A Young Christian Girl's Take on Gay Rights: It Might Surprise You

A Young Christian Girl's Take on Gay Rights: It Might Surprise You

First, I would like to start off by saying that I KNOW this is a very controversial topic. Many people will not agree with me at all, and I will probably get a lot of hate.

To begin, I think that everybody should know where I stand religiously. I am a Christian. That plays a very important role in what I am going to talk about now.

As the title of this take entails, I am here to talk about my stance on gay marriage/gay rights. Considering I am a Christian, I believe this may surprise some of you.

I am not against them. Not completely, anyways. I've been struggling with this for awhile now. I have grown up going to church, always being told that being gay is WRONG. But, as I've gotten a bit older, my view began to change.

I do not want to demoralize gay people. I do not want to put them down. I love them just as much as I love any other person. My personal belief is that nobody should be put down for how they feel. If somebody is gay, the DO NOT deserve to be alienated because of it.

Christians are supposed to be accepting, loving, helpful, compassionate. But, over the years, I believe some of us have developed a very hateful point of view. By not letting somebody marry the person that they love, how are we really being accepting or compassionate? By taking away somebody's shot at happiness, how are we encompassing all that it means to be a Christian? By telling somebody that they are going to hell because of who they've fallen in love with, how is that fair?

A Young Christian Girl's Take on Gay Rights: It Might Surprise You

I do not believe that being gay earns you a straight way ticket to eternal damnation. What if a gay person is also a devoted Christian? I believe that they are still loved by God and will be accepted.

Conflicting emotions definitely go on inside me. My parents are completely against gay people. My dad makes the most HORRIBLE comments. And I never, ever speak up. That's why I'm here now. I want people to know how I feel.

I want everyone to know that I do, to an extent, support gay rights. The Bible strictly prohibits them...and this is where my internal conflicts arise. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Perhaps I am. But this is how I feel.

I simply want to be known as a girl who accepts everybody, no matter who they are, or who they love. People may not even read this take, but that's okay. I just want it out there. I needed to get this off of my chest.

A Young Christian Girl's Take on Gay Rights: It Might Surprise You
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  • Anonymous
    It is interesting to see the list of arguments for and against homosexuality.

    There are Christians who support gay rights and believe that the Bible does not prohibit homosexuality.
    There are non-religious people who support gay rights and believe that the Bible does prohibit homosexuality.
    There are Christians who oppose gay rights and believe that the Bible does prohibit homosexuality.
    There are Christians who oppose gay rights and believe that the Bible does not specifically say that it bans homosexuality, but that their opposition is derived from inference.
    The list goes on.
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  • madhatters4
    i think you have a great position on the matter and one that is becoming more common among devout christians. it is understandable why religious people might be against homosexuality. nearly every religious text denounces and damns homosexuality.

    but like you have experienced and many others books written 1000s of years of ago may have great lessons but also may contain positions that in 1000s require re-evaluation
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  • NatashaJ
    Well since your a strong Christian can I ask why there some people in your religion who are against transgender though hating transgenders are not in the bible and even if it was wouldn't that be against "love thy neighbor". I'm curious why some Christians are having a issue with the transgender bathroom issue.
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    • Anonymous

      The transgender bathroom issue is a completely different issue in and of itself. People are scared that men are going to rape their wives/daughters/other girls relations in the women's bathroom.

      If somebody is transgender, I will not judge them or accept them any less than I would any other person. However, I do not agree 100% with transgenders being able to use any bathroom they "identify with".

      However, I've known transgender people and I'm not condemning them. It's just, the bathroom issue just... doesn't seem right to me, because of the fact that rapists and such can probably now get into the bathrooms without any problems.

    • NatashaJ

      I see but I saw a question on here about lettings transgenders be able to use a bathroom at a church. Apparently that's against people religions which doesn't make sense.

    • NatashaJ

      note a bathroom not a female or male bathroom and I think a shitty thing to do to denied someone the bathroom because of them could be a transgender.

