What Gandhi said about forgiveness

What Gandhi said about forgiveness

Gandhi said, the weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

And Jesus said, you cannot conquer the devil unless you use a power that is stronger than the devil and disagrees with the will of the devil

So I believe to forgive somebody, you have to be stronger then them in moral power, because you have to be big enough to absorb their moral attacks, without being angered and offended in the process or without seeking retaliation due to not feeling threatened by them.

What Gandhi said about forgiveness
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  • jbobbio57
    I believe that to be true from my own experience. if I let what people and my family has done to me bother me and if I held a grudge, or wanted revenge, it would only hurt me. I let it all go and I gave it to God. God makes me feel good inside and good about me. I don't have to behave like I'm treated. I treat people like I want to be treated and how I know how to behave even when I'm being lied to my face.
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  • anton_dee
    Yup. Forgiveness is not a simple attribute. It needs inner strength. It needs calmness.
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  • Waldoe
    "forgiveness" releases the person doing the "forgiving"... the person being forgiven probably doesn't even care that they did something to you... When you "forgive" you let go of the "hurt and anger"... This allows you to "forget" what that "Idiot" did to you... and you can "move on"... the "Idiot" probably hasn't had a second thought about you... So... Forgive... set yourself FREE
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  • Sam_25
    Gandhi is fraud...
    This man was sleeping with two naked girl around him in 1950s... He was a playboy 😂
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    • That’s amazing since he was assassinated in 1948.

      Who could have known he was a time traveling womanizer. 🤷‍♂️

  • ohsheeT
    To forgive somebody it has to be real it has to come your heart only then you will know the difference between your strengths New Freedom
  • legalboxers
    The weak maybe unable to forgive - but how can you forgive those who constantly do you wrong
  • exitseven
    Forgive but never forget.
  • PatriceONeal
    Dude was a huge racist too lmao
  • Talkingtotheone
    nah im good
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