Why I prefer faith groups to movie theatres

Why I prefer faith groups to movie theatres

The more religious I became, the more I hated my old hobbies, like movies and video games and tv shows and violent music videos.

And it’s because the entertainment world runs on the idea of trouble, while the religious world runs on peace and healing. Unbelievers cannot have meaning in their lives without problems and if they find meaning without trouble, trouble is sure to visit them later.

But the bible teaches mature or maybe even immature believers can access purpose and meaning without experiencing tragedy and pain to get it.

Like praising God gives my life meaning, and I do not have to count calories, eat bitter melon and raw garlic or climb stairs for one hour to get that joy, it’s totally free.

I don’t have to have my friends die or get diseases for me to experience the happiness of caring for them and loving them.

My nieces and nephews do not have to argue with me for me to feel like babysitting them is a real responsibility.

God gives meaning without pain, joy without sorrow, wealth without fear, friendship without guilt, responsibility without fighting.

And that is why I prefer religious activities to crime documentaries, court dramas, political debates or expensive wines that cost an arm a leg to buy.

Why I prefer faith groups to movie theatres
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  • Thecubs22

    I would say that... Unfortunately I can't answer because only God knows

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  • 19magic

    See I'm glad you feel that way, and there was a time when I was a kid where I did actually pray, I used to pray for God to get me out of a situation, but after months of hearing nothing, seeing nothing, having no change no explanations. I came to the realisation that God doesn't exist and after hearing about the placebo effect, that it's more the belief in something is what brings things to life. That's helped with the acceptance of others beliefs (I was only about 5-8 at this time).

  • jahaims

    Because you are indoctrinated into a cult

  • Anonymous

    That’s nice. I’m going to go watch the new dr strange movie now

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