Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"


Well, I don’t literally hate the notion of saying that “Black lives matter”, what I hate, is the tendency to base vehement sentiments on pure anecdotes and guilt-mongering, which is what the movement often does. Facts and data are below, up here is my rant concerning the matter itself which is mostly balderdash of whatever pops up in my mind with no conceivable systematic format, I might go off-track and not come back, but that’s okay. I’m still right <3

I actually wanted to rant about why sociology sucks, but then this thingmajig came on the news about BLM .. and stuff..

WARNING: Lack of proper grammar and cohesive structure ahead. I concocted it initially for my own benefit, but I then figured that it may be of interest to others. If you’re not interested in my personal jargon, skip to the section filled with links below. I’m merely progressing from point A → point B.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Black lives matter in action is a big ball of bs not because it advocates for a diminishment in racial inequality, it really doesn’t, it sucks because it often translate into implications where they take the victimized stance instead of addressing some ingrained issues deep within the Black population. They have the tendency to ignore hardships of other races when the argument is made towards them, whilst simultaneously shift the discussion and point to the issues faced by other races whenever it benefits them.

While it does do a fantastic job at making people more aware of the deep-rooted racial issues that plague America, the methods of going about solving the issue is plain asinine.

>Rallies against black-on-black violence is done fairly frequently, but how many times have you actually seen BLM fund these rallies/marches.

>40,000 phone calls does not do anything but rustle the jimmies of people and perceive the cause to be a joke.

>Hijacking a speech by Sanders is not a great way to go about solving this problem, neither is butting in during a gay parade speech (thats so ridiculous and obnoxious).

There are more, but you get the gist.

Yes, I acknowledge the BLM does not imply ONLY black lives matter, it focuses on dealing the mistreatment of blacks in America. But quite often, this roots from the fact that, statistically more black men tend to commit crimes. This needs to be addressed. And further, more concern should be focused to address issues such as incarceration rates and welfare dependence in the Black community. Deflecting the blame and avoiding it whenever the matter is brought up does nothing to work towards a solution.

Don't get me wrong, I in no way believe that there is a tangible causative relationship between race and crimes committed, but I definitely do believe that there is correlative evidence linking race and crimes committed. But that is mostly because of socio-economical factors, that is the variable that yields causation and correlation between poverty and crimes committed.
Which makes it appear that Blacks commit crimes because they're Black. But no. That's stupid. That's stupid in, and stupid out. It's a statistical error that newbs make at the beginning of every statistics class.

This video demonstrates that BLM seems to be lacking in the ‘strategic’ department.

The only thing they’re good for is raising these systemic issues in America.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Tired of seeing drivel that’s contingent on “appeal to emotion” logical fallacy. It’s hard to get to the truth when sentiments put forward by people are often very biased, idealistic and opinionated, as opposed to something substantive (the irony, but dw, facts below).

I don’t care much for placating people or hearing things that sound good. I care for ascertaining the truth - however cheesy that may sound, to avoid doing so would be intellectually dishonest and often times detrimental to society. Why I place a precedence on an empirical approach to things, instead of getting emotions-backed worldview (where emotions in jokes like sociology is on par with peer-review papers) is exactly because of that.

You’re going to have to work with reality and fit piece by piece like a puzzle to fix anything. #blacklivesmatter movement works well.. with anecdotes and emotions.. That’s pretty much it. If you’re going to ignore cold-hard facts and base your movement on predominantly anecdotes whilst simultaneously cherry-pick data that supports your views, you’re going to create far more damage as opposed to solving them.

Emotions can be swayed based on someone’s experiences, especially of what they’re exposed to, and often times indoctrinated into believing. Facts are facts and they’re independent of whether you believe in them or not (inb4 butthurt creationists). People look at reality with a biased lens, their perception is inherently subjective, due to a complex set of filters by a variety of factors. That is not to say it can never be trusted. It can. It just needs to be put to a high level of scrutiny and testing when their sentiments are spawned out of topics so influential and controversial.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Back to topic:

Do you see the pattern in American affairs? Come on! I’m disappointed..

