Why I Despise Black Lives Matter


This Take was triggered by the news this morning. A 53 yr old cop was shot in the face by a black man after responding to a burglary call.


Many people on GAG consider me a racist simply because I think stereotypes can be true. However, every stereotype was made for a reason. That doesn't mean it applies to EVERY person.

Black supremacy IS a serious problem right now. They can do no wrong and they are threatening the strength of Law Enforcement. Police officers are hesitant to make accusations or protect themselves and the people around them because of the accusations aimed at them.

They are police officers- they always have and they will always continue to have weapons on them. If you decide to not listen to their orders, or do something that appears to be threatening- they are trained to react to the various situations at hand. Unfortunately, many of these end in shootings.

Why I Despise Black Lives Matter

No, not every cop is good. But the vast majority is. What is frustrating is that every cop is being stereotyped as being a bad cop while BLM says we're stereotyping? Slightly hypocritical

There are bad people in this world. No matter their color, race, occupation or ethnicity. We can't change that. The Law enforcement, for the most part, does good. They protect our community.

If you want statistics for why law enforcement reacts the way they do towards the black population you should read this link:


Anyways, I'm in no way saying black lives shouldn't matter, cause they do. I'm simply saying All lives should matter.

Why I Despise Black Lives Matter
Why I Despise Black Lives Matter
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  • madhatters4
    Black Supremacy is a serious problem? i've never even heard of this

    44% of unarmed fatalities involved men of one demographic. that demographic represents only 6% of the total American population. this is disproportionate amount that begs the question why?

    are those 44% really so much more deserving? dangerous?
    or is there a chance that some cops are profiling and thus acting based on prejudice?

    there are good doctors and bad doctors. good accountants and bad accountants. good judges and bad judges...
    are there good cops of course. are there bad cops of course. we need to address the bad cops
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    • Its a mix of both. Statistically blacks are a lot more likely to commit violent crmies than any other ethnicity - thus as a cop you naturally have a bias when you see blacks being more aggressive and thus treat them differently aka with more caution.

    • more than 44% of the violent crimes are committed by that me 6%, so they out themselves in the crosshairs

    • beenthruit

      @FakeName123 I'm sorry where statistically? Whilst white men RAPE WOMEN and MURDER at church, school shootings but get away with it or are DEEMED MENTALLY ILL and then get away with it. please look up real statistics not the ones you choose to see and not see. Open your eyes there is crime within every race. It's a police officers duty to protect themselves before they can protect others, but what you just said "thus as a cop you naturally have a bias when you see blacks being more aggressive and thus treat them differently aka with more caution." is the definition of judging someone off of the color of their skin.

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  • CHARismatic110
    I find it funny that when this movement first came about, even BEFORE the extremist got hold of it, people complained about it then too. Hence the birth of #AllLivesMatter. You all completely disregarded the message behind the movement. Truth be told, people wanted a reason to crucify the movement. And now that you have it, you're having a field day with it. Go right ahead. The meaning still stands. Black lives still matter. And people think you're a racist because you basically admit to it in so many words.
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    • Read my last sentence. All lives should matter. Why are we singling out one race?

    • One race isn't being singled out. One race is speaking up and saying that we matter TOO, because it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.

    • Of course blacks matter. Racisim had decreased drastically up until this black lives movement started to come about. It doesn't just happen overnight. But what BLM is doing right now is just going to makes things worse.

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  • RedThread
    It's times like this when I really have to wonder if people have any empathy at all. There's a tendency for people to paint everyone with the same brush. You don't have to support the actions of every person in BLM to support the message. Black people are like 14% of the population in America. What threat do they pose to your sweet lily whiteness? Let's be real here.

    I'm a white guy who thinks you are a racist. You conveniently ignore the sociological reasons why crime could be higher in certain communities because it doesn't suit your narrative. It's just black people being black people so they should accept being treated differently because why the fuck not? That's sarcasm if you didn't get the message.

    It's also pretty fucked up to try to invalidate a message because of crime statistics. Americans kill each other far more than any terrorists so should we not give a shit about terrorism? We should focus on American on American crime before worrying about shit beyond our borders... Sounds stupid doesn't it? That's the same mentality people bring to the table with black on black crime statistics.

    You also realize that there are plenty of people who aren't black who have protested about the issue too right?

    I talk about the ignorance of the #AllLivesMatter slogan here. Too much to copy and paste here.
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    • Man, I know you make some white people maaaaddd with your comments. And I'm just here like...