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  • QuestionMan
    Pope Francis actually supports gay rights and is in favour of civil unions (but not calling it same-sex marriage).
    If anyone is an authority on Christianity it's him.
    I really like the guy. I agree with him on many things.
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    • Don't you realize satan is already went into the church? The bible is the only authority, not Pope Francis.

    • @Canadiandude The Pope's interpretation of the Bible is what counts not yours.
      He is the central authority. That is if you're a Catholic.

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  • StewieRH
    I too am a young Christian girl and as far as I recall, have never had a problem with people who are gay, bi or lesbian.

    To be honest it really confused me when I first heard that being gay was a sin. I mean I'm straight myself but I just didn't understand how (as you say) Christians are meant to be loving, accepting people who are accepting of all and yet apparently if you're gay you're evil.

    I really don't get that. People who are gay, bi or lesbian can't help the way they feel, just as I can't really help the way I feel as a straight girl.

    My Mum is a Christian and usually a very nice, kind, understanding person, and yet her take on it is "Well they can't help the way they feel but I think them actually carrying out the act (sex) in itself is wrong" despite the fact she broke the rule of "no sex before marriage" (I know this because I was 9 when she got married to my Dad).

    I've mentioned about the whole gay thing before to my mum, how I didn't understand how that was a sin and she didn't seem to know how to answer other than what I've just wrote that she said.

    Upon further research it's because it's "against Gods plan" as you say, they can't help the way they feel though. I would be devastated if I was told I was going to hell for loving my boyfriend and could never do any *ahem* "intimate" with him or whoever I ended up with ever; because I can't help the way I feel as a straight girl. I like guys romantically, not girls, just as gay guys like guys romantically and not girls, and lesbians like girls romantically and not guys.

    The way I see it: Killing, torturing, raping, bullying, molesting, etc those things are evil.

    Being gay? Being gay doesn't seem like being evil.
    • Anonymous

      I don't think that being gay in and of itself is evil either. Not at all.

      When people that are gay say hurtful things about Christians, however, that does hurt me. Just because I'm a Christian, they're automatically on the defensive. That's why I just had to write this take. I love everybody, no matter who they are, and I really wanted people to know that.

    • StewieRH

      I can understand that, I wouldn't like it if a bunch of gay/bi/lesbian people started hating on me just because I'm Christian and assumed things about me based on that.

  • John_Doesnt
    That's called cherry picking. The bible opposes other things, yet you're not against them in America's modern society. Adultery, fornication & polygamous relationships are perfectly legal, but Christians don't complain about those things which are also abolished in the bible.
    Hypocrisy is the current name of Christianity.
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    • JRH1991

      I honestly don't care what two consenting adults do behind close doors, but the bible says specifically marriage is between a man and a woman. I'm ok with civil unions but I dont accept it as marriage.

    • @JRH1991 what passage says only man & woman? The bible says between 1 man and several women. Nothing else about marriage.

  • worldscolide
    i think its disgusting the way that Christianity treats them. This is why religion full stop is a bad thing. That having been said i am glad to see you're not like them.
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    • Anonymous

      I think that religion is beautiful in so many ways...

      Especially Christianity. All that it encompasses and embraces: love, acceptance, compassion, faith, hope... however, I feel that advocating against gay rights compromises that. I really do. How can you be accepting, and yet tell a person that they're wrong for falling in love, whether it be a man to a man, or a woman to a woman? I don't think that's right.

    • This is why you are one of the very few good ones

  • LittleSally
    No, you're not wrong. Your view and feelings on this are right on point.
    The Bible wasn't written by God, it was written by men - who were afraid of their own shadows and loved making things up that suited them at the time...
    by the way., I'm also Christian.

    The good, respectful, loving things in the Bible make sense, everything vile and disrespectful towards innocent people has no business being in any holy book in my opinion.

    • Josht13

      so some of it is right and the word of god but the stuff I don't like "oh that's just made up". Definition of cherry-picking.

    • @Josht13 You do realize none of that is 'the word of God', right?


    • Josht13

      then why believe any of it.

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  • Sara413
    If it makes you feel uncomfortable that the Bible prohibits homosexuality, it's helpful to remind yourself that the Bible had a lot of rules and prohibitions that made sense for the times but no longer make sense today.