Say you’re some normal, typical Muslim (bear with me). You hear incidents of US drone blasts killing other innocent Muslims (like that one drone blast on the Afghan hospital), sometimes people you do know, sometimes people you do not. You feel the need to stand up against this ‘imperialistic’ power and therefore join the fight. You end up going various terrorist groups to “get back” at the people who wronged you.

Especially if you’re someone living in N.America. Then you create this cycle where terrorist attacks would create more concern in the country and the government would have a higher tendency to send their troops/planes/whatever into the Middle East/Afghanistan and thus. This is a simplified explanation of the inner-workings of radicalization and misses some of the important details, but I left them out bc they’re not relevant to the current discussion.

Same thing goes with your typical Black male.

You hear black males being killed in the news and that creates fear, or perhaps even anger (maybe this are of people you know). That anger is further fueled by movements such as #blacklivesmatters which you join consisting of also people that you do know. Then you start being violence against policemen, maybe you kill one, effectively provoking more fear and retaliation in policemen towards the black communities. This cycle continues perpetually.

And ofc I am not saying that all typical Muslims or typical black men act like that, nor am I saying the past few cases are because of this. I’m trying to describe what an average individual of either demographic may choose to to. I also do in no way insinuate that this happens to the majority of Muslims or Blacks.

Also this is to some level, prolly caused by militarization of the police in America (kind of like increased in military presence in the Middle East). Then you get news of a correlation between militarization of police and an increase in SWAT raids whereby no people are armed, and yet were shot.

I also don’t mean to equate ISIS to something like BLM, I’m simply pointing out the parallels in psychology that potentially makes people do these things.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Now for actual boring data:

Police kill approximately twice as many whites as blacks during 2015. 50% of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, 25% were black. The majority of these victims had a gun or were armed.


You might argue that the data points racist connotations towards blacks considering the population ratio of white:black is 5:1. However, statistical data also indicate that blacks are charged with 62% of robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults, despite comprising only 15% of the US population. It’s important to note that this statistic entails for crimes prosecuted and not necessarily ones that are actually committed, but there is no evidence as far as I’ve seen that indicates blacks are systematically far more prosecuted on a larger scale that would give rise to these discrepancy in numbers.

An article by the Washington post concluded from a study that unarmed black men were 7x more likely to be shot than unarmed white men – black men make up 40% of 60 unarmed deaths (24/60, that is), yet they only comprise 6% of the entire population.


It’s vital to do a case-by-case analysis considering that the small sample size does not allow one to make a statistically valid assertion. Upon further examination, it appears that in a number of these cases, the use of lethal force was completely justified, or involved collateral damage. Ergo, it cannot be concluded a case of discrimination.

The following are articles regarding unarmed black men killed in 2015:

Tony Robinson allegedly assaulted the police officer, the officer proceeded to utilize lethal force

Christian Taylor was smashing several cars windows, security called the police. It appears that he was under the influence of hallucinogens. He confronted two police officers relentlessly, one of them deployed a taser and the other shot him several times.


Needless to say, the cop who killed him was fired.

But the victim’s father expressed sympathy for the cop.


Man tries to grab gun of police, but discharged in process


Man beats officer in the face several times


Here are two cases where a stray bullet was involved. Completely collateral damage, thus it cannot have been racial discrimination.


You get the picture.

Although more cop killers are white in pure numerical terms, relative to white/black ratio; black men kill more cops.

“In 2013, 44 percent of cop killers were white, 37 percent were black and 11 percent were Hispanic. Last year, 54 percent were white, 26 percent were black and 18 percent were Hispanic.”


It’s possible that this correlative relationship is purely coincidental, though.

I don’t deny that there probably is a tendency for many cops to fear many black people particularly due to psychological conditioning, particularly due to the disproportionate crime rates committed by Black men. The snipers at the BLM rally certainly do nothing but regress this heated problem (just like how extremists screwed up Syria during the Arab spring protests). I don't mean that these police are justified in being more cautious around black people, I'm just trying to point out why its not so much a cut and dry case of 'racism' as one might think. Police are human beings like everyone else, they utilize probability and heuristics when dealing with situations, especially abrupt, life-threatening ones.

Civil rights activist experiences “use of force” training:


HUGE eyer-opener, watch this video.

As for those who say that police brutality towards black people is a problem, here's two incidents involving unarmed white males. Police brutality is a problem, period (but thats a topic for another day). There are lots of good cops and lots of bad cops, don't conflate them together though.
Cops shoot unarmed man as he progresses towards them.