      As always, well fuckin said!

    • itsallover

      Preach it!

    • LadyTerror


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  • CisScum
    All Lives Matter is just a mockery of BLM and when you talk to someone who says All Lives Matter you quickly find out that they don't actually believe that. This is like me saying All Lives Matter in world war 2 while millions of jewish are getting massacred. Ya all lives do matter but the Jewish need more attention considering they're getting their entire culture wiped out. A little dramatic comparison but makes sense.

    Do I agree extremists in BLM are bad? Yes most people can. Extremists in any group are shitty. But that does not mean the ideology of BLM is bad, the ideology of BLM is actually good. People should support the ideology and not the people who are giving bad names to the ideology. Makes sense?

    The fact is even though it may be the minority in the police force, ignoring the minority enables it to go on. Just because it is the minority does not mean it should keep going.

    I stand up with the people who still stand beside the ideology in BLM and the people who fight for the real cause, not the extremists.

    But the thing is also that stereotyping is bad in general, it does not matter what it is about. In law you need to have a certain bias no matter what. You protect the people, not some people because of stereotypes.

    So in general I somewhat agree against extremists but BLM as an ideology exists for a good cause.
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  • lumos
    Cop shoots black guy: omg not all cops are bad, he probably had it coming, he was probably doing something illegal, he was probably a criminal...

    Black guy shoots cop: I HATE BLACK LIVES MATTER OMG I'm not a racist !!1!
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    • Exactly. Why don't they think that not all people who support BLM aren't rioting, violent criminals? But you know, not all cops are bad and everyone who supports BLM are violent criminals. Logic.

    • @RainbowFanGirl I already said that stereotypes don't apply to everyone. It's in the take

    • lumos

      @RainbowFanGirl yeah. The cops who do this are just bad apples. But black people are criminals. They get killed for a reason. It's not like corruption has always been an issue within the police force and that such things are usually very hush-hush and swept under the rug.

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  • Chico_brah
    Ayyyy. Great take. BLM is nothing but a black supremacy hate group that hides behind this agenda of police brutality. They don't actually care about black lives for the sole fact that they don't care about black on black killings which constitutes 90% of black homocide in this county every years.

    What they do care about is falling victim to white cops with the intent frame the US out to be some bigoted/racist third world country. As if blacks are completely oppressed in 2016... No, just no.

    It's called that blacks, who make up 30% of the population are responsible for about 50% of violent crime in this country annually. It makes sense that black men are being shot at a higher rate for not so innocent reasons. Common sense tells us that it is because they comitt a substantially high amount of violent crime and homocide, but liberal media has stripped most Americans of common sense.

    Yeah... Let's just support a group that says they like to kill cops and riot the streets beating the shit out of whites for no other reason than the color of their skin.

    Yeah... Fuck off lmao. #FuckBLM

    *drops mic*
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    • Chico_brah

      Blacks who make up 13% of the population ***

    • Yeah I really hope people look at the link I posted for stats. It literally responds to every defense BLM has

  • WhiteSteve
    I don't have the energy today to write a long diatribe, but @RedThread and @DodgersGM are pretty much singing my song.

    My short response is: I just can't for the life of me understand why there's so much blind, unearned respect for authority in this country. The fact that police are automatically championed as heroes in the white community is simply frightening. In the words of George Carlin, "cop lovers and soldier sniffers." And you face ostracization if you say anything disparaging about either one. If you can't see where that's dangerous, I don't know what to tell you.

    If you've been reading any of these and seen my prior responses, you'll know I have an "unconventional" outlook on humanity and the concept of society, government, etc... without going into detail, the short answer is that the whole thing is a sham and we're supposed to be doing what every other species of animal besides us is doing, so no wonder society is overall an abject failure. But that's going way further than probably even the folks I agree with on BLM are willing to go. So to operate within the bounds of unfortunate reality rather than my ideals, I'll just say that it's pretty crazy that we have a gang of armed people who supposedly can tell us what to do in the first place, and additionally crazy that these guys are celebrated by so many, when 5, 10, 20 years ago, these were just dumbasses from the bottom third of your high school class who wanted to be Billy Badasses. Personally, I don't think it's brave or heroic, but rather AUDACIOUS to have the thought cross your mind that maybe you're someone who should be enforcing a bunch of man-made rules and telling other humans what they can and can't do. Additionally, they have weapons and use deadly force... cops are idiots, just like the rest of us, never forget that. Even "the good ones." So putting lives in these people's hands is not really a great idea. But we can't say anything, we have to treat every one of them like they went running into the danger at 9/11 and the Boston Marathon. Once in a while they do that one grand gesture of bravery, and the lot of them skate on that reputation forever. And the problem with that is that it puts these people on a pedestal where it's become "un-American" and "unpatriotic" to dare to criticize them, like YOU'RE the douchebag, because most people don't use their brains and just go along with whatever they're told to think or what everyone else is doing. Truly frightening.
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    • RedThread

