Can you respond without venting your anger?

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Can you respond without venting your anger?

The Republic has been saved!

Many of you will not agree with me. I don't expect you to agree. Your difference of opinion is understandable and political disagreements are the highest form of protected free speech. I don't feel a need to try to convince you of my viewpoint.

I do want you to understand that I am not ignorant and I am not blindly optimistic. I am not unquestionably convinced that President Trump will accomplish great things for our country; he has the capacity to let his ego be a tremendous impediment, even a roadblock to political success. However, he also has the capacity and the opportunity to accomplish great things and to take a place in history alongside great presidents like Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. I will judge Mr. Trump by his results, not by his words.

Bernie Sanders is not our president and Hillary Clinton is not our president. Perhaps that is what you wanted but it did not happen. Now that Mr. Trump has been inaugurated, we all must ask ourselves whether we really want to mend the divisions in this country or whether we want to tolerate or perpetuate the extreme partisan rancor which has grown so horribly in recent years.

Do continued protests, insults, and name calling help you? Does it help our country? Do you think that name calling and insults will bring down a president?

Can you respond and answer my questions without engaging in name calling, insults, etc.?

Can you respond without venting your anger?
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  • pavlove
    When you started with the republic is saved i was annoyed but then I saw who wrote the question and feel as though you've earned respect on this site so i took a look.

    You are correct and I've been thinking along similar lines. I think his ego is what terrifies me about the man more than his policy. I don't believe in isolation but honestly unless you are an economist or someone with a big understanding of it you have no idea if it will be better or worse for the country.

    There is also the question of him wanting to reinstate an unchecked police force. While I understand how the tension especially between the black community and the police force is unacceptable, I don't think giving the police all of the power is the answer.

    What I did like from his speech is when he said "make america better than ever." The goals of a president are the only thing i can truly appreciate fully as the methods are too complex for the average citizen to really understand for they themselves to say which policy is better.

    Finally, while his speech played very strongly to his core base, I don't think there is much of a connection between his words and his actions. I think we are for four years of Ayn Rand leadership. I think that his core will be happy so long as he continues to make the same speeches even if they get shortchanged in favor of the business owners. Everything will be guided by a respect for the economy including military interests.

    It's an exciting time because he is so against the status quo. But, with great risk comes the chance of great reward or great loss.
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    • Thank you for your very thoughtful response. When I wrote "The Republic has been saved," my meaning was not clear. I am not convinced that Trump is our savior, but the Republic has been saved from 4 years of Hillary. Trump was not my original choice on the Republican slate and I was a Never Hillary voter.

      Yes, I am concerned about his ego getting in the way of making good decisions but I am willing to wait and judge him on his performance.

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  • Klara-Hitler
    Trump's presidency isn't too exciting to me personally, mainly because of the threats of trade wars, but I have reasons to hope he will be better than Hussein in some areas, especially in the matter of dealing with terrorism and Middle East foreign policy.

    Trump wasn't a loyal conservative in his life and isn't a true conservative now.

    But leftists calling him a fascist is that: laughable, absurd, absolutely hilarious.

    Because Trump simply imitated the Democrats targeting a Republican audience. He and his campaign advisers simply created a right-wing fan base using the collectivist methods of Democrats and put them in front of the brainless Leftist hooligans of Democrats.

    Both groups have a tribal affiliation that seeks to prevent criticism, they have a herd mentality, and the inherent immorality of any tribal entity.

    That is what people get when they go towards the regressive Left. They can try to push for more Socialism until they see Fascism, real Fascism, literally rise in America before their very eyes. Trump isn't even the beginning of the response they are going to get from right-wing Americans.

    He's simply a celebrity in conservative disguise put against their leftist celebrity as a response.

    That is what truly angers the left: Trump is using their guns and methods of psychological warfare.

    Now the herds of left marching and calling the man a fascist. I just watch them and make jokes and laugh. Western left is generally a good joke.
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  • Elarra
    Sitting down and taking something you don't agree with like a little bitch doesn't unify the country, either, so I guess you gotta agree to disagree at this point with the protesting and the methods.
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    • Kiran04

      Ah yes, continue flipping cars and burning Starbuck's. People will surely listen to you if you continue doing the exact same thing that lost you the election in the first place.

    • Elarra

      @Kiran04 Because every protest is a violent one, right? Besides, you make it sound like protests, whether violent or not, haven't worked. You must never have learned about the Boston Tea Party or the American Revolution or Democratic National Conventions riots or Watts Riot.

      Just saying. You should brush up on your history.

