Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"


You will all also recall I was predicting amped up violence months ago in a prior mytake three months ago... as usual, all sensitive people click away now and save your souls. If you can watch a horror movie without being freaked out, my takes should be okay for you to read.


So. Why do I vehemently oppose "Black Lives Matter" or as I like to say, "Black Lives Matter"? Because it's not about lives, it's about a narrative. It's an excuse for political violence and a demand for lawlessness. And it edges us closer to a bloody race war that would be pretty.

1. It's not about Lives, it's about the Narrative! (And don't mention that awkward moment when most people killed by cops are white...)

Many people looked at this and were emotional and traumatized. I looked at it and realized:

A. This woman is amazingly calm and collected.

B. She's right next to her beloved who's bleeding out.

C. Instead of trying to console him or put pressure on his wounds, she's busy facebook streaming and setting a narrative so she can sue later. She can't "prove" what happened because no one had a camcorder going when shots were fired. For all we know, the Cop was dressed like Jason the serial killer and stabbed him, Or Philip Castile gave a joker laugh and challenged the cop to a quick draw! People saw the video and acted like the facts were established 100% immediately. Just a full on execution by the side of the road. Later more facts emerged, like Castile had a handgun in his lap and the cop and told him not to move. But who cares? It's the narrative!


Simple, another example would be Saint. Michael Brown. Seen here spreading racial justice to a racist Indian gas station clerk.

Another wonderful black saint. Murdered by police for walking. That's the narrative. That's what Ferguson was burning over. No one cared about any details. No one cared that a man who just robbed a gas station (and that's what that is) might have attacked a cop who showed up a few minutes later. Nor did anyone care if Forensics said Mike Brown's blood was on the inside door of the cop car... because racciss cops be killing da brotha! It's about the narrative of the poor black men being slaughtered by police!


Another simple example is Freddie Grey. The narrative is he was a poor black man murdered by racist police. The reality is that Freddie Grey, the career drug dealer, died in custody of three black cops/three white cops... in a city with a majority non white police force both at foot level and commanding level... with a majority black city council... and a black female democrat mayor. And yes, their schools get a very nice amount of funding. Go look it up.

Oh, and Black Lives Matter supporters like to chant about how blacks make up a disproportionately large amount of people killed by police. I don't doubt that's true, that far more than 13% of people killed by police are black. See, blacks commit a highly disproportionate about of violent crime. According to FBI statistics, blacks and whites commit nearly the same amount of murders... not per 100,000. Overall, 63% white America and 13% black America commit almost the same amount of homicides on average. Just as white people aren't 63% of people killed by police, they don't commit 63% of homicide in the USA. I would link to it for ya, but sadly the FBI links have gone dead... not sure why. https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2014/crime-in-the-u.s.-2014

2. It's an excuse for Political Violence and a Demand for Lawlessness!

Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"

And black people wonder why whites don't like living near them hahaha. Apparently diversity really does mean "chasing down the last white person!"


Simple reality is that violent Black Lives Matter riots/protests, such as in Chicago, have been simply building up to allowing more political violence against any whites who dare disagree, with the local police too afraid to get involved for fear they will end up on youtube, getting death threats with rallies scheduled demanding their heads. This is going to end bloodily for blacks, and whites won't be happy campers either.

Black Lives Matter doesn't care what the excuse is to protest. A registered sex offender with a history of violent crime dies going for an illegal handgun? RIOT! Thanks, St. Sterling!

Some black girls claim, with zero evidence, that they were literally smacked and called racial slurs on a bus? PROTEST! Thanks Albany girls, you even got Hillary Clinton to tweet for you! Too bad she didn't tweet about you getting arrested for the scam.


But hey, it was sweet innocent black girls claiming evil white devils had attacked them. We don't need no facts or evidence, because the hell with them white devils!

Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"

3. It edges us much closer to mass racial violence.

Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"

Let's be real. When you have a group flat out preaching that their people are enslaved, when you have... tan? Celebrities like Jessie Williams practically preaching for race war (I am kind of amazed they let white guys like Jesse Williams into BET awards now though, Kudos for that.), when you have preachers like Farrakhan or BLM leaders claiming police are out looking for blacks to murder... you get some results. It's a big country and you only need a few matches to start a fire.

Why do I not equate Dylan Roof to Micah X? (that's his rifle pictured above.) Simple.

When Louis Farrakhan is on youtube screaming "STALK THEM AND KILL THEM AND LET THEM FEEL DEATH!" Or you have BLM marchers screaming "PIGS IN A BLANKET FRY "EM LIKE BACON!" Apologies aren't demanded by the public, nor are they forthcoming. Hell, when BLM marchers ran into a Dartmouth Library and started screaming racial slurs and assault white students... the Campus apologized to the BLM people for the bad press. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/17/dartmouth-official-apologizes-to-black-lives-matte/

Meanwhile, when Donald Trump says we need to actually enforce immigration laws, he's immediately branded as racist, a dictator wannabe for pointing out how many violent crimes are committed by illegal immigrants.

What happens when another San Jose political violence attack happens, but instead of fleeing and running away... a white guy pulls out a handgun and puts eight rounds into a black or hispanic guy punching him? That will be interesting. Especially since in mob violence situations like that, totality of circumstances and disparity of force comes into play. See, if I'm in a one on one fistfight with a guy, it's one thing. If it's five guys coming at me, it's completely another. Lethal force becomes so much more acceptable.


In total, that's why I vehemently oppose Black Lies Matter. It's about a narrative, not about facts or innocent lives. It's an excuse for political violence from Chicago to San Jose, and a demand for lawlessness from police. Lastly, it pushes us closer to full on racial violence.

Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"
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  • TakeMaker
    I agree on a lot of the points raised, but not all. As with almost any movement there are always people fighting for the cause as it should be, as it is sold as. Good people trying to make a change for the better, people who genuinely want peace and harmony etc but I have to agree that there is a lot wrong with some of the approaches and actions. I don't think any sane person could condone the ambush and murder of those police officers last week. I've also heard a few interviews and read articles from activists within BLM, I can't say I was very convinced of their strategy and working methods...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Just because they have a rap sheet or have committed a crime does not mean you can shoot an unarmed man, nor a man who is fleeing.
    It doesn't make it not fucking murder
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    • Actually there are a fair amount of situations where you are justified shooting an unarmed man. I'm saying this as someone who passed my criminal law classes.

      For instance, if you mike brown someone and try to rob them of a sidearm. Also if there is disparity of force, that helps. Also, say someone declares they intend to seriously injure you, or they have something that could be a weapon like a rock or hockey stick.

      For example, someone charges at you 'I'm going to fuck you up!' That's declared intent to maim. Put three in his chest. Or say four unarmed angry rioters are chasing you--disparity of force. Shoot them.

    • Waffles731

      Look, if a suspect doesn't have a gun don;t fucking use one.
      Cops carry Tasers, Pepper spray, a baton as well,
      The gun is for if someone else is carrying a gun

    • So for example a cop should not pull on someone with a knife or baseball bat... Do you realize how idiotic that is?

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  • ginny_weasley
    I am probably signing my death warrant but here goes.

    I would never go to a breast cancer rally and scream no, all cancer matters because my grandpa died of colon cancer at 32. Just because there is a ton of focus on breast cancer. It's the same for BLM.
    • I don't suppose you have a link to breast cancer supporters gang beating people who are rallying for research into skin cancer or autism or such?

    • If I had the motivation to get one. But you see I don't really like you but if I did, I would try. I don't suppose you have a link to BLM supporters being peaceful? I doubt Fox News aired it. They and their viewers are too simple minded for that.

    • Yup, they had videos of them peacefully breaking the law to block traffic in about... how many cities is it now? I don't know. They also had videos of them attacking people in Chicago and San Jose. There was also an interesting news article/video of black lives matter protestors trying to run off several white guys at a Minneapolis rally. Apparently if you are holding a protest you own the public square and can threaten/kick people out.

