How to Fight Ageism Involving Older Females in US Society


Some people think it's a losing battle, but me, I try lines on older women, such as

How to fight ageism involving older females  in US society.

"Do you think your daughter will also get more beautiful as she ages? '

Just used that one on a bride's mother. Of course she pretended to shrug it off, but you could tell she doesn't get the compliments she deserves in general...

Another mother of a student, I patted her behind. She giggled and said, 'It's been 20 years since anyone did that.'

Sure a lot of them pretend to get angry when you do things like that, but how many are REALLY angry? Lol....

We should all join together to fight ageism against women! It's our duty as men!

How to Fight Ageism Involving Older Females in US Society
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  • Demon_King_Alastor
    I hate to break it to you, but no matter what you do, you can't fight biology. Women are more fertile in their 20s and early 30s than any other point in their life, so when they age they lose this fertility and they get less attractive.

    In men, you see the complete opposite: men are seen as unattractive and lazy in their early 20s but as men age and acquire more resources they get better looking and then suddenly they encounter numerous women wanting to have sex with them.

    You can't fight the biology of the genders no matter how hard you try, it's a simple biological fact. Main stream media has been trying to push men into wanting cougars because of the numerous women in their 40s who are childless and can't find a husband, but it's a battle doomed from the beginning.
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  • jcoldstream
    You should fight all ageism, not just among young men who can't see the advantages of an older girlfriend. The Baby Boomers have almost all reached State retirement age now, and by 2025 all the people who were born before 1960, when the Pill cut the birth rate further, will also have retired. There will be a serious shortage of experienced workers in management positions, and over-50s are already treated as unemployable. God knows why employers don't want to engage workers over 50, but it's called ageism, it's illegal, and it ought to stop.
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    • It's because older workers won't tolerate what younger workers have to put up with. Not more complicated than that.

    • Which is why you need older workers!

    • By the way, of COURSE younger men need experienced older women. Did you know that the commonest search term on porn sites is "Milf?"

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  • lizziepooh03
    Hahaha. You fight the good fight, @martyfellow. I think you are on to something.

    I do not think any woman any age hates when a fella' flirts with her. Even if it entails a bit of ass grabbing. lol!

    Love it. From what I recall from your profile, you are in relationship and not that old so you must just be a flirt, bad boy! :)
  • ThisDudeHere
    "doesn't get the compliments she deserves in general"

    What do you mean deserves? No one deserves compliments.