Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55


So yesterday was the Presidents' birthday and despite being 55 he's still a total hottie. Here's a little tribute to the sexy motherf*cker and some of his greatest achievements......

Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55

In 1972 Barack Obama became the first man to attempt a single handed crossing of the Pacific Ocean. He attempted the voyage using a home made craft fashioned from discarded shoes, wood and stuck together using envelope glue. The mission was a failure but the attempt was recognised as pioneering work in the shoe/envelope boat industry.

Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55

In July of 1983 Obama released an album entitled The Majesty Of Small Dogs: An instrumental Experiment in Modern Jazz. The album was a failure but he did receive a Grammy and much critical acclaim. Critics described it as: "a journey into the mind of a genius.....with dogs"

Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55

In 1997 Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for successfully defusing the Brit Pop war between Oasis and Blur. Many had already lost their lives in the battle for pop supremacy, thanks to this brave man fans of the two groups are now able to work together to unite the nation.

Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55

In 1999 Obama was declared King of Hawaii. At his coronation five ducks, three sparrows and a box of pigeons were thrown into Hawaii's Smiley Face volcano as an offering to the God's of American politics. There were also supposed to be four virgins being sacrificed but finding virgins proved to be too difficult, so instead three fat women and a lonely middle aged man were asked to jump into the volcano instead.

Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55

Following his election as President in 2009 Obama successfully brought to an end all poverty in the United States. His single greatest achievement to date.

So there he is, the wonderful Obama.....he might be getting on a bit but he's still a sexy sonofabitch :)

Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55
Obama's Birthday: Still Hot at 55
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fathoms77
    It's my firm belief that a leader of a nation should be in good physical condition. If he or she is going to set an example for the people, especially in a country in absolutely dire health, then that person absolutely needs to be health-conscious.

    Trump's florid face and body tell me this guy is cruising for a heart attack or a stroke because his lifestyle is poor. Clinton looks better but I don't see her running a 5K any time soon, either. :P
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    • TakeMaker

      Hey, the poor guy was involved in a horrendous Cheeto accident when he was younger, that colour he has is a result of the Cheeto dust binding with his skin pigment...

      But yeah, the guy has enough money that he has no excuse, but he's of that era: men need cash, not to look good. He buys his female attention so I suppose he doesn't see the merit in being healthy.

    • BlueCoyote

      But to be fair, let's also not forget that Hillary and Trump are both over 10 years older than Obama. When you're that age, 10-15 years can make a pretty big difference.
      In any case, I personally believe that what America urgently needs is a really young president. Sure, you can be old and still have good ideas but I think America has had enough elderly men as presidents in the last 50 years (excluding Kennedy and Obama). It is not surprising that elderly men will also care more about their own age group and their own problems. The way I understand it, the age minimum of 35 was originally set into place in order to keep inexperienced people out of office. However, now that millions of Americans are willing to elect a completely inexperienced (though 70-year old) guy into office, we might as well try something new and elect a 25-year old guy or girl. I mean, c'mon, wouldn't that be kind of awesome? I think young people need a stronger voice in politics (in the US and elsewhere).

    • TakeMaker

      @BlueCoyote oh dear lord no, how can you have gained enough life experience at 25 to run a democratic country?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • reixun
    Is this timeline for real? Three fat woman and a lonely middle aged guy jumped into a volcano? 😂

    He's the best looking president we've had, he ages like fine wine.
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    • TakeMaker

      They had to, the God's of Politics needed appeasing...

    • reixun

      Lmao I'm wondering if anyone else actually read it all 😂

    • TakeMaker

      Well, with such a handsome face to distract them...

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • TheSpartan
    At least this guy will be our next president:
    • TakeMaker

      Get the he'll out of here, this is not a place for such hideous mutants to be shown... fucking Donald Trump... my poor eyes!

    • Hot as fuck

    • TheSpartan

      @bubbletrouble he was a pretty good-looking guy.

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  • JetBoy797
    I think we all know the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeu, is by far the most attractive leftist politician.

    • JetBoy797

      He's a former nightclub bouncer. 🇨🇦

    • TakeMaker

      He looks like he should be in a teen vampire film.

    • JetBoy797

      He does lol

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  • jameson187
    This guy's a complete piece of shit. He set us back years and people love him cause he's " a black president". I did like your history of him though. Unfortunately it wasn't all real and the part of being named king of Hawaii involved him getting thrown in the volcano.
    • TakeMaker

      Didn't mean to upvote...

    • jameson187

      Why not? Obama is one of the top 5 worst presidents.

    • TakeMaker

      Because I don't believe that.

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  • vishna
    In his youth, he was definitely cool looking, that fedora, the small fro, that confidence. He looks great now too. And when he smiles, it's really a great smile. And his family is beautiful too.
    • TakeMaker

      It is a brilliant smile, you can't beat a good smile :)

  • Stardust143
    Haha, well honestly he's not bad for his age.

    Funny myTake tho, I was laughing reading some of those "achievements". Didn't realize he was such a musical genius. ;)
  • Phoenix98

    I think I made my point


    O and did you know Obama got whupped by his own wife (man), she's stronger then he is lol.
    • TakeMaker

      Fuck, I knew I should have reblocked you.