    Focusing on the love and acceptance bit is the important stuff anyways. Glad you get it!
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  • fuqthegovt
    I'm an atheist and still think it's gross and should be considered obscenity in public at the very least, if not outlawed all together like it used to be. Most people don't want to see or hear about it just as they wouldn't if pedophilia were legal (via lowering the age of consent back to 7-10 like it was in the 1800's).
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    • I think ketchup is gross should it be outlawed or labeled obscenity? I mean it's GROSS
      Can people on a diet ban people from eating donuts in public?
      That's essentially the same line of reasoning. Just because you think the sight of something is gross doesn't mean it should be made illegal. That's ridiculous.

    • Pedophilia is sexually assaulting or raping a child. A child doesn't have the mental capacity to give convent. That is why pedophilia is disgusting and outlawed. That's why people don't want to see it. It can't be compared to two consenting adults on the same sex.

    • fuqthegovt

      @RachelBrigs Yes it can they are both mental defects. Just because the APA got sick of being protested so quit calling it a sickness in 1973 doesn't mean it suddenly isn't the day after. Hell NAMBLA members and other pedophiliacs might as well start protesting the APA as well and once they cave get to work on congress and the media, popular opinion of it be dammed. I still find it mind-boggling that Russia is now more democratic than America is. Here a high % banned gay marriage at the state level only for the Supreme Circus to override popular opinion. In Russia not only was it marriage but all gay propaganda (ie none of those ridiculous parades nor media depictions of it nor gay-right protesting) with 88% of the popular vote for it, and their vote was allowed to stand. Let that sink in.

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  • TheFlak38
    I don't have a problem with gay people. I have a problem with the LGBT which promotes anything sick and degenerate as being the norm in society and nature.
    I have a very good gay friend who is also a christian (I am not) and he agrees to that.
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  • RedThread
    You're not alone. I don't know where you live but I'm from Massachusetts and my friends who identify as Christian support people being free to do as they choose as long as they aren't hurting anyone. Gay marriage is just one of those things. Their reasoning behind it is a little different than yours when we have had conversations about it.

    My state has had gay marriage since 2004 so maybe it's just been here much longer than some other states so people are just more chill about it now.
    • Anonymous

      I live in Oregon. Which is a very liberal state. Gay marriage was legalized here a long time ago.

      However, I live in a very small community. Everybody goes to the same church. And everybody is very small minded.

      Honestly, my stance is simple: everybody should be allowed to love and be happy, and they are not affecting my life in anyways whatsoever. So why should I condemn them? Why should I hate them?

      There is absolutely no reason. That fact that so many Christians are so full of hate when it comes to this subject is terrible.

    • Its a question of focus. The bible aays MANY things andnoften contradicts itself. The question is what does Jesus focus on? He definitely focusses on being loving and forgiving FAR more often than he focusses on homosexuality. If you look at what He says about homosexuality, he says practically nothing about it. Even the bible only mentions it like 5 times in the whole bible. On the other hand he mentions being loving and forgiving MANY times.

    • Anonymous

      @Intraluminal 3 times, actually. The Bible only ever mentions it 3 times, and it only even talking about "may lying with man, and woman with woman". So sex. I don't think that it ever actually mentions two people of the same gender simply loving each other, but the fact that that's still taboo is implied.

      Also, you're right about the things that Jesus tended to focus on. Homosexuality wasn't one of them. In face, I don't think that He ever even mentions it. Unless he did in Leviticus... let me check really quick...

      Leviticus 18:22 (The Lord talking), says "You must not have sexual relations with a man as you would a woman. That is a hateful Sin."

      So Jesus himself never even mentioned homosexuality. He was much more worried about more important things, like love and faith.