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  • SeraBarton
    No, you don't get to say the things that Donald trump has said and then just get a free pass. As far as I'm concerned the man is irredeemable and unbeffitting of president. The people who voted for him are doing their happy dance because they don't want to admit that he's already turned on them too.

    What do you expect? He ran his whole campaign on stirring up the anger and bringing in the poor and ignorant with brash talk, rude immature comments, and an absolute metric fuckton of empty promises.

    "Lock her up!" His fans chanted, not happening he praised Clinton the day after elections

    "Build a wall!" Nah more like a fence,

    "Make Mexico pay for it!" Nah more like you pay for it and I'll get it back from Mexico if it works out that way.

    "Obamas the worst president ever, Throw out Obamacare." now he has nothing but respect for Obama and says he's just going to amend Obamacare.

    Am I glad he might not be an absolute psycho? Sure, but give him a chance? Fuck no. Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2 million and that's WITH the Russian hacking.

    Trump is just a corrupt joke and a stain on whatever was left to be respected about our government. At 61% dissaproval he's literally the most hated "politician" in American history, so fuck him. I hope he gets impeached the sooner the better.

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    • You are part of the problem.

    • Had Hillary won the election, you would be shot dead by a terrorist of ISIS sooner or later. Be grateful to Trump.

    • Lol, inactive, I smell a troll account... Just as well, there are so many wholes in what she wrote, it's almost laughable.

  • BruceJender
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    • To be truly inclusive, he should have also promised to wipe out Baptist and Methodist terrorists!

  • reixun
    I don't name call Trump even if I don't like him. I'd rather just see what he does, like you said.

    Peaceful transitions of power are what make the US great, so let democracy do what it does and let the country go in the direction the people want. If we were a lesser country, someone would have killed him by now.
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    • reixun

      Not saying the country will be okay because tyrants have been democratically elected before. What I mean is whatever happens was the people's choice so good luck to them

    • reixun

      Update: Hate everything he's done, fuck that cheeto

  • SteppingOnRoses
    What i wish for is that Obama would stay indeffinitely :D
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    • Sorry i find the man charismatic. Have since 2008.

    • No need to apologize for how you feel. And I don't think I need to attack your preference - or you - just because we differ.

    • Ok then. by the way im not American so maybe im not too aware of what he's done while in office.

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  • TheDevilInside
    This is me not angry, just stating my objective opinion: A n orange raisin with a mini broom for a hair is gonna rule the most powerful country on earth. Yep. Welcome... aliens.
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    • Insulting Trump because of his appearance. . . is that better than Trump imitating a disabled reporter?

    • again, not insulting. Stating my opinion. No anger, hence no "insult". Ok how's this: Someone who says things like "grab her by the pussy" is gonna rule the most powerful country on earth. Yep. Welcome... aliens.

    • If I call you a dumb ass of the highest order but insist that I simply stated my opinion and did so without anger, does that mean I didn't insult you? The ends always justifies the means when you are self-righteous.

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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I didn't vote for Mr. Trump but I do hope he succeeds. My main concern now is how he plans to achieve the things he has promised. His economic plans are a combination of failed Trickle Down Economics and old school isolationism that many nations have tried and always end up worse off for.

    I think four years from now, we'll be in the exact same economic boat (if not worse) and we'll have fewer liberties to show for it. But, I hope I'm wrong.
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  • BBMonarch
    I am not American so you can probably ignore my comment, but I will post it anyway..

    Taking into consideration that the USA have a political voting system that means that you can win and become the president without having the majority of the votes BEGGS for people to protest, and even though you say that it might divide the country and so on- they have the RIGHT to protest and if they feel like what they are seeing is unfair then let them.. What is the point in having all of the 'freedom' America is so happy to talk about if you can't use it?

    And second, living in Europe and seeing it from this side of the pond..

    How are we supposed to take him seriously?
    - He LIES about something we all could see with our own eyes as soon as he came into office..
    - He refuses to set up a blind trust and instead have his kids run the companies and then as the FIRST things he does accepts deals that will financially benefit companies that he (/his family) owns stock in..
    Its a president
    - He is more interested in showmanship and the looks of his staff than what they can do or what he can do to work for the country..
    - He is petty and whiney, complaint about small things and brushing away big important issues..
    - He has put a guy into position that wants to shut down Net Neutrality, thats a MASSIVE thing to worry about as an American..
    ... And I haven't even mentioned the beat horse of sexism, racism and so on..

