Why anger in arguments is pointless


My mind flows a bit differently...

We have all or most of us have been there. The point where you feel the other person is almost eggin you on the the point of outrage. We experience this anger in all areas of life, be it relationships, homelife, families, the internet, even people on GAG...Who knew!

Why anger in arguments is pointless

To understand why we get so outraged and stop it from happening we must first notice what sets us off. First and formost, our emotions are always the ones driving us to curse or yell at someone. The emotions are because we feel be-rated, stepped upon, subdued and not heard. It is with great certainty I say that without reigning in those emotions that drive you to act first ask questions later, you will become trapped in the paradox that is the pinnacle of emotional dehabilitation. Meaning; you will simply allow yourself to become stupid.

Why anger in arguments is pointless

Now though the human condition above all else preaches that we must be true to ourselves and our emotions. It fails to recognize the emotions we do not see as regressive. We come to a point where we realize (at least those of intelligence) that though we are born with the capabilities to act aggressive we do not. We simply notice these emotions floating by. We can acknoledge them, yes. However that does not mean act.

Why anger in arguments is pointless
Why anger in arguments is pointless

When we act we become blind to what is actually happening and in turn, we become less receptive or dull to alternative options as well as different perceptions. This is often known as giving a fuck. When we don't give a fuck we can simply allow ourselves to move on or notice the situation and figure out other alternatives.

Why anger in arguments is pointless

In our society today we spend far too much time thinking about what others think. It is really none of their business as to how to make us agree with them. It leads to a uniformity many have fallen under; either being too afraid to act out of term or simply giving up. When we approach a situation with a clear head and conscience we can begin to allow ourselves freedoms.

Why anger in arguments is pointless

These freedoms can grant us choices no person would ever had if he/she continues to follow what others do. To conclude this short essay, it doesn't matter weather people think you should be mad sad or angry; you are in charge of your emotions, you allow yourself to go down that beaten trail or blaze a new one seeking a better self consensus. Regardless it is your choice no one person has the right to challenge or change you; you always have and always will retain the right in yourself to make your own decisions and choices. Thank you for readin' :)

Why anger in arguments is pointless

Why anger in arguments is pointless
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  • TwistedLogic
    Nice myTake. I think there are two main reasons that cause this behavior:

    1) There is no focus on teaching the etiquette or purpose of arguments/debates in schools, homes, or society in general. Instead, there is an emphasis on creating a homogeneous society where everyone agrees on the same things and shares the same beliefs. I mean, in the minds of most people, this would be ideal. No one has ever wondered how boring that would be? We must teach people to appreciate the differences in opinions, even if some opinions are completely horrifying. I think society is more interested in eliminating the 'problems', rather than analyzing and solving them. It is understandable, since the former is easier to do, but it has also been proven to be very ineffective. I, personally, find myself more interested in why things happen and why people think in a certain way than passing judgments and drawing conclusions.

    2) The other reason is that the majority of people take themselves and their ideas too seriously. If something makes sense to them, it must be right! We neglect the factors that made us think the way we do (i. e. ages, background, upbringing, culture, religions, influences, etc...). I think it is unhealthy to be rigid about the ideas you have, irrespective of how good or bad, or true or false they are. Even if your opinion conforms with science, you shouldn't ignore the other possibilities no matter how stupid or wrong they appear to be. So, yes, it is one thing to be proud of your opinion and to want to share it with others, but it is another thing to fight people over it or get worked up to convince them with it.

    Humans are clueless about everything, but our barbaric and brainless cultures encourage us to define everything and pretend to know it all. I wish more people would focus on our basic human traits and celebrate our greatest achievements, such as language, self-awareness, awareness of others, emotional connections, relationships. Unfortunately though, almost everyone is interested in proving themselves right and telling others all about it. Bosses at work, parents at home, leaders at government, officers at law, teachers at schools, etc... This anger is a result of years of living in such a hostile environment.

    I am almost out of characters, so I will stop here. Good take, man. : )
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Creole_Flavor
    I think anger is pointless even more when the person you are in argument with doesn't even care lol. I see a lot of this and it's honestly a waste of energy to be arguing in the first place when you look at the root of the argument which is usually a disagreement, hostility gets involved because you want someone to agree and tat makes no sense to me because they don't want to do the same so why expect someone to give up and say you win, you;re right, I'm on mainly on subjects where they might not even be a right or wrong just different views so those type of arguments where anger gets involved are indeed pointless as well.
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  • GirlsLie
    I honestly think that the people who don't get angry at some of the ignorance on this site, are the weird ones. I'm going to make a take "why ignorance and stupidity should make you angry" lol
    • Good for you.

    • GirlsLie

      I do agree with a lot of what you said though, even if I don't practice it lol

    • If you really think about it, anger kinda harms your credibility behind your argument, even if some of the things you see on the site are very stupid or ignorant to you. Still, it's understandable to express your feelings toward a certain topic that you take more seriously.

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  • Balcazaurus
    I'm not the type to get angry easily. Perhaps that does make me weird. Oh well.

    I don't like getting angry. It makes things heavy and hard to understand. I'm not like a peace-loving guru or anything, I just don't like who people become when they're angry.

    Sure, I get irritated, but I see no real reason to blow up. It would have to be a very good reason.
  • abundantlyrich
    You gotta admit, people who don't share the beliefs are going to ram in with us, lock horns and get bullish. They also love the rush of adrenalin from getting aggressive. I'd still say it's a petty idea to kill themselves so early in age for silly reasons.
  • Xoxoxooo123
    Interesting article. My saying is the first one to get angry in an argument loses and I'll only get angry if it's worth fighting for it (and that's only for very serious things)
  • JohnBhoy94
    Getting angry during arguments shows your frustration, and frustration means you aren't conveying your point. Of course anger is useless in arguments.
  • Ghosty
    My daddy told me; the first one to get angry in an argument, loses. :) Agreed.
  • YourFutureEx
    Is anger beneficial anywhere?
  • ShannonAlexandra
    This whole topic just really pisses me off.
  • Anonymous
    You forgot to add in name calling as another pointless solution in an argument.
    • Like saying "you are stupid" something like that?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah or calling people "libtards" or "contards" or "PC faggots" for example.

    • Anonymous

      Or troll. I was actually once called a "troll" by a woman because I didn't have the same exact feelings toward domestic violence issues as her or have the same exact view points as her.