Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"


Well, I don’t literally hate the notion of saying that “Black lives matter”, what I hate, is the tendency to base vehement sentiments on pure anecdotes and guilt-mongering, which is what the movement often does. Facts and data are below, up here is my rant concerning the matter itself which is mostly balderdash of whatever pops up in my mind with no conceivable systematic format, I might go off-track and not come back, but that’s okay. I’m still right <3

I actually wanted to rant about why sociology sucks, but then this thingmajig came on the news about BLM .. and stuff..

WARNING: Lack of proper grammar and cohesive structure ahead. I concocted it initially for my own benefit, but I then figured that it may be of interest to others. If you’re not interested in my personal jargon, skip to the section filled with links below. I’m merely progressing from point A → point B.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Black lives matter in action is a big ball of bs not because it advocates for a diminishment in racial inequality, it really doesn’t, it sucks because it often translate into implications where they take the victimized stance instead of addressing some ingrained issues deep within the Black population. They have the tendency to ignore hardships of other races when the argument is made towards them, whilst simultaneously shift the discussion and point to the issues faced by other races whenever it benefits them.

While it does do a fantastic job at making people more aware of the deep-rooted racial issues that plague America, the methods of going about solving the issue is plain asinine.

>Rallies against black-on-black violence is done fairly frequently, but how many times have you actually seen BLM fund these rallies/marches.

>40,000 phone calls does not do anything but rustle the jimmies of people and perceive the cause to be a joke.

>Hijacking a speech by Sanders is not a great way to go about solving this problem, neither is butting in during a gay parade speech (thats so ridiculous and obnoxious).

There are more, but you get the gist.

Yes, I acknowledge the BLM does not imply ONLY black lives matter, it focuses on dealing the mistreatment of blacks in America. But quite often, this roots from the fact that, statistically more black men tend to commit crimes. This needs to be addressed. And further, more concern should be focused to address issues such as incarceration rates and welfare dependence in the Black community. Deflecting the blame and avoiding it whenever the matter is brought up does nothing to work towards a solution.

Don't get me wrong, I in no way believe that there is a tangible causative relationship between race and crimes committed, but I definitely do believe that there is correlative evidence linking race and crimes committed. But that is mostly because of socio-economical factors, that is the variable that yields causation and correlation between poverty and crimes committed.
Which makes it appear that Blacks commit crimes because they're Black. But no. That's stupid. That's stupid in, and stupid out. It's a statistical error that newbs make at the beginning of every statistics class.

This video demonstrates that BLM seems to be lacking in the ‘strategic’ department.

The only thing they’re good for is raising these systemic issues in America.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Tired of seeing drivel that’s contingent on “appeal to emotion” logical fallacy. It’s hard to get to the truth when sentiments put forward by people are often very biased, idealistic and opinionated, as opposed to something substantive (the irony, but dw, facts below).

I don’t care much for placating people or hearing things that sound good. I care for ascertaining the truth - however cheesy that may sound, to avoid doing so would be intellectually dishonest and often times detrimental to society. Why I place a precedence on an empirical approach to things, instead of getting emotions-backed worldview (where emotions in jokes like sociology is on par with peer-review papers) is exactly because of that.

You’re going to have to work with reality and fit piece by piece like a puzzle to fix anything. #blacklivesmatter movement works well.. with anecdotes and emotions.. That’s pretty much it. If you’re going to ignore cold-hard facts and base your movement on predominantly anecdotes whilst simultaneously cherry-pick data that supports your views, you’re going to create far more damage as opposed to solving them.

Emotions can be swayed based on someone’s experiences, especially of what they’re exposed to, and often times indoctrinated into believing. Facts are facts and they’re independent of whether you believe in them or not (inb4 butthurt creationists). People look at reality with a biased lens, their perception is inherently subjective, due to a complex set of filters by a variety of factors. That is not to say it can never be trusted. It can. It just needs to be put to a high level of scrutiny and testing when their sentiments are spawned out of topics so influential and controversial.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Back to topic:

Do you see the pattern in American affairs? Come on! I’m disappointed..

Say you’re some normal, typical Muslim (bear with me). You hear incidents of US drone blasts killing other innocent Muslims (like that one drone blast on the Afghan hospital), sometimes people you do know, sometimes people you do not. You feel the need to stand up against this ‘imperialistic’ power and therefore join the fight. You end up going various terrorist groups to “get back” at the people who wronged you.

Especially if you’re someone living in N.America. Then you create this cycle where terrorist attacks would create more concern in the country and the government would have a higher tendency to send their troops/planes/whatever into the Middle East/Afghanistan and thus. This is a simplified explanation of the inner-workings of radicalization and misses some of the important details, but I left them out bc they’re not relevant to the current discussion.

Same thing goes with your typical Black male.