      And it's usually the people who claim to hate big government and want to be super critical of government enterprises that are so defensive. I don't understand it.

    • WhiteSteve

      @RedThread It's unbelievable. I don't want to open the 2nd Amendment can of worms here, but it fascinates me that a lot of these same people are all into their "Constitutional rights" (a GOV'T document), and they have this simultaneous unquestioningly obedient respect for police (a GOV'T agency)... so my question always is: "If they repealed the 2nd amendment and 'that damn Muslim-who's-from-Africa-but-he's-also-got-no-right-to-stir-up-all-these-race-issues-because-he's-half-white-and-that-suits-my-argument-right-now' Obama took away all their guns, who are they going to send to take them from you? The mailman?" It's going to be the cops whose boots you spitshine, and probably the military too🙄

  • Cosytoasty
    I agree with you regarding BLM in general, it's been hijacked by extremists to the point where it's hard to see the message anymore. I'm not seeing the link to BLM in this particular instance though? Was the reason this cop died because he hesitated? From that news story it's quite possible he simply lost a gunfight.
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    • BLM gets mad at cops for stereotyping them and reacting when they have a reason to. As the statistics say, black people are way more likely to pulll out a gun for defense

    • Cosytoasty

      Ah racial profiling, it does need to stop, but requires a concentrated effort on both sides. If that requires leaders encouraging a change in black culture then so be it. I don't get racially profiled at all (in work opportunities for example). I think part of the reason is because I don't go around speaking Chinglish and washing my feet in the office bathrooms.

    • Lol exactly

  • Waffles731
    All lives matter logic
    Cop shoots unarmed black man= Justified
    An armed criminal shoots armed cop= RACISM
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    • Not true what so ever.

    • but almost all of the black people killed by cops that sparked riots turned out to be justified, like Michael Brown who did not have his hands up and had punched the cop after committing assault and had a record. How do you explain this? Even Eric Holder (who IS black) reached the same conclusion despite great political pressure to have a different finding?

    • Waffles731

      Yeah, punching a cop AND HE SHOOTS YOU,
      Why even give cops nightsticks then?

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  • LoloWaye
    I support BLM - but the ones that have some sense. I don't support the violence and killing, and I know it's not all those involved in BLM. So I'm not going to completely disregard the entire movement because of the people who have lost their minds.

    There are peaceful protests. I've been to a few just outside my job. The cops were there in case it got violent and it never did. There were the two idiots who got out of control but they got left behind.

    People aren't going to like this, but if you're shouting All Lives Matter then I belive you should be out there helping to bring light on policy brutality. Not just against black people but against everyone. Everyone says people off all races have been killed wrongly by police - do something about it instead of just creating a slogan against a group that started for the reason of bringing light to the problem.

    Police brutality and unjustified killings are a problem America needs to fix. "If you don't listen to the cop you deserve to die." No. Absolutely not. No one deserves to die for not listening, for stealing, for making mistakes in the PAST, etc. That's what jail is for, if I remember correctly. The only time killing is justified is when the situation has escalated and your life is in immediate danger. The military has better training than the cops running around now.

    Stereotypes exist for a reason. Cops have certainly earned the stereotypes of being killers.
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    • G-Daz


      Black and Hispanic police officers are more likely to fire a gun at blacks than white officers. This is according to a Department of Justice report in 2015 about the Philadelphia Police Department, and is further confirmed that by a study conducted University of Pennsylvania criminologist Greg Ridgeway in 2015 that determined black cops were 3.3 times more likely to fire a gun than other cops at a crime scene.

      Blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops. This is according to FBI data, which also found that 40 percent of cop killers are black. According to Mac Donald, the police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person.

