What the bible teaches about female modesty

What the bible teaches about female modesty

In Isaiah, it says, the spoil speeds, the prey hastens.

If you reverse genders, you could say, riches flee from your life when you chase them too hard, same as lovers or achievements.

From what I observe in my own life, the girls who don’t show off or brag or parade their problems and struggles are the first to get married and retain their attractiveness in old age.

The women that brag and show off and make their issues everyone else’s business, never marry, no matter how old they get, or how much they achieve or do or sacrifice or give. The bible teaches their is no benefit to boasting, only diminishing returns.

I also believe honest women are rewarded with attractive men, not necessarily facially, but in overall terms, while dishonest women, might marry squeegie kids or high school drop outs. The bible teaches, that when you honour God, and avoid honouring yourself, that God will make it His business to honour you.

God forced me to reject all the low status guys I liked, God wanted to make me look good.

What the bible teaches about female modesty
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