Why "Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder " Isn't True Most of the Time

Why "Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder " Isn't True Most of the Time

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder only applies in certain situations, which is when close to half of people think one thing about a person's attractiveness and close to half of people think something completely different. Or a third think someones attractive, another third think they're average, and the other third think they're unnattractive.

This is what determines whether someone is attractive to somebody.

• Specifically what kinds of facial features the other person finds attractive
• How much importance each area of facial attractiveness is to that individual person (whether that person knows it or not)
•Skin tone preferences
•Hair / Facial hair preferences

(Lets ignore race preferences, someone can be attractive in general but be found unnattractive because that other person's racial preferences)

Why "Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder " Isn't True Most of the Time

There are times when attraction IS in the eyes of the beholder, such as cases where:

•Close to half of people think you're attractive and close to half think you're average looking

•If close to half of people think you are attractive and close to half of people think you're unnattractive

•If close to half of people think you are average looking and close to half of people think you're ugly

-In these cases you have facial characteristics of two or all types of attractiveness (average, good looking, or ugly characteristics) that most people are split on when majority is split between two or three different opinions

-What determines how each of the 80-100% of people who are on one side or the other, is how your attractive and unnattractive facial characteristics match up with their individual facial preferences

-I say at least 80% in the case its close to half and half because the other 10-20% wIll disagree with the others.

In these cases, the general opinion was too mixed to say you're beautiful, or ugly, or decent looking in general when it was closely controversial between the two likely ones or all three.

Why "Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder " Isn't True Most of the Time

There are people who fit one description by the general opinion. There will be some people who think differently and most people agree they're attractive, or average, or ugly.

That's the general opinion, like if 70% of people think someone is an intolerable asshole, or douchebag, but 30% think they're awesome and those people are just as bad as them, doesn't make them awesome.

Think about this for a second, imagine the worst personality you can imagine that's mostly disliked by 70-80% of people, whether its a real person or not.

Does that make them have a good personality because a small percent of people will like them?

Why "Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder " Isn't True Most of the Time

These are the same cases with attractiveness involved:

•If most people think your ugly then your ugly, but some people will find you attractive or think you're average looking

•If most people think you're attractive then you're attractive, but some people will think you're average looking or will find you unnattractive

•If most people think you're average looking then you are average looking, but some people may find you attractive or unnatractive

Why "Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder " Isn't True Most of the Time
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  • Anonymous
    So you're implying that society dictates what is beautiful and what is not? Different groups of people think differently. In East Asia, the vast majority of women bleach their skin in order to look "beautiful". Does that mean that all tanned/dark skinned people are ugly?
    • Anonymous

      considering societies all around is what makes you attractive. One society that doesn't like white skin or dark skin doesn't dictate what the world thinks about a normal trait.

      In "that" society they are ugly, but if their attractive facial feature wise , then they are attractive, like how I mentioned in my take to leave race out of it because someone can be attractive but be found unnatractive because the other person doesn't find their races skin tone or facial features attractive, but it doesn't make them unnattractive. They still are attractive.

      In a racist society, the oppressed race would seem unnattractive to the society. But in majority of other countries / societies or just societies that aren't racist towards them, that same person would be a model and highly sought after because they are really attractive.

      This take wasn't about skin color, it was about "facial features"

    • Anonymous

      Skin color, body type, hair type, INCLUDING facial features, are part of a person's physical appearance. Facial features isn't the sole indicator of beauty.

      I'm not attacking you by the way, however I can't really seem to understand your stance on this issue. First you say that you are "unattractive" if the vast majority of people say think you are, but now you're saying that facial features are what people look at in order to determine if someone is "ugly"? What about the people who have desirable facial features, but are extremely over/underweight? A good number of people out there would argue that being overweight makes you undesirable. A good number won't. When a guy says a girl is "hot", he is looking at the entire package (her face, body, hair, etc...) to make that assessment.

    • Anonymous

      For your confusion its always been facial features, thats why i said exclude race.

      Im talking about facial beauty because thats what people talk about more when people say their ugly , average, or attractive and someone tells them "No, beauty's in the eyes of the beholder." So i wasn't specific enough when i wrote this take.

      So my stance is on "facial beauty" concerning facial features and your face alone.

      For Your example:

      The girl's face would still be attractive, which is what im saying. But her body wouldn't, it could make her undesirable.

      When you consider all aspects if beauty, she wouldn't be considered desirable by most. They would agree her face is hot / attractive , then add the "but...(insert comment about unnattractive body)"

      (when guys say a girls hot, when its about her face its the same as when a girl says a guys good looking as opposed to cute, cute means the same thing when guys say it about a face as when girls say it)

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