thanks. I guess I don't feel a personal need for a cure for cure for arrogance and ego and pride