      Cops kill significantly more white people than black

      FBI statistics are pretty clear,

    • @G-Daz exactly... it appears she didn't look at the statistics

    • LoloWaye

      The number of black cops and the number of white cops is different. There are more white cops than black cops because the black. population in America is less than the white population. The numbers would be higher becsuse it's reflecting a smaller group of people.

      It's clear that neither of you read my opinion nor used critical thinking skills, you're just ready to throw statistics at me. I clearly stated that all races of people have been unjustly killed by cops. I didn't specify a race of cops and I didn't single out a race of civilians.

      I don't care for the statistics because they don't apply to my count at all. Police brutality exists, regardless of race.

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  • jacquesvol
    If you decide to not listen to their orders, or do something that appears to be threatening- they are trained to react to the various situations at hand. Unfortunately, many of these end in shootings.

    Or if they just decide to throw you in the back of a van (without seat belts) and give you a rough ride until you're death.

    Or if they just decide to run over you with their cruiser and then shoot you.



    You can safely bet these will be absolved too.
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    • Well, if you're not a drug addict "acting a fool" you are capable of surviving even a rough van ride. If you dont act like a savage the officers will be able to put the seat belt on you or would not have cuffed you in the first place. If you are being a good father, going to work and taking care of your business, instead of selling dugs on the street corner you dont find yourself in this position.

    • jacquesvol

      None of these merits a death sentence, pronounced by a couple of cops and executed on the spot.

    • Bobbyhill1

      @YourName123 the guy who was thrown in the back of the van had a broken spine, instead of calling the ambulance they made him get up and dragged him and threw him in the van, with a broken spine. Thats what killed him. he couldnt act ''savage'' with a broken back

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  • MrShinyPants
    To me all lives matter, yeah it's messed up there has been innocent black people killed by cops, but their not the only ones, every race at one point or time was killed by a cop. I can understand being outraged by the injustice, but come on, don't be stupid butt plugs and go looting and attacking each other and killing more innocent people, that's childish, stupid and plain pointless, there are better ways to get justice, all the fighting and killing and rioting will get you is anger, injuries and looked down upon. Plus innocent cops have been killed too, the injustice doesn't just happen to blacks, it happens to every race, creed and position. As long as there is hate and greed and pride there will always be injustice and murder.

    Another thing, the few claiming whites to be racist, firstly, one of the recent cops that killed a innocent black man, the cop who killed him was black too, yet they turned it into a racist thing. Secondly, blacks can be as racist as whites, I'm not saying racism is a good thing, I think it's stupid as hell and pointless for someone to be racist, the only difference is skin color, each race has greatness and each has its scumbags. So playing the oh because I'm black card is pointless and dumb as hell unless the one doing to them is actually racist, then shame on the bigot.
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  • uknaked
    All lives matter, but black lives matter is purely in response to white racism, particularly by a minority of police officers.
    There is no sane reason to hate black lives matter, everybody is and should be treated by everybody as equal.
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    • A lot of them think blacks are more important than whites.

    • You can look back at American history and see that white people think they are better than any other race.

    • @Your_secret_nerd white people ThOUGHT that. Past tense.

      Why are we trying to bring back history? We've avolved so much and this is just taking us back centuries of improvement

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  • ginny_weasley
    I stopped reading when you said black supremacy. Of course, #blacklivesmatter probably wouldn't exist if people didn't believe for 300 years that #blacklivesdidntmatter. Just something to think about. *sips tea*
    It was Aristotle that said poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. Its no secret that a lot of impoverished communities have black people in them. Maybe if we invested in education and helping people out of poverty, we would have less problems. But noooo, Republicans would rather invest in continuing the war on marijuana, corporate subsidies, and pointless wars.
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    • 2 wrongs don't make a right.

    • So because they're fighting back they're the bad guys? This country treated an entire race like second class citizens for three hundred years, racism is still deeply inside many Americans, but hey let's just talk all them the past is the past. We were wrong, but they should forget it. Right? It's almost like with that logic, we should've never gotten involved in Iraq. Revolts and riots built entire countries, including America but according to conservatives that was two wrongs that did make a right.

    • You're using the Historical Fallacy. Just because something was prevalent doesn't mean it persists these days.

      Why aren't we saying "Italian Lives Matter"? Back in the 1920's, Italians were treated like immigrants. I know Irish people were slaves centuries ago (In Europe) as well.

      The movement is racially dividing.

      I agree with the rest of what you said-But I can't support this racist movement.

