The Fallacy of Sexism: Examining Misogyny and Misandry

The Fallacy of Sexism: Examining Misogyny and Misandry

Ever been to 4chan? "Return of Kings"? How about certain Tumblr pages? Or how about "I Blame The Patriarchy" & "Radical Women"?

I'm a chronic surfer of the web, a little too much internet, so I've been to some rather dark places online. Plenty that I regret clicking on, but there's one thing that's become glaringly obvious like a sore, red thumb- The internet is not only good for the sharing of ideas, information and points of view, but unfortunately serves as an echo-chamber for the most hateful ideologies and their adherents to spew their bile.

The world is full of radicals and zealots of all stripes and the web has connected them into their own little tribe. Kind of like a double edged sword, we've never been so inter-connected as a species, yet so divided along ideological lines.

The Fallacy of Sexism: Examining Misogyny and Misandry

In the past few years, it seems that online sexism has come into vogue. In one corner, we have the Red Pill Nation in all of it's MGTOW, "Alpha Male" false Bravado and in the opposite corner we have radical, 3rd wave, free-bleeding plastic pseudo-feminism. They sneer at each other, the bell rings and they go at it until one or the other crashes to the mat as a bloody pulp, then hide away for a while (go anonymous), lick his/her wounds then come back when that blood lust kicks back in and goes spoiling for another go with their adversaries.

The Misogynists/Misandrist sites tend to not intermingle, but when it comes to places like Reddit and, to a certain extent, g@g. The sex wars seem to be hotter than the cold war, bordering on WW2. However I will be bold here, may take a few to the jaw myself, and say that the Misogynists and Misandrists, The Manosphere and The Femisphere, are literally two sides of the same coin. For every Daryish Valizadeh (aka Roosh V) there's an Andrea Dworkin. Get what I'm saying? One side views all women with a cynical, sometimes prejudiced, eye while the other blames "The Patriarchy" for everything bad in the world.

Yes, I'm saying that Radical Feminists and MGTOWs are very similar. Both have their foundation built on resentment and grievance, two human flaws that have been with us since the dawn of time.

The Fallacy of Sexism: Examining Misogyny and Misandry

The thing to realize when having to deal with a he-man woman hater or a manhating feminazi is that somewhere in the past, this person has been burned by a member or a small handful of members of the opposite sex, often at a young age, and had allowed that experience to shape his/her view of half the world's population. They've become bitter and resentful and make blanket statements like "All women are just in it for themselves" or "All men are sexist pigs".

This is no way to go about life. If you are this kind of person, let me ask you something- Have you met every man or woman in existence? Obviously not, so why paint every member of the opposite sex with same brush?

There are both good and bad people on every walk of life. Yes there are some real cads and bitches out there, but not all, not most. There are good people out there, they're easy to find, just don't get mired down with the bad apples.

The intergender feuding is not helpful, it's just plain ignorance and destructive at best. We need to stick together, especially now as the world gets more and more effed up.

Have a good evening.

The Fallacy of Sexism: Examining Misogyny and Misandry
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  • xDocilexFaeriex
    Thanks for this. The men out there who are like you ROCK lol! Still, I'm not a feminist. Not all men are sexist. I just feel like the media is ruining the minds of many. Women are afraid to go out without a way to protect themselves and fear rape. Men won't date because they think their new girlfriend will be a feminist or "bitchy". Let's stop this madness!
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    • Botchie

      I'm sorta avoiding dating because I'm terrified of the idea of being accused of rape. Even tho I know I would never ever come close to doing it. You just never know who is going to end up disliking the sex and then claiming rape afterwards. Same goes for sexual harassment in general. Simply touching someone the wrong way can get a guy (and in some cases girls) in a LOT of trouble.

    • @Botchie that's interesting. You're like the opposite of me. I wonder if you found a girl who was scared to be raped and I found a guy who was afraid to be accused of rape... how would that play out? I actually think the trust would be stronger. We'd have to approach sex in a more gentle way.

    • @Botchie yes, touching is a touchy subject

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Most Helpful Guys

  • dudeman
    completely false. the manosphere is simply a reaction to the unjust laws and treatment of men. this is like saying mlk is the same as the kkk. its a retarded thing to say mlk had valid grievances. same thing is happening today in the manosphere.
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  • DouglasM
    Certainly the valid battle for men's and boys' human rights should never be confused with hating women or girls. Divisive gender politics helps no-one as we are all part of the human race and almost all social and political issues affect us all.
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  • DogEatsCat1973
    I do not hate all women, and I love women that have love for us men instead of hatred for us, but anymore you never know who is who, so it becomes a survival tactic to just stay away from everyone.

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