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  • Milomir
    Of course black lives matter, but so do white lives
    I don't see people protesting because white cops were targeted and murdered

    It's like black people feel like they are entitled to something

    As an outsider it looks to me like the black people do most of the racial discrimination

    It isn't a skin color issue, it's the black culture, acting and dressing like a thug/criminal, living in ghettos, dealing drugs, stealing

    You can call me racist but i am not and can't be, i never seen a black person in my life and my country didn't have slaves
    • I read an interesting article claiming that it's because of evolution... whites evolved in cold, harsh climates, and those who did not learn to work closely with others and have high social trust would die. There was warfare, but also quite strong ties and ethnic groups. Blacks evolved in a tropical climate where you didn't need to plan for winter or work so closely, and hence blacks in the USA live more like blacks in Africa do, while whites in the USA are a bit more similar to Swedes or such.

  • QuestionMan
    When I saw the video of Philando Castile I had the same reaction.
    All I see is a woman calmly stating her case as if it has been rehearsed in advance and a man bleeding beside her.
    From what I could tell from all of my research, the cop panicked because he thought Castile was the armed robbery suspect the police was pursuing when the police officer saw his gun.

    This one case of many was the fault of the cop.

    The case with Alton Sterling is different. Alton Sterling was on probation and had used an illegally obtained firearm to threaten a homeless man. The police arrived, tried to taser him but since he is a big guy it didn't work. The police then tackled him to the ground. Alton was resisting and appeared to be reaching for his gun. The police officer shot him in self defence.

    Most cases protested are like Sterling's. Thug tries to kill a cop and ends up getting shot. That isn't to say that cops don't occasionally shoot when they're not supposed to, but it is very rare and mostly happens to White people.

    If BLM cared about Black Lives they would protest the regulations imposed on the Chicago police preventing them from doing their job.
    Police brutality is a problem and it should be addressed but the movement is based on false narrative so it is a terrible advocate for reform.

    It is instead a group that spreads anti-White and anti-cop sentiment while promoting thug culture.
  • reixun
    This take is LITERED with false statements and outright lies.
    • reixun

      It's crazy how you believe a person has to be 100% innocent to deserve not to be shot for no reason. Guess what? NONE of us are 100% innocent, we aren't babies with no lives. Dig enough and you'll find shit on everyone. Including all of Congress. These kids who've been killed didn't deserve to die for any reason which is why BLM. Tamir Rice didn't deserve to be killed for playing with a toy gun he was 12, Mike Brown didn't deserve to be killed for "looking intimidating" he was 18. If you're immediate reaction is "they're pushing an agenda! These protests inconvenience me" then you don't actually care.

    • reixun

      "the white moderate who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;" who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait until a "more convenient season." -MLK

    • Mike brown didn't deserve to die for looking intimidating. He deserved to die for being dumb enough to try to disarm a cop after robbing a gas station.

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  • Danie303
    Black people through BLM and other movements are fighting for the end of needless police violence and murder. The police are needlessly shooting people and it's been made into a racial issue because black people and their allies are the only ones with the courage to call out the cops and push for change.
    Americans love to brag about how great this country is and our freedoms. The truth is this nation is filled with cowards like you who would rather marginalize and disparage people fighting for the realization of those principles than step out of you safe little life and challenge yourself to try to understand someone else's perspective or anger. People like you who figure if your rights aren't threatened why give a damn about anyone else's? Cowards like you who sit safely behind a computer opposing the method, but not doing a damn about the underlying problem.

    "In total, that's why I vehemently oppose Black Lies Matter. It's about a narrative, not about facts or innocent lives. It's an excuse for political violence from Chicago to San Jose, and a demand for lawlessness from police. Lastly, it pushes us closer to full on racial violence."