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  • spoons
    it would appear you have missed the point of this campaign completely
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    • Right... the point is to only focus on the black lives? Cause that's not racist at all... ha

    • spoons

      the problem that fueled the birth of this campaign is that specifically black lives were/are not considered as important as "other" lives

      obviously both matter. but that was exaclty the issue

      when you want to raise awareness for, for example, people killing too many tigers, the title of your campaign isn't going to be "animals are nice", right? it would probably be about tigers.

    • Thank you

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  • Afrochick
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  • vishna
    There needs to be more accountability for those bad cops. Right now, they usually get a slap on the wrist. I despise injustice.
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  • lightbulb27
    Well written take and you echoed my views. A few other thoughts to consider:

    Most people are law abiding. I think we lost some people though, primarily black people, after the series of shootings occurred in a row. I heard the cry "if they are gonna kill us, we might as well fight back". The media filtered out and only showed the black people being shot that week and that created bias. I pulled down all the data on shootings and there are lots of other people being shot, typically for threatning police or others. People don't wait to discover the details, they react to the emotion as we all do to seeing someone lose their life. But it hit some people harder emotionally.

    Thing is, its BS... police are doing what you said. The media is spinning a story, and in the process they are screwing a group of people for the next generation as some component of them buy into this story and get trapped in poisonous emotions (or die "martyrs" in their mind) rather than the things that would lift them up... discipline, respect, family unity, education... That's what is needed, but to do that, these people need to be released from the now emotional bondage.

    To me, this whole issue roots back to the wounds of slavery (there were black and white slaves, but hit black people harder) and years following where people were forced to submit to authority. That "wound" created a sense of pride, dis respect for authority, and that is what comes out of some people when challenged by authority. I've seen it most of my life from black people, but it can come from white people. There were apparently Irish slaves and lots of people have been abused that would create the same wound.

    The solution is... love, faith, hope, patience, kindness, goodness, self control, respect, self dignity, parenting, discipline instilled from parents (both), work to keep idle hands and minds engaged, and I'm sure a few things I'm missing.

    • the problem is slavery did not happen to anybody in our generation. so its ridiculous for BLM to always fall back on that. Yes, there are racist people still in the world- but the number of racist people was decreasing until BLM came about. I know a few people that BECAME racist because of BLM.

    • True, I think the issue and BLM are fostering it.
      I strongly suspect that "old wounds", which are emotional (feelings ( are passed on to generations until someone ends it. So much of it is parenting, but environment plays a huge role. You will see that happen with other family issues where problems pass on from parents to kids until someone rebels or address it and breaks the chain. Thats my opinion, not fact.

      When I looked at the BLM web site, they had training classes in various issues. All training classes were located in Dubai! It isn't funded here, and why Dubai?

  • Pyrofox
    This whole issue is the NON-stop of stooping to one another lowest point. With each stunt ether side White or Black all I can do is shake my head. As this issue goes no where as both sides blame the other and won't own up to what happens. Rather both sides feel the need to constantly give the bird to each other and just keep going on like nothing happened. There are literally no peace talks over this issue. The only way this gets even debated is by pouring battery acid or Ghost Pepper sauce on the open wounds of the issue.

    I can see where cops come from saying they won't support the Black Lives Matter group. But I am constantly reminded that at public events its not just the Black lives matter group there there is still the general public. What happens when terrorist attack occurs potientially at a event where police made the decision not to show force? Especially if they announce they refuse to show up? WHO STILL GETS STUCK WITH THE BLAME of general public casualties? Who still would have to show up to the scene? The Police!

    I sometimes am left to question the police's motives when they complain society is against them? If you want to be let into the society then make efforts to join in rather than segragate yourselves. Be the bigger guy in the room. ANY professional debater would tell you NOTHING HAPPENS when you stoop to the low of your rival or opponent.

    Show us that you know how to be a real part of society and not just another group that has to be politically correct. This goes for those in Blue, White, and Black. This issue and the whole ideas these groups use are just clones of how slow and hard US goverment is. The whole conflict just seems to be the continual Fulibuster of this topic.

    I say this as I'm not related to ether race in this issue directly as I am proudly Asian. YES I am a minority but I am not ether of the races/groups in this issue. Thus gives me a prespective to see this a little more objectively.
  • jameson187
    I don't know I have yet to see a BLM protest that wasn't complete violence. I mean one of the protesters shot another during the Charlotte riot, so thst shows how united they really are. The protests are a form of intimidation. Unfortunately this is digging them further in a hole with the public.