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  • outmyroom
    I'm a young christian girl. I'm bisexual. I also agree with acceptance but I disagree with all these parades going on. I think we should just accept it and move on with our lives.
  • JRH1991
    I'm Bi and don't believe in gay marriage , But I do support civil unions. I also identify as a christian and I'm trying to do something about my attraction to men.
    • why love who u are not who u wish u were

    • JRH1991

      I love who I am, And I wasn't always like this. I used to be ashamed of my attraction to guys and I hated myself for it. But in all honesty I don't want to take the risk of just freely doing as I want and then when the day comes that I die and everyone was wrong claiming up and down that God doesn't exist , because if he does exist then I will be cast into the lake of fire for all of eternity. Yeah no thank you. call me what you will about believing in an old "fairy tale" But i'd rather air on the side of caution.

  • Waffles731
    There are a good many denominations that feel this way as well
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    • Anonymous

      For that, I'm glad.

      But growing up with my parents... I'm honestly surprised that I'm able to have the point of view that I do. They, with the rest of my church, allows NO exceptions for being gay. They believe that it is wrong, period, even though gay people honestly do not affect them nor have any thing to do with them.

      I really do wish that my parents would open their eyes and stop all of the judgement. If they knew about this, I would probably be disowned. But it's how I feel, so there ya go.

  • Love_Is_Eternal
    A true Christian would never support something that the Bible strongly condemns. The Bible gives a strong warning to those who claim to be a Christian but live in sin. You can't just pcik and choose what you want from the Bible if you believe it's true. Anyone who supports gay marriage will end up in hell on judgment day. Think very carefully about what you are doing because hell is eternal and there will never be another chance to change your mind after judgment day.
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    • The bible condemns many things you do on a regular basis. Lol.

    • Do you lie?
      Wear clothes made of two fabrics?
      Even think sexual thoughts?
      Have premarital sex?
      That's just a few off the top of my head.

    • @RachelBrigs Which is why we are commandeds to repent and resist these thjings, not try to justify them. Duh!

  • Maik567
    I'm not even religious but I'm curious, how do you justify yourself going against what the bible says since you call yourself christian?
  • phillykreta
    I'm Christian too, I have got to know God four years ago and my relationship to him is real tight. I'm strict on myself with it, as in no sex before marriage.. Just so you know where I am coming from.
    Jesus told us in the Bible that the most important thing is to love one another. And the one without sin shall throw the first stone. No one is without sin, so no one will be allowed to judge besides God, it's not on us to judge people. We should only love them and support them. Same goes for everyone including gay people. So yeah. I know what you're saying.
  • Anonymys
    I am a Christian girl as well, and I believe everyone should be treated with respect; I don't think Christians of today should be stereotyped or attacked based on a former law or a Christian person's mistake. I also believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter who agrees; when I find truth, even in as controversial a place as the Bible (all of it, not just the most convenient parts), I don't think speaking it in a respectful way requires me to edit it to the "politically correct" version. I also believe in treating all sins the same, but I don't believe in treating people like sinners that I have to judge or fix. I am also a gay girl, but I believe that the joy I find in God is better than the happiness I might feel with a girlfriend, even if some days are hard. I believe that caring about other people is more important than caring what people think about me.
  • SmileGirl95
    I understand what you mean! I'm also a young Christian female but I completely support gay rights, which I am open about with Christians and non-Christians. I would never want to think it's wrong but I know the Bible says it's wrong. I want to stay a Christian and develop my relationship with God further but I worry that as a consequence of that, I will later start believing it's wrong. I was actually talking about this yesterday with one of my friends, so you're not alone. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about it :)
    • Anonymous

      That's how I feel, as well.

      I mean, sometimes I feel like my opinion is completely wrong. How can I agree with something that is specifically prohibited in the Bible? And that scares me, but then I think about much hate gay people have endured and I feel in my heart that I'm right.

      But the doubt is still there. I completely understand where you're coming from.

    • Yeah I get you! Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't agree with it because Christianity says it's wrong, and I don't want to be a Christian who picks and chooses what I believe. But mostly I'd feel wrong to ever think that being gay is wrong because I just can't think that way. I believe that love is love regardless of if it's with a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and a woman, and you can't help you love. I've had friends who are gay/lesbian/bi and they know I completely support them. I've heard some Christians say it's wrong to be gay but to treat gay people with love and guide them towards the 'right path'. I mean loving them is good but I don't want to guide them to the 'right path' because being gay is a part of them that is natural for them. And they have a right to pursue that path. Yeah I agree, the hate they get is not right at all.

