Can you respond without venting your anger?

Can you respond without venting your anger?

The Republic has been saved!

Many of you will not agree with me. I don't expect you to agree. Your difference of opinion is understandable and political disagreements are the highest form of protected free speech. I don't feel a need to try to convince you of my viewpoint.

I do want you to understand that I am not ignorant and I am not blindly optimistic. I am not unquestionably convinced that President Trump will accomplish great things for our country; he has the capacity to let his ego be a tremendous impediment, even a roadblock to political success. However, he also has the capacity and the opportunity to accomplish great things and to take a place in history alongside great presidents like Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. I will judge Mr. Trump by his results, not by his words.

Bernie Sanders is not our president and Hillary Clinton is not our president. Perhaps that is what you wanted but it did not happen. Now that Mr. Trump has been inaugurated, we all must ask ourselves whether we really want to mend the divisions in this country or whether we want to tolerate or perpetuate the extreme partisan rancor which has grown so horribly in recent years.

Do continued protests, insults, and name calling help you? Does it help our country? Do you think that name calling and insults will bring down a president?

Can you respond and answer my questions without engaging in name calling, insults, etc.?

Can you respond without venting your anger?
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