You hear black males being killed in the news and that creates fear, or perhaps even anger (maybe this are of people you know). That anger is further fueled by movements such as #blacklivesmatters which you join consisting of also people that you do know. Then you start being violence against policemen, maybe you kill one, effectively provoking more fear and retaliation in policemen towards the black communities. This cycle continues perpetually.

And ofc I am not saying that all typical Muslims or typical black men act like that, nor am I saying the past few cases are because of this. I’m trying to describe what an average individual of either demographic may choose to to. I also do in no way insinuate that this happens to the majority of Muslims or Blacks.

Also this is to some level, prolly caused by militarization of the police in America (kind of like increased in military presence in the Middle East). Then you get news of a correlation between militarization of police and an increase in SWAT raids whereby no people are armed, and yet were shot.

I also don’t mean to equate ISIS to something like BLM, I’m simply pointing out the parallels in psychology that potentially makes people do these things.

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

Now for actual boring data:

Police kill approximately twice as many whites as blacks during 2015. 50% of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, 25% were black. The majority of these victims had a gun or were armed.


You might argue that the data points racist connotations towards blacks considering the population ratio of white:black is 5:1. However, statistical data also indicate that blacks are charged with 62% of robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults, despite comprising only 15% of the US population. It’s important to note that this statistic entails for crimes prosecuted and not necessarily ones that are actually committed, but there is no evidence as far as I’ve seen that indicates blacks are systematically far more prosecuted on a larger scale that would give rise to these discrepancy in numbers.

An article by the Washington post concluded from a study that unarmed black men were 7x more likely to be shot than unarmed white men – black men make up 40% of 60 unarmed deaths (24/60, that is), yet they only comprise 6% of the entire population.


It’s vital to do a case-by-case analysis considering that the small sample size does not allow one to make a statistically valid assertion. Upon further examination, it appears that in a number of these cases, the use of lethal force was completely justified, or involved collateral damage. Ergo, it cannot be concluded a case of discrimination.

The following are articles regarding unarmed black men killed in 2015:

Tony Robinson allegedly assaulted the police officer, the officer proceeded to utilize lethal force

Christian Taylor was smashing several cars windows, security called the police. It appears that he was under the influence of hallucinogens. He confronted two police officers relentlessly, one of them deployed a taser and the other shot him several times.


Needless to say, the cop who killed him was fired.

But the victim’s father expressed sympathy for the cop.


Man tries to grab gun of police, but discharged in process


Man beats officer in the face several times


Here are two cases where a stray bullet was involved. Completely collateral damage, thus it cannot have been racial discrimination.


You get the picture.

Although more cop killers are white in pure numerical terms, relative to white/black ratio; black men kill more cops.

“In 2013, 44 percent of cop killers were white, 37 percent were black and 11 percent were Hispanic. Last year, 54 percent were white, 26 percent were black and 18 percent were Hispanic.”


It’s possible that this correlative relationship is purely coincidental, though.

I don’t deny that there probably is a tendency for many cops to fear many black people particularly due to psychological conditioning, particularly due to the disproportionate crime rates committed by Black men. The snipers at the BLM rally certainly do nothing but regress this heated problem (just like how extremists screwed up Syria during the Arab spring protests). I don't mean that these police are justified in being more cautious around black people, I'm just trying to point out why its not so much a cut and dry case of 'racism' as one might think. Police are human beings like everyone else, they utilize probability and heuristics when dealing with situations, especially abrupt, life-threatening ones.

Civil rights activist experiences “use of force” training:


HUGE eyer-opener, watch this video.

As for those who say that police brutality towards black people is a problem, here's two incidents involving unarmed white males. Police brutality is a problem, period (but thats a topic for another day). There are lots of good cops and lots of bad cops, don't conflate them together though.
Cops shoot unarmed man as he progresses towards them.


Cops open fire on man and his 6 year old autistic son. The son is mortally wounded.


Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"

RIP people who were killed in all this senseless violence.You probably didn’t deserve to die.
Screw those assholes who are utilising your deaths to further agendas that are counterintuitive to society.

Not all Black people are belligerent criminals, not all cops are murderers, not all white people are genocidal maniacs. Killing innocent people is never the solution, and if you disagree with me about this, well, please go through with a vasectomy or wear a condom for the rest of your life.

Yes there is tons of BS that comes from external forces like the government, state and what have you. But the thing BLM, SJW and Feminists proponents fail to realise is that the issue often comes down to internal forces. Being obnoxious and getting into the face of people does more harm to your cause than you'll like to think. But I do admit that BLM isn't even near half as bad as Feminism, at least their arguments do have some basis in reality. Feminism? Nothing close.

TL ; DR~> BLM sounds good on paper, but terrible application. Like communism. There are real problems in the world and we need to think and consider them very carefully in the right context. It’s important not to muddy the water with such meaningless nonsense. I urge you to read the entire thingamajig ^_^

P.S. Go home PC, SJW tumblr-ikes, you're drunk! #alllivesmatter

Why I Despise "Black Lives Matter"
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