    Thanks for your opinion, but you approval is not need or even wanted. Of course you left out the innocent black children (as young as 7) the police have murdered, but why should you care? You just need to express your undereducated opinion and try really hard not to sound too racist or drop the N word. Let me free you from that: You don't care niggers are getting shot and you don't think the coons protesting know their place and therefore must be terrorists. Now doesn't that sound more like what you wanted to say?
    • Hmm. See, the problem is blacks aren't marching for actual innocent victims. Otherwise your cause would be dramatically different. Alton sterling, a registered sex offender with a long history of violent crime. Freddie grey, a career drug dealer. Mike brown, who had just robbed a store... But there's no way the evil police were telling the truth when they said he tried to disarm a cop.

      There are innocent lives lost. But thats not what blm is about. Its about the narrative, about protesting anything the other tribe does to yours.

    • See, thats why alton sterling died a slain hero to you, but you probably can't name anyone omar thornton murderedin hartford, or any of the 8 police murdered last week.

  • AriadneSky
    @Why I Vehemently Oppose "Black Lives Matter"


    ... Ideologically you're being conquered. Like so many others.
  • AleDeEurope
    Great Take. I agree with everything you said. It has never been about lives, any rational and educated person knows that.

    Since the Black Lives Matter movement started, since Ferguson, police in Chicago have made less arrests and have been more "cautious", and have stepped back a bit. You know what has happened? More crime. More murders. More shootings. You know who the victims are? Black people. You know who the murderers are? Black people.

    BLM isn't gonna bring any good to the country, even less to the black community, cause the problem lies inside their community. It's about culture.

    Watch this video, explains it perfectly.
    • @MrsAthruZ Are you gonna keep this going? It was funny the first time, now it's pathetic.

  • goodmood
    I'm so sick and tired of reading "why I despise BLM" posts. There are literally hundreds of them. Yes, we know you hate it. Everyone does. Now stop.
  • FatherJack
    The Rothschild led Cartel control the " media " , they are stirring up every kind of division you can think of , gender ( radical feminism / MRA ) race , age & a big one at the moment , religion. They WANT conflict for 2 main reasons:

    1 ) Conflict is profitable , especially if you arm all sides !!

    2 ) Use the resulting conflict as a pretext to impose draconian , oppressive " laws " on us all.

    Look at what is happening around the world & look up Agenda 21 , think for yourselves , don't let the " media " blind you , we are ALL being played here !!
    • I've been sounding that same alarm bell. But they who speak only venom back at us, do so because that rod coming out of their mouths was first shoved up into them from the opposite end. And they refuse to let it be extracted. They love its lies.

    • FatherJack

      @ObscuredBeyond Also their ego's are attached to that very same rod !! nicely put , Sir. It's obvious what is happening , if everyone just took a step back , did a tiny bit of research & thought for themselves then it will make sense !

  • Herman_the_Merman
    I disagree on the BLM movement for one reason, instead of person vs. person, it is now black vs. white. In order to end this senseless violence, this bigotry, this hate, we need to get rid of race itself. Race much like the measurement of time is a human construction, it doesn't actually exist, it is not relevant to us as a species. The different skin tones are caused by differences in UV exposure and the presence of melanin, what makes skin darker, and bluish-white connective tissues between the dermis and hemoglobin circulating through veins in the dermis in fairer skinned people over multiple generations. We all have the same make up, we are all the same species, it is high time we faced reality.
    • Different skin tone is like saying the difference between a collie and a getman shepherd is the fur color.

    • They are the same species however, like humans, they have different appearances, personalities and tendencies. So thank you for proving my point further.

    • Clearly. Pitbulls and labradors, only difference is fur color haha. Go learn instead of believing idiocy taught by leftists.