Cops open fire on man and his 6 year old autistic son. The son is mortally wounded.


Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

RIP people who were killed in all this senseless violence.You probably didn’t deserve to die.
Screw those assholes who are utilising your deaths to further agendas that are counterintuitive to society.

Not all Black people are belligerent criminals, not all cops are murderers, not all white people are genocidal maniacs. Killing innocent people is never the solution, and if you disagree with me about this, well, please go through with a vasectomy or wear a condom for the rest of your life.

Yes there is tons of BS that comes from external forces like the government, state and what have you. But the thing BLM, SJW and Feminists proponents fail to realise is that the issue often comes down to internal forces. Being obnoxious and getting into the face of people does more harm to your cause than you'll like to think. But I do admit that BLM isn't even near half as bad as Feminism, at least their arguments do have some basis in reality. Feminism? Nothing close.

TL ; DR~> BLM sounds good on paper, but terrible application. Like communism. There are real problems in the world and we need to think and consider them very carefully in the right context. It’s important not to muddy the water with such meaningless nonsense. I urge you to read the entire thingamajig ^_^

P.S. Go home PC, SJW tumblr-ikes, you're drunk! #alllivesmatter

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"
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  • Anonymous
    I dunno why people have to bring up black-on-black crime every time a black man gets murdered by police. That's derailing the conversation. That's like talking about saving the whales and being like "What about the fish tho?" It makes no sense.

    The difference is that police officers are sworn to protect us. They are supposed to be here for us because they display the badge of honor, but instead they murder us. Black or white, and it's wrong. Also, the difference it makes from black-on-black crime is that the black people GO TO JAIL. Police officers who kill blacks do not. They are rarely prosecuted with murder because people always try to justify why killing them is right by bringing up black-on-black crime or the high murder rates of the black community. We are fully aware! Why can't you feel sympathy for a black man who got shot unlawfully? One simply had a busted tail light and was wrongly killed. He reached for his wallet and was shot dead and bled out. One didn't reach for a gun. He was selling CDs outside a store, sure, but does that call for the loss of his life?

    We live in a country where a guy who raped an unconscious woman gets 3 months in jail, but a guy who was selling CDs to feed his family pays with his life. The justice system is flawed. It's not always a race thing. The guy who shot dead those police officers does not account for everyone who believes in BLM.

    The system is FLAWED. Sure, not all police officers are bad, but some abuse their power, and that's where the problem lies.

    Also, BLM just held a peaceful protest yesterday. Those hateful, blood thirsty thugs.
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    • Don’t straw-man me.
      I was talking about BLM, specifically, not individual cases in which black men are murdered by the police. There is a distinction between the two that you should realise.
      I bring it up in the conversation about BLM, bc BLM supposed advocates for BLACK LIVES. Black-on-black violence is a an issue that threatens black lives. Ergo, it would make sense to include black-on-black violence into the conversation.
      You’re simply missing the point when you say that black-on-black violence involves the people going to jail. I’m quite aware of that fact, and I do indeed acknowledge that. But that’s not the point I was trying to make. I was saying that since BLM is supposed to be for black lives, it should also address the concerns regarding black-on-black violence and find a solution.

    • But in reality, this subject matter is hardly brought up, cops are blamed for black deaths when in reality, violence in the black community are far more prevalent than a cop killing an unarmed black man. If they cared about black lives to such a meaningful extend, why is this concerned hardly brought up?

      Where did you get the conclusion that I don’t sympathise with the death of Philando Castile? Again this entire OP is directed at the BLM movement, not an attempt to address these individual cases.

      I mostly agree with the rest, but once again, you didn’t fail to misrepresent my point. I never said BLM are “hateful, bloodthirsty thugs”. My initial point was that their methodology is off and does more harm and good.

      I agree with the rest mostly.

    • Anonymous

      It wasn't specifically directed at you, OP. Sorry. It was directed mostly at the people who try to derail the conversation by bringing up black-on-black crime instead of thinking that the justice system is flawed. Glad you do see a problem here.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    Considering one of the founders of the movement is a cop killer, and that their motto "hands up, don't shoot" was built by a lie, we can't expect much from this movement.
    It's proven they've constantly used violence, including murder, to get their stupid point across.