    This is the actions thst BLM has become associated with

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    • I want to refer everyone who says BLM doesn't hate other races to this lol

    • LoloWaye

      That's not BLM. Those are a group of idiots.

    • jameson187

      @LoloWaye If so, this is what BLM is associated with. The social outlook on them is rioting and violence. Again, earlier someone said the extremists took over and it lost its initial cause. Maybe that's the case. I have yet to see BLM do anything of peace to get their point across (granted maybe the news doesn't report this). When anything BLM is on tv is stuff like the video shown.

      I'm all about equality and I feel they have to get away from rioting and all these violent actions to make their case. They need to find a way so the public doesn't cringe when a BLM news story comes on and it's not another city being destroyed.

      More than likely you downvoted this, so thank. I just expressed black lives matter has a bad social stigma because of actions like in thsr video. The public has yet to see the MLK type protests that work.

  • TadCurious
    Excellent myTake. Minority communities in the U. S. are disproportionately affected by crime and especially violent crime. They need law and order more than anyone. Yet BLM in its rhetoric and misinformation paint targets on the back of police officers. So what happens? You get the Ferguson Effect. That's where the police pull back from community policing because they can't get out of their cars and protect these high crime areas without being mobbed and spit on or worse. And who suffers from that? That's right: minority communities. After the Justice Department concluded its investigation into what happened in Ferguson (headed by President Obama's African-American Attorney General), President Obama could have given an address aimed at the black community. He could have told them (based on the results of the investigation) that: "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" never happened and was a lie. That Michael Brown assaulted the police officer who was forced to shoot him and tried to grab that officer's gun from him. That Michael Brown wasn't retreating from the officer when he was shot. Obama could have said to the black community: "What happened with Michael Brown was very tragic. He made tragic choices that cost him his life. But he was not murdered by the police." If Obama had leveled with the black community -- in a way that maybe only a black president could do -- we might not have seen so much of this pointless and destructive rioting and hatred spewed by BLM. Nothing good for society is going to come from a group which chants at its protest rallies: "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!!"
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    • minority communities that are Asian are not affected by high crime. there are lots of them

  • DodgersGM
    I don't blame black people for being upset.

    It's all really fucking embarrassing. Watching a whole bunch of idiotic 'blacks-are-inherently-violent' and 'it's-part-of-their-community' type people spouting off at the mouth is embarrassing, too.

    For shame, acting like an entire race of people who are your neighbors, fellow countrymen, and fellow humans are inherently inferior. Y'all make me embarrassed to be an American sometimes.

    Blacks are arrested at higher rates than whites for the same crime.
    Blacks are convicted at higher rates than whites for the same crime.
    Blacks are incarcerated and sent to prison at higher rates than whites for the same crime.

    Source: www.huffingtonpost.com/.../...ur-st_b_8078586.html

    Stop pushing a bullshit, racist narrative (not you, Question Asker). Grow the fuck up.
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  • Nerdvana
    I really don't know what to say about how you think and see this situation. It makes me sad and lose hope that this problem may not get solved as long as people like you continue to think like this.
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    • Nerdvana

      Most of the white people are saying great take. lol. hahaha

    • Exactly...

    • Nerdvana

      Exactly, as in its ok for cops to shoot unarmed people?

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  • Iron_Man
    Come to where you belong and thats with me. Next time dont remove me from your friends list. I now know about you and will be more of a pal to you now
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  • Nothanks700
    What does a random black man shooting a cop have to do with BLM?
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    • Read the rest of the take

    • Read the rest of the take. I do understand how cops are being unfairly stereotyped; I agree with that to a large extent. But you are clearly a racist person if you think there is a correlation between a random shooting and inherent racial prejudice in our justice system. Essentially you are saying. "See black people shoot cops!" Well duh. So do white people. The whole point of BLM is to not judge a person prematurely because of their skin pigment, no matter what statistics show. It's unfair to judge Rice because he's black simply because a black man shot a cop in your headliner. Even if thousands of cops have been shot by black men, it's still unfair to judge Tamir Rice or any other black person because of their skin color.

    • I think your point is that it is also unfair to judge any cop, even if statistics show racial prejudice in our justice system. by the way, there definitely is racial prejudice in our justice system, this is pretty obvious in the data. You also probably don't believe global warming exists. Anyways, yes it is unfair to judge random cops for the greater issue in our justice system. Does hat mean we should just ignore the systemic problem? No. That would be stupid. It would be just as stupid not to do something about the poverty issue with black people.