  • I'm a Christian and a lesbian. I stop reading the Bible, because well it's wrong in many areas.
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  • BorisJohnson
    I don't like the gays. This message is brought to you by Boris Johnson.
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  • amandaaxo
    I am also Christian and I just wanted to clear something up that might ease your struggle a little. The Church is NOT against gay people themselves. The Bible and Christian teaching says absolutley nothing about BEING gay is wrong. What the Bible does talk about is homosexual ACTIONS (basically gay sex). The reason for this is because sex is supposed to signify a bond between man and woman, and the Church believes that every time intercourse is practised there must be a possibility of procreation. (In case you're not sure what that means, it means sex is always supposed to be done with the possibility of having a baby, because thats what sex is for. ) This is why the Church also outlaws contraception (condoms, birth control), sex before marraige and all of those other things. The church has nothing against gay people themselves and a true Christian would never discriminate against or treat people any differently, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else.
  • crimsonqueen
    Here are my thoughts on this: everybody sins, the Christian faith all agrees on that right? Sins don't keep you from heaven and good deeds don't get you into heaven. Believing in God and loving God is what gets you into heaven. Right?

    When you tell a gay person God hated them. Or that who they love is wrong in Gods eyes.. you're driving them away from Gods love. And isn't that the greatest disservice to God and to gay people both?

    You might think it's a sin. But it's not your job to handle other people's sins. It's your job as a Christian to say God loves you and offer that love back. Because being gay won't keep you from heaven. But disbelief will, according to the doctrine.
  • helloitsmethere
    THANK YOU!!!
    I also have Christian beliefs and it annoys me whenever I see Christians telling gays to 'die' or 'go to hell'.
    I'm sorry, aren't we supposed to be the same ones preaching love to all of humanity? Pope Francis also disapproves of Christians doing this.
    Also, preaching hate is a sin and God has a VERY special place in hell for those who continue harassing people for who they are. So go on, keep hating on them, your ass will be sorry when you are burning in eternal flames.
    Thank goodness that despite them being from a Christian background, my parents are open minded people and taught me to accept people for who they are from a very young age.
  • MotorbikeBoyMatty
    ignoring all the god blah blah blah, I love this...
    • Anonymous

      Ignoring that comment about "all the god blah blah blah", I'm glad that you liked my take. Thank you!

    • haha, good post :)

  • CurlyBookWriter
    Growing up, no one has ever told me that gay marriage is wrong. To be honest with you guys, I strongly believe that I am not straight and realized that for a while now and I am 22.

    Even before I started questioning, I had no problems with the LGBTQ community and I am a Christian myself! My parents say that they will accept me for whatever happens in my life as I continue to question myself. My brother may be against it but he doesn't mind the gays. His girlfriend is highly against it though so I am a little iffy on her...

    To be honest, I have no reason to judge because I've been judge all my life for being white and black and so I am open to the LGBTQ community. So why should I judge someone just because they love the same sex? It's not bothering me! Plus, I have lots of friends who are LGBTQ!
  • Loadedgamer
    Wow you have a good ideology kiddo!
  • Music_Hangover
    I'm not surprised lol but good for you 👍
  • Pilulu
    You're a girl?
  • Anonymous
    Personal beliefs are only part of the problem. Reactions from other people, based on that belief are the real BIG problem. Laws inspired by religion haunted society for thousands of years. And in many countries it's not over yet. There's Iran.
    There's Uganda: www.nytimes.com/.../04uganda.html?_r=0
    And many other countries.
    And now and then those old ideas resurface at home: www.theguardian.com/.../california-lawyer-shoot-the-gays-proposal-2016-ballot
  • Anonymous
    I'm a Christian to but I don't support gay marriage because I think marriage is between a man and woman and because Iv had girls online try to perpresher me to be gay and they would get mad and curse at me when I said no and told I'm straight and a couple girls girls would spam with private messages saying they wanna have sex with me and one girl would go up to me in a game online and say I was cute and I would say to her that I'm straight and she would ignore me and walk a way and another girl on kik messenger kept on asking me what boobs I liked and she kept smiling the hole time when she asked and I kept telling her I'm straight
    • Anonymous

      If they were online, they were probably just creepers. Plus, that has nothing to do with my Take.