    They're clearly filled with ignorant people too, cause just look at the numbers, and you'll clearly see that blacks and being targeted.
    Anyone that agrees with BLM is a racist fool, it's very simple. They want benefits, power, supremacy... they don't want justice or equality, that has been proven by them many times.

    The problem is that BLM has been promoted by the media; media who gives zero shit about white people killed by cops, that's why you never hear about that, despite being the majority.
    More white people are killed by cops, but minority deaths generate more outrage.

    It's sad how so much ignorance is inciting violence and causing the death of many.
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  • Mustachekitteh
    My reply to that group is, #NoLivesMatter. Since nobody is more special than the other and we're not above any plants or other animals either.
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  • MakeShiftThug
    Seriously? ffs.
    Saying "All Lives Matter" while opposing "Black Lives Matter" is like telling a leukemia research foundation that "All types of cancer matter, not just leukemia".
    ( I wasn't sure if you genuinely meant "#alllivesmatter" )

    Black lives matter initially started off as a hashtag to bring awareness to the deaths of *innocent* black people at the hands of police and to point out that blacks are treated unfairly by law enforcement and that blacks are given more severe sentences than whites. Like you said, cops are more likely to shoot blacks than whites.

    The "eye opening" video you used shows us how at times, police are required to use force and that shooting an unarmed person can be justified however in those scenarios, the men were perps that didn't comply with police.
    But in the case of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, both men were shot despite complying with police. Which is what BLM is trying to show us.

    I can go on but you get my point ( i hope ).
    By the way, your take was beautifully written, How is your vocab is advanced?

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    • howzit2015

      I don't think cops are more likely to shoot black people than white people. I think the problem is we are employing cops with a propensity towards violence, and often tend to exacerbate situations to a point in which they result in volatile outcomes. Next, black people are more likely to commit crimes than white people. If you don't believe me go look up the FBI's study on crimes, and who is most likely to be a perpetrator. So since they're more likely to be criminals they're more likely to be interacting with cops. Therefore are more likely to be killed. Cops kill more men than women, but you wouldn't say cops are misandrogynistic would you?

    • howzit2015

      My problem with black lives matter is they complain about how many black people are killed by cops, but they don't address why. They just say "racism!" They also don't complain about how you are more likely to be killed by your own race than any other race. Most likely because you interact with your own race more than another race. However, black people kill WAY more of their own kind than white people per capita. They also don't complain about how black men are more likely to get a woman pregnant then leave her ass. Making a woman raise a child by herself. Children that are raised by single parents are 20x more likely to be found in jail or suffer from a substance abuse problem, which could lead to criminal behaviour.

    • howzit2015

      If you really cared about black people you would create social out reach programs to help deter, combat, and prevent such dangerous behaviours (like black on black violence, or black men leave abandoning their children). But they prefer to blame it on morosophic things that do nothing, but fan the flames of hate and exacerbate already existing tensions between groups.

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  • Luminifera
    if you're not black, you don't really have a say in it. sorry to say that, but you don't sound very smart, or like you think critically at all... girls like you are such a shame. oh well. one can only hope that one day you'll outgrow your "anime troll I-hate-everyone" phase. It's common for girls in their teens!
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    • Heiho101

      Attitudes like that, is why racism is alive and well.

    • I don’t see why you resort to insulting me instead of expressing a proper rebuttal for any errors I may have made.
      How does not being Black make my concerns any less legitimate? What you’re doing is essentially the textbook definition of racism. I’m not Black, ergo, my opinion has no weight on the subject. It doesn’t work like that dummy, as long as a particular movement has the potential to affect the lives of people, I can and will throw my opinion about it as I please. And there is literally nothing you can do about it. If you’re unhappy, leaving my thread is literally a finger swipe away.

    • I never claimed that I’m a critical thinker.. Let alone smart O_O
      Why do people of your kind insist on unwarranted personal attacks simply for expressing an opinion you disagree with? Beating people over the head for using trigger words and espousing unconventional opinions only congeals into less people talking about a subject and thus making people write off the entire subject entirely. These are important issues that pervade our society, if you can’t understand that it’s important to address them, then you should find a real cause to put your time towards.
      I'm guessing that you're masquerading as an online crusader solely to earn brownie points from BLM advocates lurking in this site.

