How I Teach Myself Bible

How I Teach Myself Bible

There are three sources I access to get information on the bible that I think are relevant to you as well.

1. Observing patterns I see in the world.

For example, I noticed inclusive Christians tend to be happier so I concluded God was talking about inclusivity when He said to pursue His righteousness as a prerequisite for achieving help.

2. By deductive inferences through the extrapolation of situational limitations

For example, I concluded that houses are in proverbs are symbols for worshipers or worship in general because I realized that in Matthew, the house that was well built, was the religious faith that could not be shaken, and a religious faith is personalized to individuals and expressed in its synchronized form in worship.

3. By observing mistakes that other people make.

I offered a guy a pirated book I found online for free and instead of accepting my gift, he started name calling and telling me I was a thief. Based on that, I realized to swear by something holy, is to judge by a higher power and when Jesus said not to swear at all but simply say yes or no, it means do not judge others for their behaviours. Rather resort either to saying yes, you I will cooperate with you will on this, or no I decline my participation in this endeavour. To judge or assign moral evaluations and punishments to people is hateful and contrary to God’s Will.

How I Teach Myself Bible
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  • collie22
    when my mistakes are pointed out i react in different ways sometimes thinking about it over and over tell i feel badly and repent
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  • emperor90
    Read a bit of it everyday
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  • GreenLanternI0I
    Ok few things.
    1. Bible say that you shouldn't judge people, you can't condemn a person, BUT you can make an evaluation about what you think is appropriate according to what god's word
    2. No body is perfect, no one is sinless in the flesh except One, so him telling you that you have sinned is nonsensical and wrong, he should look at his own fruits first, before looking into someone else's fruit basket.
    3. You gave him a pirated book out of kindness and care, if he doesn't see this act as an act for him to grow and all he sees is that you have sinned and you are a bad person, let him go.
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  • OddBeMe
    Which Bible? The one written by a 15th century king?
    • I read different versions because no version is perfect

    • OddBeMe

      Very true. If there was a god he should have known text is a poor way of passing down enlightenment.