      You can block people on kik, and on most other apps. You can also choose to simply ignore them. They'll leave you alone eventually.

      It seems as if you are judging the entire gay community on how a few "girls" were acting towards you ONLINE. The Internet is subjective... you never truly know who you're talking to, not unless you video chat them. So if I were you, I wouldn't let how people act online influence how you think about the gay community as a whole.

      Because, trust me when I say this, just because a girl is lesbian, it does not mean that she immediately wants to have sex with every girl she meets.

      Plus, you don't know, those " girls" who were messaging you could have actually been old men. You never know.

      I respect your opinion on gay marriage. It's just your reasoning that bothers me.

    • Anonymous

      that's true and yes they were online

  • Anonymous
    I'm a Christian (denomination not yet decided) who approves of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, but I think no less of people who disagree. I wish everyone on this earth would quit it with the gay-bashing, and with the homophobe-shaming of people for peacefully voicing their views.
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    • Anonymous

      I agree.

    • The thing though is that considering how many LGBT people are denied rights, bullied, physically assaulted, discrimated against, thrown in jail across the globe, and even murdered, it's completely understandable that some people take issue with those who merely say they don't think it's okay to be gay.

    • Anonymous

      @RachelBrigs I'm not saying that they can't take issue with it, but calling them 'homophobe' or other names makes those (some) LGBT people no better than the real homophobes.

  • Anonymous
    Youve been going to church but obviously not reading the bible. God said all sins are sins of the flesh the only ones that aren't is being gay and suicide. Being gay ia not sin of the flesh and Its unnatural according to god. Christians are followers of Jesus. Didn't he get crucified because he was agaisnt the norm during the reign of the romans which waa homosexuality, rape, murder, abortion, war... etc none of these things where considered bad but natural during roman rule. So i have to say your not a Christians like god says your either with me or stand against be. there is no gray area. Dont be fooled by societal norms jesus didn't he was killes for speaking against them. Your wha the bible calls faux Christian , so many who say they beleive in jesus but not his word.
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    • Anonymous

      That was very hard to read...

      But what I took from it is that you think I'm not a real Christian... which is NOT true.

      First off, you don't know me. You have never met me. You don't know my praying habits, how often I go to church, anything. Yet you still have the nerve to call me a faux Christian.

      Secondly, I DO read my Bible. I was actually reading all of the passages about homosexuality. There are three of them.

      1) Is in Paul, and it's talking about how "'man shall not lie with man"

      2) Is in Leviticus, I believe, and it's pretty much the same as #1

      3) Is the story of Sodam and Gomorra, in which a group of men try to "have sexual relations" with the two angels that God sent to destroy the city.

      Please don't go around saying that I'm not actually a Christian. I love God. I stand for Christianity. I fight for what I believe in. And I really don't appreciate the things that you wrote in the little rant.

    • Anonymous

      Every religion beleifs in god but Christians beleif jeus is their saviour. I do know by your take you are not taking the wors serious so like i said you aren't a christian. You cannot change the words of the bible to fit your views.

    • The Bible teaches that if you say you love God, yet do not keep his commandments, you are a liar.

      Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. (1 John 2:1-3)

      You cannot claim to love God while at the same time support something that God calls an abomination. That's just hypocritical. The church is full of them.

  • Anonymous
    Jesus doesn't really talk about gay people.

    While some say he did so indirectly and that Old Testament law is the key to this, it has a TON of prohibitions from not eating shellfish to mixing fibers that very few Christians follow.

    A lot more was said about being fair, moderate and generous. A more impactful statement is that no human is pure and good enough to make it to heaven without God's grace.

    Why we're so hung up on homosexuality and sex in general, and not say, predatory lending or not helping the impoverished, does not make sense to me.