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  • helloitsmethere
    I like how everyone believes everything that the media says...
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    • The media is actually what has given power to BLM. Look at the real numbers, those you never see on the headlines, and you may reconsider supporting BLM.

    • My question is, why do people feel the need to be victimized every time they aren't involved in something? What are we supposed to do? Stay quiet and watch as our own people get killed for nothing? If you dont have to make a movement to fight for your own rights, be fucking grateful. Also, there are a number of us who TOTALLY disagree with the Dallas shooting. Fighting violence with violence isn't the answer and saying you 'hate white people' and shooting them makes you an extremist and we really dont want that. Another thing, bringing up 'black on black' crime every time a black person is killed by a person who is supposed to serve and protect you doesn't say shit. There is a vast difference between another citizen attacking another citizen and someone who is supposed to be protecting you, kills you for no reason. We lost two fathers on the same day. We dont want another father to be killed, since there is a stereotype in our community saying that 'black people dont have fathers' smh..

    • I’m guessing that you either didn’t read my entire take or blatantly ignored the fact that I literally addressed that point earlier above.
      "Yes, I acknowledge the BLM does not imply ONLY black lives matter, it focuses on dealing the mistreatment of blacks in America.”

      Either way, that effectively renders your point moot considering you essentially made a straw-man rebuttal against my initial argument.

      I like how no one actually tries to understand the other side's narrative.

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  • StarryNights
    *Reality knocking* Black Lives Matter doesn't exist to please and impress you. Their mission and goal is not to make you feel good, protect your feelings, coddle your comfort level, or gain your approval. Their task at hand is greater and more significant than a self-assigned book report length of complaints.

    Black Lives Matter would not exist had so much of white America not acted, spoke, and thought as if black lives do not matter for CENTURIES. Perhaps had there been a Native American Lives matter, so many of them wouldn't have been wiped off of their land and their descendants wouldn't be their racial group most likely to kill themselves. Perhaps had Mexicans had a Mexican Lives Matter before this land got stolen from them, their descendants wouldn't have to risk their lives and fight to live here, all the while being demeaned by some Americans in the process. BLM exists because generations of white people have a tendency to act like black lives don't matter, black lives matter less, or white lives matter more.
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    • Another one utterly devoid of any coherent on rebuttals concerning the topic at hand, not that I’d expect otherwise. *yawns and rests chin on palm*

      If there is a inherent problem with a movement that has to capacity to cause detrimental effects on society, I can and will express my opposing views against said movement. My stance is hardly contingent upon the idea of simply complaining with the purpose of BLM making me “feel good” and tailoring to my “comfort level”.

      The actions of past generations have literally no bearing on the current generation. No one in this current generation can conceivably ‘know’ how past generations of their own people were treated, utilising the victimised stance and saying that the past is a justification for the present is downright deceitful.

    • In any case, you seem to have tenuous grasp on why BLM was created in the first place. It was merely a response against the supposed bias against targeting blacks by law enforcement folks, hardly to do with a response against treatment of black people in the past. Go look up its origins.

    • Perhaps you shouldn't egotistically assume that people find your book report length post worthy of the mental effort, time, and energy it would take to form a rebuttal. Here's another bit of reality, love: Not everyone on the internet is going to find your mouth and mind as interesting as you do. It's quite arrogant of you to assume that each and every random stranger, who may not wish to spend their free time excessively focused on your tangent, is going to pause their life, sit on their ass in front of a screen, and commit an unknown amount of time to a rebuttal. Some people, such as myself, do not need random strangers to validate, confirm, or cosign our thoughts and opinions. Do you?

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  • elew4too
    Black people have been angry about black people shooting other black people for a very long time. That outrage doesn't receive as much press. The difference between black on black crime and police brutality is that police brutality institutionally sponsored, so a solution to police brutality is more readily attainable.

    Additionally, Black Lives Matter was never created to solve all problems in the black community. It was created to specifically address the unequal treatment of minorities in the criminal justice system. For black lives matter to address every issue in the black community would be well beyond it's scope and make its goal of addressing criminal justice inequalities that much more difficult as their resources would be spread more thinly.