    He is not fit to run the country and though you would like to say that it's funny, its not so much funny as its pathetic and a little scary.. But he is YOUR president, so the rest of us will just pretend he isn't real until he goes away I guess..
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    • "the USA have a political voting system that means that you can win and become the president without having the majority"

      The problem is that many of the protestors do not understand the point of that voting system. To make it short: The USA is such a big country - unlike the european countries - with quite possibly diversing opinions depending on the location. If you go by the pure majority there is a good chance the few population heavy states will always control the outcome of the vote and the needs of the lower-population states will be ignored.

    • BBMonarch

      @FakeName123 The point of the American system comes down to the politicians not actually trusting the people to vote and have added a safe-switch that they now don't dare to use.. And yes, America is big but if you don't let the majority win you are basically saying that because you come from a heavy populated state that your vote doesn't count as much as the votes of those who come from less populated states.. and also means, it doesn't matter what the majority wants, what counts is if they live too close to each other.. it's killing a movement.

    • You are making a key mistake though by equaling how European countries work to how the United States work due to the states being more independent as well as it's size. If you want to compare the US to Europe, you should compare it to the European Union having a handful of countries decide for everyone (which is kinda already happening). That clearly is NOT fair to the countries that have less voting power for obvious reasons.

      The founding fathers were actually fairly smart and aware of this issue and thus this system came to be. You can call it unfair - but the other way you propose is equally unfair in a different way. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages to it.

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  • juststrollin
    Well, clearly name calling and insults and racism is ok with our president. Do you think he set a good example and won cleanly? Or did he exploit others hatred make blatant false promises and use it to win over others?

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    • That does not address the point of the post. Are you capable of addressing the question I asked? What can we do to end the divisiveness?

    • I for one only want an upstanding individual, an beyond intelligent person, who has the country's people best interest at heart, regardless of their financial and racial background, with a politcal background who is to run my country. You have got to be crazy to think the majority will let someone less than that, who got in his place by trickery and using the spiteful racist and hateful individuals to further his own agenda, will be in its place. So while i dont personally "riot" which you use in place of a protest I support everyone who does and I feel it is my duty as a American citizen to not passively accept this charade.

    • So you think that people rioting will bring down a president? Is there any history of that in this country?

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  • Red_Arrow
    The Republic has NOT been saved.

    Trump has repeatedly shown throughout his campaign that he does not believe the experts in any fields. He has even stated that he knows better than them. Whether it be sciences where people have studied many years, then built experience on top of that learning, or fields where people have entered with little education but spent decades increasing their knowledge, Trump comes off a reality TV show after making billions on the backs of others, and claims he knows more about everything than those who actually do know.

    And now he has chosen "buddies" instead of experts (or even somewhat knowledgeable people) to head departments. Perhaps his worst moves include picking three Goldman Sachs people to "show us the way". You remember Goldman Sachs? The group that ripped off its own customers and the American people? They have been fined nearly 9 billion dollars, yet no one went to jail for precipitating the financial ruin which took our economy so far into hell! Trump spent most of the campaign criticizing Clinton for her dealings with them, then he puts them in cabinet positions.

    Insults and name calling? Nobody has begun to come close to Trump himself in insulting people on every side, and continuously name calling.

    Do continued insults and name calling help our country? Absolutely not, yet that is what
    the man you are holding up as some kind of idol has been doing all along. And since the election, the time has been when any other winner would be doing all he (or she) could do to heal the divisions and bring the country together. Yet his toxic twitter storms have continued.

    "However, he also has the capacity and the opportunity to accomplish great things and to take a place in history alongside great presidents like Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt." Not until he learns to listen to real experts instead of placing himself above all of them.
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  • raspberry0416
    I'm not sure what the point of your post is, other then to bait democrats to engage in insults and name calling.
    The only reason he's in office is because lots of uneducated people buy his bullshit and turned out for him in battleground states. And yes, I say bullshit because all he has done is stir up fear and bigotry in people who do not know any better. His real interests are in his business empire, not in serving the public. His election as president is not a good thing, and I am not excited to see someone of such poor character become the president of this county.
    I don't know if he will be able to accomplish what he promised his supporters, but his election is an insult to the presidency.
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    • Q. Can you respond and answer my questions without engaging in name calling, insults, etc?
      A. No.

    • Red_Arrow

      Actually, her response is her opinion (and a reasonable one) and she does not devolve into name calling. And you can only call parts of it insults if you consider telling the truth to be insulting people.

    • @Red_Arrow "all he has done is stir up fear and bigotry in people" Call it what you want bit your bias is showing.