    • Lol why would you block him because he has a difference in opinion?

    • @Fearless_banana some tolerant liberal, eh?

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  • Dawnofanewhorizon
    You can definitely tell that being a President has taken its toll on his appearance. Just imagine how much better he'd look if he didn't spend eight years walking around with an entire nation's burdens on his shoulders.
  • Errhh
    Well, Happy bday to him 🎉🎁🎂!!

    Vladimir Putin and Mexican presidents are also attractive 😯😯😁😁😂!!!
    • TakeMaker

      Oh no, Putin is awful! Don't know about the Mexican president

    • Errhh

      😠😠😠😠😡!! He's handsome!!! And so is the Mexican one 😁😁!!!

  • Stacyzee
    He's in great shape.
    I wouldn't call him hot because that is a sexual reference.
    I don't view him in that way but he is good looking.
    • TakeMaker

      Oh he's hot, I'd do Obama for sure.

    • Stacyzee

      I've never considered an older man hot, maybe good looking.

  • gobsmacked3
    He is a very good looking man- stunning in his youth

    • TakeMaker

      I like me an older guy, a bit of grey is often sexy but yes I agree, he was gorgeous when he was younger. Very striking.

    • You need a Irish guy, around 45 with a salt/pepper look ;)

    • TakeMaker

      Haha! Hmmmmmm... now where would I find one of those? ? ?

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  • Jaded214
    He's such a handsome man. The more he ages, the better he looks. The whole first family is just a beautiful site to look at.
    • TakeMaker

      I agree, time weathers him well.

    • AriadneSky

      no. not really. he was very attractive when he was young. he's not ugly now but you know wilted.

    • TakeMaker

      @AriadneSky I'd argue that, he's aged well.

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  • ManWithNoLuck
    He's an absolute disgrace as a president. Also, I didn't even know people considered him as "hot" until now.
  • renogaza
    after seeing that 1st picture of him i can really see him rockin an afro like that even now xD
  • Blanchmess
    He was a handsome man and still is

    Black don`t crack huh
  • TheButterfly
    He's around my parents age so imma just call him awesome and a role model
  • cinderelli
    I share the birth month with Obama!!! He's a great leader.. so humble even when he was basically the most powerful man on earth... great people are born in August for sure.. 😎😎
  • jacquesvol
    And is wife too is still hot
    • TakeMaker

      Got to have a hot wife for such a hot dude :)

    • you know I saw her at the convention, and that was like the first time ever I was thinkin damn Michelle is kinda fine

    • TakeMaker

      Oh happy birthday by the way!!!

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    He looks like Bruno mars... Or does Bruno Mars look like him? 🤔
    • TakeMaker

      I don't know... I don't know what Bruno Mars looks like:/

    • How have you never seen Bruno Mars? I think he's overrated, but he's everywhere. He was just performing at the last couple super bowls

    • TakeMaker

      I don't watch music videos or really watch anything Bruno Mars would be in... I won't lie, I thought he was white.

  • girlinthemirror
    i find Obama very polite person, dont find him attractive, just not my type. But as a person he is very good
  • RedneckCowgirl
    I do not find him hot, but he's better than Trump and Clinton.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    I never really understood all the rave about him and, especially, Michelle. He's okay and she looks like a demon. They seem like nice people though.
  • Hidden_P
    I've always been on the Obama train.

    Choo choo!
  • Fine-Booty-Grabber
    Do you suffer from brain damage of some kind?
    • TakeMaker

      Says the 37 year old called Fine Booty Grabber...

    • TakeMaker

      Oh I'm heart broken, the random dude on the internet thinks I have an unattractive ass... how will I go on?

    • Hahahahaha Booty Grabber I love you

  • Negrodamuss
    he's defo a good looking guy
    • TakeMaker

      I have a serious crush on him, I'm gutted he has to stop being President :'(

    • Hah, dont worry, don't worry... I'm still around

    • TakeMaker

      Haha! Phew!

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  • Valkyrie1
    Are any of those facts actually true?
    • TakeMaker

      Maybe I put a real one in among the fakes... maybe they're all real!

    • Valkyrie1


  • helloitsmethere
    They do say 'black don't crack' and it's very true...
  • abundantlyrich
    Just an average person
    • TakeMaker

      Not really, most people aren't the leader of the United States.

    • That is because he is genetically related to most of the presidents.

    • You glorify his appearances too much. He was a practicing gay with a penchance for cocaine.

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  • idkthus
    what a good looking black dude.
  • Byakuyarko
    he's got a lot of ice-cubeesque sass...
  • LunaLawliet
    Lol beautiful! What a great myTake. :)
  • ElissaDido
    Yeah I always found him attractive
  • YourFutureEx
    Beautiful is as beautiful does.
  • datgirl
    Haha black don't crack.
  • Danfrombackhome
    You know he's gay, right? His "wife" is a dude
    • TakeMaker

      You know I'm not actually trying to fuck him right?

  • RainbowFanGirl
    He's such a good looking president. :)
  • Scared_Banana
    I bet he's got at least an 8.5" dick. srs
  • BarbieDollT
    Love you! ❤️
  • Jersey2
    Ne plays golf all week while the country burns.