    Finally, I wouldn't trust statistics about crime and black people. If you are primarily arresting people in black neighborhoods, then your statistics will reflect the fact that black people do more crimes. Zoological analogy: It's like studying polar bears for a decade, looking at a grizzly bear for 5 seconds and then concluding that polar bears are the most violent of all other bears because you recorded them doing more violent things. You just never saw what the grizzly bear was doing while you were busy studying the polar bear. Therefore, conclusions drawn from such data using unscientific methods (such as biased policing) are skeptical at best.
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    • You raise good points!
      BLM may not be a group that directly addresses particularly black-on-black violence, but my concern is the lack of widespread outrage against it. From the statistics, it appears to be an issue that plagues the black community, more so than police brutality itself.
      Black-on-black crimes constitute somewhere around 30x (figure may not be 100% accurate) more deaths than police violence against black people do. With that in mind, and taking into account that a higher crime rate among black people would likely create more arrests/attempted arrests, it would proportionally make sense for there to be more police brutality against black people. Ergo, it should also be a bigger issue than the narrative employed by BLM.

    • Here’s some stats on homicide trends during 1980-2008
      Page 30 speaks of location of crimes.

      Is there evidence that police are specifically targeting predominantly black areas for other reasons other than high homicide rates which occur there? (as the stats suggests).

    • elew4too

      There is outrage against black on black crime, but that outrage is directed against individual assailants, not a system (individual families protesting against gang members, assailants, seeking justice for their loved ones, etc.). Black on black crime is an issue that has been addressed many times over in the black community as well (many chapters of the Boys and Girls Club, for instance, make reducing black on black crime a major tenant of their teachings and outreach [though that was not the original goal of the group]; the organization has been around since 1860 and is over-represented with black members). Annual festivals called "Jams for Peace" have been taking place for decades to raise , and the list goes on. These initiatives are simply unknown to the greater population because black on black crime doesn't affect other populations. Additionally, black on black crime is an issue that does not affect every single black person in the same way police brutality does.

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  • Soshy
    Some people just don't understand it at all. Its such a shame that some people make a huge fuss over animals being killed, but they don't seem to want to understand the underlining issue here or really take the time to imagine being in someone else's shows.

    All lives matter we get that. If you wanna shout that from your rooftop good for you, right now we are not focusing on everyone around the world. We are focusing on black people as a whole due to issues we are faced with on a daily basis. When There was a terrorist attack in Paris everyone was quick to say ''pray for paris'', not the whole globe. If you can specifically pray for one city, why can't we have a Hashtag solely for black people? There's really no difference.
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    • Amen!

    • But that's not my point tho.
      My point wasn't to address those individual cases and assess the moral implications found in them. No.
      It was a mere attempt to indicate why I don't think BLM is very helpful at all in curbing issues which threatens black lives/issues that plague the American society in general.
      I literally have no issue against a hashtag that specifically acknowledges the hardships faced by black people. None. Not, not even close to one. Issue arises in how the movement is going about solving this problem.

      You didn't understand my argument at all.

    • fhuey

      @Soshy than you! Preach! Preach! Preach! And @Jehovahkiin you said "I literally have no issue against a hashtag that specifically acknowledges the hardships faced by black people." Than why did you make this take. The title of this take it literally "Why I despise black lives matter" lololol!

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  • Bandit74
    I hate how disproportionate their anger is. The number of black lives taken by other black people is far greater than the number of black lives taken by white cops. Howevr, black on black murder doesn't receive a fraction of passion that white on black crime does.

    I'd also be willing to bet black on white murder is more common than white on black murder.

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    • Bandit74

      Also you might find this interesting...


    • cyndyrene

      How do you Knievel are not angry about black on black crime? Why do you guys insist on changing the topic so much. Perhaps we should focus on the authorities paid by us to protect us and then focus on rebuilding our communities. But sure keep shifting the blame back onto us. White people have had a 200+ year head start on their pursuit of happiness, we're just trying to catch up.

    • Bandit74

      I never said you weren't angry at all but you don't seem equally as angry. I don't see black people rioting in the street in protest of black on black crime the same way they do with white on black crime.

      It would make more sense if you were more passionate about the one that is responsible for the larger loss of life.