  • meatballs21
    Clicked because those are Toronto cops.

    It's a good point you've got here. You can eliminate the chance of being shot by the cops by not doing something that will involve them being called on you in the first place.

    In Toronto, they are demanding "justice" for a guy who was menacing a family with a hammer, and charged at the cops when they arrived.
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  • Luci92
    Spot on.
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  • John_Doesnt
    Oh big surprise another racist non-black person is against the BLM.
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  • osc92
    you're completely missing the point of black lives matter. The movement was started because UNARMED black people are getting murdered all over the us when they could have been simply arrested instead. Its not the ONLY black lives matter movement, don't see why you would think that. And obviously cops are endangering their safety everyday, thats what they signed up for. The blacks didn't sign up to get murdered, even if he was doing a small crime it calls for an arrest not a shootout.
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  • DooMguy
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  • Kiran04
    I hate Black Lives Matter because they're full of shit. They don't care about black lives, otherwise they wouldn't loot and burn down black neighborhoods in their protests.
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  • EnglishArtsteacher
    Back in the 1920's, when the Italians first immigrated, they were treated as minorities. Why aren't we saying "Italian Lives Matter"? Why aren't we saying "Asian Lives Matter" after the tragedy of Pearl Harbor? Why aren't we still saying "Latino Lives Matter" after the anti-immigration?

    I'm not denying Blacks are targeted against-They clearly are. But what about every other race, and/or ethnicity which has been targeted?

    Here is the ironic thing about this whole racial divide epidemic going on right now: Whites usually target Whites. Blacks usually target Blacks. I wouldn't doubt if Latinos usually target Latinos. So, maybe we should all blame our problems on our own race?
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    • If it was still the 1920s then there should be an "Italian lives matter" movement, but it's 2016 and Italian Americans aren't treated as a useless minority anymore. If in 2116 African Americans are treated the way Italian Americans are now then there shouldn't be a "black lives matter" in 2116.

    • W eBlack people as a whole have gone through a lot. we were all chillin in Africa until u white British me came

  • FantasyGeek05
    I'm tired of hearing about race wish we could just get passed this..
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    • Same :(

    • beenthruit

      There is no way to get past this unless we talk about it. It's uncomfortable but its real.

  • Thisperson98
    I dislike the BLM movement too.
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    • Sorry for using your comment to say this, but I got my opinion hidden (haven't received the message from GAG that it's been removed), even though I simply agreed with the Take Owner and never said anything that goes against the rules.

      A racist/hater mod hiding what they dislike... as usual.

    • @AleDeEurope I don't know why yours was hidden either. I didn't hide it

    • @asker So after more than 10 hours, my comment is still hidden. I don't know if it's been removed cause I haven't received any message from GAG... this is ridiculous.
      I figured it wasn't you, it wouldn't make sense, but I have an idea of who may have been.

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  • SarahsSummer
    I agree. Good take.
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  • Sephora_Addict
    Yep yep. True. It's all about fighting and hating on the other race. No one wants peace. No one.
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  • Jager66
    The worst part about this is we won't get an honest conversation of the issues in an effort to find the best solutions to the problems the black communities face.

    What we will get is a Feminist style victim narrative strictly censored and limited to PC only speech and topics. Any information that could greatly help in the development of solutions but is politically uncomfortable will be silenced.

    The result will be the opposite of the goal. More racism, more problems in black communities, and the majority of citizens will become angry and fed up with what they see as racists trying to use racism to fix racism.
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  • Andruu4u
    It should be Minority lives matter to be honest, because minorities are treated like second class citizens to whites.
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  • john52461
    Until the violence against blacks ends I will be browsing G@G on one knee
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  • rjroy3
    It's a shame what Black Lives Matter has become. Because the base premise wasn't bad. It sparked due to multiple unjustified killings of black people by police, which was in turn looked over by the rest of the country. So "Black Lives Matter" was a statement saying that "black lives matter too". Not "only black lives matter and fuck everybody else".

