Do ANTItheists ever troll or criticize Islam?

Just for the record I am not okay with people trolling any religion including Islam.

But I am really fed up with ANTItheists thinking they are so “brave” for attacking Christianity but never saying a word about Islam.

To make matters even more hypocritical many far left ANTItheists are now all about “free Palestine” and conveniently forget that region of the world is run by Islamic fundamentalists.

Any loud mouthed western feminist would quickly be beaten, raped, thrown in a burqa and forced into marriage if she found herself in that part of the world. Openly gay and trans people would be thrown off buildings.

The last I checked no Christian dominated nation does this to women and gay people. They also don’t execute you for taking Jesus’ name in vain. But if you blasphemy the name of Muhammad you can face execution is many Muslim dominated countries.

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For the record I know the difference between atheism and ANTItheism. But I am see more and more of the latter recently but ironically they tend to be “free Palestine” supporters as well.
Do ANTItheists ever troll or criticize Islam?
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