Christians, do you believe that sex is ONLY for procreation?

I don't believe so due to it not being biblical.

Nowhere does the Bible prohibit sex for pleasure. In fact, the Song of Solomon roundly approves of sex for pleasure.

Thinking of how people think sex is solely for procreation messes up my head. My mom was talking to me about it and I completely lost her when she said that the wife is supposed to count the days when she's not ovulating to have sex with her husband.

That's absurd to me, I believe that if I or my husband want to fulfill our marital duties then we can do that at any time withouth feeling like sex for pleasure is wrong.

A sexless marriage is the equivalent of living with a roommate. Marriage is designed to meet each other's need.

God created sex for marriage and this is revealed to me more everyday as I look at the state of modern society. A healthy sex life discourages sin because the couple learns to be satisfied with each other and grows closer.

(1 Corinthians 7:3–5). According to this passage, the normal, state of marriage is for a husband and wife to have sex regularly. The deprivation spoken of is not the denial of having children but the withholding of sexual relations. If a husband and wife are not having sex for pleasure, then something is wrong.

1 Corinthians 7:5 exhorts us to not deprive each other. If the purpose for sex was solely for pleasure does that mean that the couple has to deprive eachother because they're in denial of having kids?

If you think so please tell me why, and use bible scriptures to back up your claim please, thank you 💛
Christians, do you believe that sex is ONLY for procreation?
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I hate when I'm being taken out of context. I know sex is not the only thing that makes a marriage, some people aren't able to be sexually intimate and that's okay because at the end there are many ways you can enjoy yourself with your partner withouth being sexually intimate. This question was for those who think sex is JUST for procreation. If in doubt please ask me instead of assuming.
Christians, do you believe that sex is ONLY for procreation?
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