  • echoaj
    Here is my opinion of BLM. I'm not in the camp that thinks they are all bs, they are the new KKK, whiny sjw, hate group etc. Anyone who thinks this clearly does not understand the Idea of #blacklivesmatter. I have had the opportunity to personally see Ashley Yates the key lead organizer of the BLM movement, the mother of Michele Brown, mother of Jordan Davis and others. I listened to their stories and seen them cry in fort of me. They aren't lying when they say the cops treat them differently in their communities and study after study proves that. All of them truly mean well and a lot of the people BLM are trying to do the right thing. Putting that aside there have been instances where the BLM protests have gotten that mob mentality which leads them to become too militarized and counter-productive. I hated when the did the "fry 'em like bacon chant" and when in NYC they chatted for Dead Cops and I think we all remember the riots in Ferguson. It also enraged me when they block highways and roads. People who do that should be arrested. I think the right approach is to not protest against the cops but to protest with the cops. By this I mean they should re-introduce themselves to police officers and have them join them in the fight to end police brutality excessive. does OP agree?
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    • I agree with your conclusion.
      Can you cite a study where cops treat black people differently their communities?

    • echoaj

      Stop and Frisk in New York is overwhelming used more often Black and Latino communities. That's according to the NYCLU.
      Also, blacks and whites smoke marijuana at roughly the same rates but blacks are 3.37 more likely to be arrested. www.aclu.org/feature/war-marijuana-black-and-white

      This is anecdotal evidence but i have also seen interviews with former police officers from places like Baltimore say the quota system really forces them to achieve the desired amount of tickets and arrests they need. The cop says even when they were suppose to be patrolling white neighborhoods they would go outside their district in black neighborhoods to make those arrests and hand out tickets.

      So those are my citations

  • Soteris
    Would we even be talking about cops shooting black people if it was not for BLM though? I mean its not like its a new thing yet here we are with an apparently completely "new problem".
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    • I did acknowledge Black lives matters is good for raising awareness regarding these issues tho.

    • Soteris

      Yet what is your alternative? "All lives matter" Which literally does nothing except rub it in the face of "black lives matter"?

  • meowcow
    Black Lives Don't Matter to Black People.
    So why should they matter to anyone else?

    Fact: Approximately 90% of black murders in America are committed by other blacks.
    Few of these even show up as a blip on the media, because they are so common that it's accepted as the norm.
    Blacks would rather have the killer run free instead of help the police find the suspect. In black culture, helping the police find the killer means you're a snitch. By being uncooperative to police, even black police, they are perpetuating the violence by letting killers walk off scott free.

    The result is that blacks have made their community a dangerous place for everyone. Residents, police, passerbys... they're all targets in crime ridden black neighborhoods. When a neighborhood is so dangerous, police are not going to treat people they detain like a friendly face, because 99% of the time, they are not friendly. Those who think that police should treat each detainee in Chicago or Baltimore like an innocent person should try walking in the officer's shoes, where they are assaulted, attacked, spat on, or shot at on a daily basis by "regular black people".

    Where I live, crime is very low. Police do not need to be on guard all the time because it is safe. They feel safe. The public feels safe. It would truly be an outrage if the police shot an unarmed man over here. But in these predominantly black US cities, where the crime and murder rate is 20-50x higher than my hometown, who would expect any officer to lower their guard? They'd be dead in a minute.
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    • Do humanity a favor and upgrade your intellect.

  • hannaxx
    Can't believe you just compared BLM to communism...
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    • It was a joke. And communism is simply an economic theory, the authoritarian dictatorship portion is not an inherent part of communism itself. In fact, true communism coined by Marx is a stateless society, ergo your dictators wouldn't exist in true communism.

    • That type of thing isn't a joke...

    • @helloitsmethere exactly. Who jokes about that stuff?

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  • -Bokie-
    I think the black lives matter movement started out nice , but a few dumb individuals made it look like something dumb. I think these activist don't march on black on black crime because justice is being served. As far as welfare I don't get why some people act like blacks are so dependent on welfare. They say more white people have welfare so... kind of awkward. This is from the Huffington post it was conducted in 2013.

    Nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white. According to 2013 data from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.