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  • Paris13
    I sure can, and with Lots of Love.. For our New president Who is One of the Best from the Rest.
    Turn on the News, the Right One, hun, anyways, and See all of his New... Changes and Upcoming Ones, hun.
    Beautifully Done. Sore Losers is On the other side of that "Wall," but Not on on my own Other Side. xx
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    • Paris13

      Thank you for the Like, dear. xx

  • NerdInDenial
    I am a United States Sailor. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.

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    • I appreciate your service to our country!

    • I appreciate it, but the honor is mine. I serve the republic because I know how my life would have dramatically been altered being born in China.

  • cipher42
    Who cares if name calling and insults don't help? The point is expressing their anger is all, and I'd say that's a fully valid goal. People aren't robots, they're not perfect logical machines with absolute control over their emotions. If people want to vent, why is that a bad thing? Unless they're actively causing harm, they're simply expressing themselves as they have every right to do. Besides, isn't the Trump camp all about "freedom of speech" and not "censoring themselves"? How is it fair to defend Trump's blatant insults and bigotry as free speech and then condemn his opponents for insulting him right back?
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    • I am not a member of the Trump camp. I was a Never Hillary voter.

    • cipher42

      I never said you were. All I mean is that when Trump is as massively bigoted and just generally shitty as he is, it's totally reasonable for people to react with anger and to want to make their anger known, privided they aren't harming anyone in the process.

    • So you have no interest in the divisiveness being dampened?

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  • Jager66
    - Thank you President Trump for saving Canada from TPP.
    - Thank you President Trump for fucking over Political Correctness and exposing the "Special snowflake Cry bullies" as the bigoted Facist's that they are, to the entire world.

    That's all I care about that involves Trump.
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    • Kirah

      Seriously, people greatly underestimate how big of an impact the TPP would have had. It would have been a disaster.

  • WriterAndPainter
    We meet again...

    Yes, it needs to stop. It's not going to change and the protesters haven't given him a fair chance. Some of these "protest" are tantrums. If roles were reversed, it would be madness if we that voted for now PRESIDENT TRUMP as behaving as some are. Violence isn't a protest.
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  • KnightCross
    I don't know whether Trump will accomplish great things in USA... but for sure he will handle economy better than Obama... but the only thing i'm interested in him is the possibility he may promote a new Holy Crusade to end the persecution in the middle east and hopefully in the rest of the world
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  • RegularTK421
    Trump will have 4 years to prove himself. We have already seen the many promises Obama hasn't kept, the lies he has told, and the numerous scandals that have occurred under his administration. I judge a president on his actual performance. Simply put, he doesn't have a political history on which we can judge him yet.
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  • godfatherfan
    This guy has shown he is out of touch with people (as is the entire republican party), he degrades women, wants to screw his own daughter, asked his followers to kill Hillary clinton, had 90% of his own party disowning him, can get pulled into a twitter fight with 1 little jab, and just makes up the "Facts" as he goes. He is a complete disgrace to the American people, to his own party, and to ompa loompa's everywhere.
    He lost by 2.8 million votes. Due to a severely outdated election system, he won the electoral college by only 77k votes. He will only be around 4 years. All we can hope is he doesn't do so much damage so that the next Democrat in office can't fix it.
    Bill Clinton was the greatest president of my lifetime. When he was in office, there were jobs and money everywhere. Hillary was a large part of that. Had she been elected, Bill would have been right there again. It would have been a boon for America and the people. I seriously can't understand people out there.
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    • He never asked anyone to kill Clinton. Also how is the electoral college outdated?

    • @Thisperson98 a big reason it was put into place because it was impossible for people to travel all around the country back then. It tooks weeks and months. We now have the ability to campaign everywhere all at once... to travel across the country in hours... it is outdated and seriously flawed. The fact that every election, except arguably the most important one, is decided by popular vote makes the electoral college just absurd.

    • @Thisperson98 and by the way... check the speach... he encouraged the nazi fucks that follow him to shoot her...

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  • akadatank44
    I was never a Trump supporter per se but I did like him over Hilary and your absolutely right. He has the capacity to do great things! Let's give him a chance people. And the protestors today. I don't know if we should be concerned or wgat that people have that much time to waste? Tommorrow morning he's still gonna be our President. Nothing is gonna change that. You chaining yourself to anything is gonna get you arrested. I understand it completely, your not happy on who is President. But did they think they could do something? Its not like anyone is on strike and union leaders and management of a company are meeting over talks. If they'd only put that much time into something that mattered other great things could be done!
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