  • Anonymous
    As a Christian I am against gay marriage. But I don't hate them or judge them. We are called to loev our neighbors. But that doesn't mean you have to accept the things they do or the way the llive. The Bible is clear on the issue. Some people just don't want to believe it because they think it is wrong or outdated. Just because you dont believe something doesn't Mean it isn't true. The bible is also clear on marrying some one who is divorced. Even Jesus said to the woman at the well. When she was about to be stoned for adultery let him who has no sin cast the first stoNE. At the end he told her to go and sin no more. So loved her but not what she was doing. As Christians we are to show love not judge. Yes we are to accept the person no matter what as God accepts faults and all. We are also called to live to the standards which you can find in the Bible. It isn't a religious things it is a relationship with God. And I want to please Him. I know it isn't popular theas days. Let us be kind to one another.
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  • Anonymous
    I guess what I'm wondering is how person who is pro gay can be in a religion that is, by its own book, very much anti gay. And how a person who is gay can be in a religion that, by its own book, tells them that they are an abomination. It's one thing to believe in a deity, but the Christian one? If you're gay or a supporter of gays, why?

    I don't know, maybe I'm missing something. Being straight, non religious, and an outsider to the whole gay vs anti gay thing, I'm sure there are lots of others who have a better perspective than I do
    • Anonymous

      I don't know. I'm probably one of the exceptions.

      This is just the one point in my religion that I doubt. That the way I feel is wrong. And sometimes I sit and wonder what God is thinking of me. Does He hate me for writing this?

      I just can't bring myself to be against gays. I cannot do it. It's a simple human rights matter. They deserve to be happy just as much as any other person does. And my religion condemns that. Tells them that they are pariahs for doing what they do. Tells them that they're going straight to hell.

      And I just can't bring myself to agree with that.

    • Anonymous

      You're questioning, and that's good. You're following the morals you believe are right and not letting others dictate them to you. Let me say this, and I mean no offense by it, but if there is a god, and he hates you for writing your honest opinion on something, that's not a worthy god. A worthy god would be understanding of your conflict over this issue. He wouldn't send people to "hell" just because they were born a certain way.

      I wish I could tell you there's an easy way to resolve this, but from my perspective, your only options are to either accept that you are going to have an unpopular opinion in your religion, or leave Christianity (you can believe in a god / creator without being a Christian)

    • Anonymous

      But if you insist on staying in your religion, all I can tell you is, hold on to what you believe in, be proud of it, and don't let anybody use the "god is going to send you to hell" card to guilt you into changing who you are.

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  • Anonymous
    Not really surprised.

    1. This site is pro liberal and this take would not have been on front page unless it was pro gay.

    2. Women tend to follow what's trendy and make people like them more. Being pro gay isn't that surprising.
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    • Anonymous

      I'm actually not a Liberal. I lean more towards a conservative point of view.

      Except when it comes to this issue. Let me assure you, I did not write this to follow any trend. I wrote this because it is honestly, in my heart, how I feel.

    • No, women tend to have liberal beliefs (which are "trendy" currently) because they are much more empathetic than men.

    • She posted this anonymously yet you say it's part of women voicing opinions to get people to like them. Lmao.

  • Anonymous
    I'm a young Christian girl also and I too agree with you. However, from a scientific point
    • Anonymous

      I hit the submit button too early. So from a scientific point of view, I think that gay marriage is wrong. Especially when they try to raise children. Marriage should only be between a male and a female.

    • Anonymous

      How can you agree with me but say that gay marriage is wrong?

      The whole point of my take was to describe why I believe it isn't...

      From a scientific stand point, okay, I can agree with you. However, if two gay people get married... they can most definitely raise a child. Just as long as they raise that child correctly, and take all the necessary measures to make sure that the child will be well-rounded and not hate filled. Against Christians, in particular.

    • Anonymous

      I would have to disagree. A child needs a mother and a father, not two mothers nor two fathers. I just believe that there's a reason why there are two different genders on this earth and there's a reason why two MEN nor two WOMEN CANNOT reproduce. However, gays and lesbians are still people, and I will not discriminate against them.