Why I Think Women Are Currently Ahead of Men


Alright, I'm a person who believes in equality between men and women. We should be equal. But females are currently ahead in my opinion. The thing is, I grew up very close to my mum so I look at women a bit differently to most men. I think women are better than men overall, not necessarily all but in general. I do think men are slowly closing the gap though.

Why I Think Women Are Currently Ahead of Men

1.) Women give birth to men

Alright, this is how you men and women are born. Man and women have gigidy gigidy and schtup, then the man walks of and the women carries a human for 9 months. Turning into a nuclear bomb without plutonium. Then they go through childbirth which is the most painful thing ever. They may die during this. Then they have to recover. Then breastfeed. What do men do? Nothing that's what.

2.) Mums raise the kids, the dad doesn't

Most mothers raise their kids on their own, even if the dad sticks around. The dad might earn money but even then the women does the legwork and a lot of women work and bring up kids. Who does the cooking? The washing?

Why I Think Women Are Currently Ahead of Men

3.) Women can organise most men, a man can't organise a women

Women are more organised full stop. They cook. They clean. They wash. They arrange the little details. Appointments. Holidays. Bills. The list goes on. A women never needs a man though. Never.

4.) Mums stay through hard times, a lot of men pussy out

You know how many men leave their kids and wife just coz they get bored and can't handle responsibility? Yeah we know.

Why I Think Women Are Currently Ahead of Men

5.) Female leaders have a backbone, they stay true to their beliefs

Most female leaders, around the world. Good or bad, will defend their views and beleifs and stand by it. Margaret thatcher couldn't be bought or threatened. Angele merkel is the same. They believe and they go after it. Men on the other hand will declare them self gay (no offence) if it will help them win an election.

6.) They are compassionate

If the hug from your mum and dad feel the same....well they won't

7.) A women can make a man successful without money, a man can't do this for a women

Why I Think Women Are Currently Ahead of Men

Lots of women are the unsung hero behind a successful man but never get the credit, and some will even be called a gold digger after they leave when their husband cheats with a younger hoe. Tough world.

8.) They make the best friends

My guy friends are for going out to a club or going on holiday. Girls are for talking, secrets, hard times, advice, hugs and general hanging out.

Thanks for reading.

This is my opinion. Don't have to agree with me. Let me know your opinions.

Why I Think Women Are Currently Ahead of Men
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lillevalss
    Literally every single sentence in this article is wrong. Just plain flat out nonsense. It's so wrong that even the title of this article is wrong.
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    • Anonymous

      It's not wrong it's opinion.

    • You leave this man alone

    • Lillevalss

      Then I advise you to restructure your sentences to avoid delivering false implications.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    Sure, women are ahead.
    If you have to lie and degrade men for it.
    P. S
    I'm sorry you have daddy issues.
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    • Anonymous

      Nope not lying. And no degrading. Just stating what I have seen. Problem is men hold power, not women.

    • Anonymous

      Nor is it equal.

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  • tony1988
    Wow feel sorry for you I guess you had a horrible father. Everything you said is wrong, except for a small minority of men. There is no superior gender men and women are equal and together we make up the species.
    • Anonymous

      Are you telling me that the men you see make up more than the 0.000001% of men in the world. Americans thinking again they are the centre of the universe. It's my opinion and what I have seen since birth.

      Don't like it? Go f yourself

  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Just a word of advice: Being a white knight makes women go dry so fast.
    • Anonymous

      I would only say this on here. Not in real life.

    • Being a white knioght won't get you laid. Nothing makes women's pussies dry up faster than a white knight.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I know. Nice guys don't get laid.

      I've never said this to a women's face or on text. Never will. And I don't think a women is necessarily above me, I just said overall they're ahead

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  • Scared_Banana
    "Then they go through childbirth which is the most painful thing ever"

    But it's not the most painful thing ever.
    • Anonymous

      How do you know?

    • I've given birth 3 times.

  • Muhammad1999
    Nice take , yeah women are ahead of men by these things but good men are the ones mostly who protect women and their kids right :]
    • Anonymous

      Of course biram.

  • Peskyn3gr0
    Awaiting impending shitstorm...
    • Anonymous


  • YourFutureEx
    Just eight points?
  • Anonymous
    Men are pigs, such bastards.
    Lets worship the mighty women.
    • Anonymous

      I am really sorry bro... I didn't mean to say that. I was just frustrated because of the forthcoming exams.. and this was the anger... I would just say... I disagree.
      I am sorry again. Dont Take in the heart...
      I am the Pig...

    • Anonymous

      Why can't we delete comments... I a regretting after posting this comment... SORRY

    • Anonymous

      What? Never mind

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