    So when the response was "All Lives Matter" it's like.. yes. We agree. Maybe the country should start acting like it outside of just lip service. But nope. It became a racial back and forth political movement. The people who love controversy jumped aboard and now we have riots as well as peaceful protest. As we all know the media focuses on bad press. So now we have Black Lives Matter the hate group. Anyone still apart of it for the right reasons starting out is now better off leaving it.
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    • rjroy3

      a lot of this simply wouldn't exist if:

      1. The cops are effectively policed themselves. Not protecting bad cops, simply for being apart of a brotherhood (yes, this does happen. That's why police are the only ones to receive paid vacation time as punishment. )

      2. Both decriminalization of Marijuana and equalized punishment for crack as there is cocaine. The drugs are just as bad, yet only the one mostly used by black people is penalized far higher. (I think the current statistic is 18:1 or 8:1.)

      When police are concerned about real dangerous criminals, including bad cops who are possibly the most dangerous criminals, all of this bullshit would dissipate. That's why police complaints go down on average 80% in any state that implements chest cameras on their officers. You know what else goes down? Crime. A bad cop can't lie to a jury effectively, when thereis video evidence. And the more cops actually doing their job the more effective they are.

  • CHRIS11796
    Ya i agree with this take. Black lives matter to me is thug lives matter a lot of blacks hate the stereotypes but they do live up to them. And ya looting, breaking into stores messing up city property, ya that's going to help your cause alright blm. And most black victims police take down had a gun and were being suspicious and did not follow the officers instructions. I wonder if they would attack police if a black cop killed another black person, i wonder how they would react to that? Black lives matter is a hate group that encourages the killings of police officers and getting praise for it. #end the movement.
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  • FatherJack
    There is more to this than meets the eye , this & other divisive " movements " are slyly funded by the cartel that REALLY pull the big strings in the world , the Rothschild Cartel. They WANT conflict , because it is a pretext for draconian " laws " to oppress ALL of us , all this " War on Terror " stuff is also manufactured BS !! Also conflict is profitable , especially when you arm ALL sides. This Cartel have total control over the " media " , which they use to whip up every type of hate & division going !! Divided , unhappy people , are much easier to manipulate.

    Another example of where the extremists have hijacked the movement ( engineered of course ) is feminism , the Rockefeller's ( intermarried into the Rothschild's ) were very open about funding them , especially the man hating extremists that now lead the movement. EVERYONE is being played... don't fall for this BS !!! Think for yourselves !!
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  • SmokemJay
    I don't know ABOUT MIKE BROWN I've seen plenty of dudes like him from my neighborhood and he does look like the type to think he was above the law. But I WOULD HAVE PULLED OUT A NIGHT STICK (THEY HURT LOL).

    What about that 8 year old that cop did a drive by on for having a water gun (painted red)? What about Freddy Grey? Beaten so bad they dislocated his spine and fractured his skull?
    What about the army vet that was beaten to death, 2 TOURS TO IRAQ, and he's beaten to death by 5 white officers? He didn't receive medical attention and they video taped him FOAMING AT THE MOUTH? They beat him and denied him rest OR WATER ON CAMERA?

    When you can kill someone with their hands up or when you can kill 2 people while they're on the ground and get away with it... There is something wrong.
    I as a black man think the extremists ruin it for the people who are peacefully protesting but damn... killing someone with their hands up while they're NOT MOVING is ridiculous.
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  • YourName123
    this whole movement was started to get in front of the many legal challenges to affirmative action that have started popping up. A smoke screen

    As long as they are rioting in the streets over blacks who got shot while attacking cops, courts will not be interesting in hearing about how Asians and women (also protected classed) are being discriminated against to make spots at Harvard for less qualified blacks.

    this was started because the same people who are used to being held to a lower standard in public school, college admissions, college classes, job applications and job performance can't understand it when they are not held to a lower standard while attacking law enforcement.
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  • uriborder
    white lives>black lives>arab lives>indian and paki lives

    thats just my opinion
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  • IsraelJordan
    What does this case have to do with BLM?
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    • Everyone's gets mad at police officers for pulling out guns and bein over suspicious when they have a reason to be

    • It's just a white people defense mechanism: making all blacks look like criminals

  • BubbleBoy69
    People think your a racist?
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  • anonman32
    Cool mytake i agree.
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  • NJ_Casanova
    It's just a racist movement.
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    • They prove my point by attacking any black celebrity that says "all lives matter". It a movement that only promotes hate and racial division... It's kind of a joke since , 50<60yrs ago their parents/family where protesting segregation.

  • Rissyanne
    Great take!
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  • SuicidalTeen
    Dog lives matter too.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    People just need to be skin color blind.
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