  • chc0009
    There were barricades being blocked because of BLM and I was forced to take detours. I don't want to be late for work because of these bozos, my job matters too.
  • Kirah
    I agree. BLM is now more akin to a terrorist organization, in my opinion.
  • KittieCat
    I'm not gonna dive into the killings but I do want to point out somethings with Castile's SO:
    1. Some people don't get hit with things initially. The gravity and reality doesn't kick in for a bit for some and towards the end of the video (the stream I saw at the least) it her hard after she was arrested I believe (somewhere in that time frame)
    2. See 1
    3. There was little to no way of saving him, we both know that. If she touched him she'd be putting a target on herself plain and simple. If she moved she would have been a target. Her recording was probaly the best thing she could do (again from what I saw) and the cop looked very unstable, gun shaking, nervous as hell, very unprofessional. What happened was very unfortunate. Anyways, that's all
  • Summerjonee
    Face palming at the black race right now, trust me.
  • GreatnessBack
    Here's the thing:
    Cops should be able to disarm violent assailants who don't possess firearms, that they can see.
    Sterling had two cops lying on top of him after being tazed. You mean to tell me you can't control that situation? The police force needs some reform in how to take down suspects who are not proven to have firearms at that point.
    I saw one video where a cop was taking on two guys and winning, until one of them grabbed a shovel, then he pulled out his gun, but didn't fire it.
    That's was pretty good.
    • I also go by what facts I am presented.
      Fuck Farakhan (I don't know how to spell that name), Williams (like he ever saw any bigotry), the rest.
      Personally, I've never had any issues with police and even worked for the AG. So, I know there are good cops, but there are also scum bags with a badge. Those are the ones I watch out for.

    • However, as a black man, I am scared for my safety in a country that has been proven to be vehemently anti-black.
      Slavery has been around for ages.
      https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/History_of_slavery

      However, American slavery had some horrible atrocities, that are not the result of slavery.
      Who lynches their property? Would you lynch your dog or livestock for fun? No. So what the fuck was wrong with those guys?
      And it feels like the sentiment has not left the country.

    • Perhaps africa would be less anti black. Consider moving.

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  • Rissyanne
    Great take!!!
    • MrsAthruZ


    • Rissyanne

      @MrsAthruZ At least I am smart enough to know how to put my correct age on here. You sound a little on the dumb side.

  • rgb008
    I agree.
  • Fearless_banana
    • MrsAthruZ

      It's not "bravo" it's sad what he posted

    • @MrsAthruZ It's not sad he is well informed and isn't tainted with bullshit left winged yellow journalism. BLM is nothing but a hate vile hate group.

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  • SuperBryan
    Dude. I salute you. Great Take.
  • Dred1614
    Good take.
  • Anonymous
    Feel better?
  • Anonymous
    White people get harassed and killed by the police too. All lives matter and stuff.
  • Anonymous
    white people running scared lol
  • Anonymous
    Perhaps the police need to let them kill each other and only get involved when they go after non-blacks. Blacks don't want cops stopping the thugs so let them shoot, kill and burn their own community to the ground.
  • Anonymous
    You Americans are so simple minded. You shit on a race for 400 years and act surprised the shit finally hit the fan? Lol looks like your about to get what's coming to you.
    I've been to your country and seen the incredible racism first hand. It is appalling and shameful.
    • Peskyn3gr0

      Look how no one even tries to refute what you said, they just downvote because they know it's true.

    • Hmm its life. Nor would they be better off elsewhere. Simple example--when euopran powers pulled out of Africa and India, the locals butchered each other. When slaves rose up and slaughtered the whites in haiti--they quickly had a corrupt and barbarous nation.

      Or as Mohammed Ali put it 'I'm glad my ancestor got in that boat!'

    • Look how no one even tried to refute what you said, all the slave owners are dead. As an American, living in America, I've never seen racism like the kind BLM claims exists, I've seen some shitty people with backwards ideas, but never any whites as against blacks as blacks are against whites.

      And fyi anon, no one in the current group of BLM protester was alive during "400" years of shitting on blacks.

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  • Anonymous
    I am reading The Bonfire of the Vanities. It was first published in 1987.
    It's astonishing to see how all symptoms of the social diseases the USA were approaching were already there, 30 years earlier.