Boundaries are the Codex of Quality Connections

Boundaries are the Codex of Quality Connections

Boundaries Attract Goodness

Both men and woman are attracted to people who set boundaries and refuse to alter them.

Even God or whatever deity you worship or pray to prefers people who have clear boundaries in what they will and will not accept to people without them and no long term connection can last without boundaries unless it’s a co dependent and abusive situation.

Breaking boundaries might attract somebody for a couple hours but keeping them will attract somebody forever and if it doesn’t win them over, they are not worth being with cause they will do damage than benefit to your prospects in life.

This is why “no,” must be used regularly in your vocabulary, you have to have the patience to choose morality over short term happiness and this will lead to the best happiness of all, when and if your ready for it.

Boundaries are the Codex of Quality Connections
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  • Fonzarelli
    I agree! I'm an empath so I have to set boundaries in all relationship, not just romantic ones. Boundaries means more than just saying no, it means not allowing them in your life if they are gonna do/act certain ways. We have to love and respect ourselves first or nobody else will respect us either.
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  • DrizzLoKey
    Hell yeah all the time I’m higher power is a door knob