    Justed Google and it said 38% of whites and 39% blacks I'd say it's not much of a difference. Don't know which one is the most accurate. Anyways growing up, me, yes a black person did not have food stamps. I know it's probably hard to believe for some people, but it's true.

    I agree with you that police brutality in general regardless of race is a problem. Some of these police are crazy and too trigger happy. I think police need to have a test to make sure they are right in the head. I also think if you are to afraid of the dangers that lurk out in the world then don't be a cop. I know for one I could not be a cop, people are crazy out there. Just like a fireman wouldn't be a fireman if he was afraid of fire. It's stupid.

    I do think black on black crime needs to stop, but will it probably not. Being in the community I've noticed some black people have a crab in the barrel mentality. They don't want to see another black person striving or doing good. My family and I were great, my parents were able to buy us Manu things. Of course others noticed needless to say they tried to break in our house and they set my dad's car on fire. I think If more black people uplifted each other and were happy for each other's accomplishments then the world would be a better place.

    I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like they broadcast these white police killing black people on the media to further the tensions between white people and black people. I think they want a race war and for us to kill each other.

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  • SinghSong
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    • SinghSong

      I'd say that pretty conclusively proves that police brutality towards black people is disproportionate in comparison to police brutality towards people of other ethnicities, wouldn't you? Unless you want to bury your head in the sand, and claim that the FBI's official figures are wrong?

    • YepThatsIt

      You do realize this doesn't actually prove anything right? You have the total population as opposed to the total amount of crimes committed. Want to correct that and see what we end up with?

      For example FBi also released this: www.fbi.gov/.../table-43 showing that roughly 30% of the crimes, and well above that for violent crimes (which would be what matters here) are committed by a black population. We now surprisingly have an even spread for all ethnicity and a favorable one towards blacks for violent crimes.

      Last but not least the incarceration rate of black men is at a sky-high 3 to 4 times as high as any other ethnicity https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=2200 Going by your numbers (and theirs) that would translate into a 47% rate and actually mean that black criminals are less likely to be shot than any other ethnicity.

      Not even American so your issues are your own but mate, freaking please don't mislead people with bad graphs.

    • SinghSong

      @YepThatsIt A disproportionately higher number of black people are killed by the police during arresting when they're NOT RESISTING ARREST. And when they don't have anything to resist arrest with- no firearms, no weapons, just hands empty, "hands up, don't shoot"- BANG, got killed anyway. How does violent crime factor into that? And how the heck does the similarly elevated black incarceration rate factor into that? These are the rates at which people belonging to different ethnicities are KILLED by the police "during arrest" in the United States. What point are you trying to make? Everyone else in the civilized world looks at America and sees how deep racial prejudices still are over there, sees how they're only getting deeper as the reactionaries rally against efforts to repair the fractures and drive communities further apart. Why can't you see it?

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  • Ratiocinative
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  • HonestWhiteGuy
    Good post I'm not a fan of BLM either especially when I see videos of them shouting their rhetoric at kids trying to quietly learn and study on college campuses.

    Like seriously, thats how they expect people to listen to their b. s? Shouting that you are racist if you disagree at kids quietly studying in a college library?

    To me they sound like morons that dont want rational debate they just want to fear monger and shout down people
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    • cyndyrene

      But that's how people protest. Hahaha. What an idiot.

    • @cyndyrene People protest like that inside a college library? Uh no they dont, idiot.

  • SnatchFinderGeneral
    Nobodie's life matters to me unless I know them. I mean within reason. Like, I don't wish death on people just because I don't know them.

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  • Dred1614
    Their "hands up, don't shoot" motto was a lie. They call for the murder of officers of the law. They loot and riot. If they want change, try acting more like MLK.
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    • Actually, BLM held a peaceful protest in Dallas yesterday. They're getting the message.

    • Dred1614

      @RainbowFanGirl As long as it's peaceful, who cares?

    • Yep.

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  • chc0009
    I sympathize with Black Lives Matter to some extent, given that African Americans have a higher likelihood of being targeted by the police. But I also believe that they're also getting out of hand and becoming too radical for me. Same thing with All Lives Matter, they're both evil: ALM works on arrogance, while BLM operates on malice.

    A side note, I know a black guy who is considered a go-to guy by the police and they trust him, so go figure.
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  • BlueCoyote
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